Rotarians volunteer their time and expertise to help support many great causes.  In Upstate New York, our District is comprised of a 9 county region around the Albany, NY (Capital District) area.    We have 40 Rotary Clubs and nearly 1,100 members that support their communities, and make the world a better place for everyone!
Our clubs offer diversity and a range of day, time, and meeting locations for their members.  We have clubs that meet on every week day!    Some are breakfast (sunrise), some lunch, and others dinner.   
Please review the map of our district and the club listing to find a time & location that would be convenient for you!    The club listing also includes a form where you can request additional information from that club!

An Important Message from Rotary International regarding flexibility:

In 2016 Rotary International Council on Legislation has approved major updates in Membership flexibility – flexibility in Meeting Format, Meeting Attendance Requirement, and Membership Types.  Club leadership team is encouraged to adopt flexible measures according to club culture and local needs to effectively implement best practices in membership retention and attraction. It is up to each Club Board to decide how the Club wants to adopt the new flexible options.  The following are suggestions of five ways a club can implement flexibility in Membership:
1) Change your meeting schedule.
2) Vary your meeting format.
3) Relax attendance requirements.
4) Offer multiple membership types.
5) Invite Rotaractors to be members of your club.
There are no "set" policies, guidelines, and requirements for membership flexibility, as long as the rules don't conflict with Rotary International general rules. This means that individual clubs can have unique membership types and flexible meeting requirements, depending on individual Club culture and needs.

Click here to view the Rotary Learning Center on Membership