GETCA 2024

Our Club is at GETCA!

Rotary meets thousands of teachers at the 2024 GETCA in Edmonton, Alberta


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Urban Spirits Holiday Party 2023!

We invite all active members, past members, friends of Rotary, and guests to join us for a fun evening on Thursday, December 21st!

Come celebrate the holidays with us! We will enjoy and share festive drinks, snacks, and cheers starting at 7:30PM! 
Please RSVP as we will be providing appetizers and we want to ensure we have room and seating for everyone!
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Prince Charles Spaghetti Dinner

It's that time again..... it's the supersonic Prince Charles Spaghetti Dinners.
We have 2 shifts which will require some volunteers.  Bring your friends, family and co-workers and you can see the positive impact we have on the local community.
We will be serving a fantastic meal to students, staff and parents.
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Board Meeting

Posted by Trina Plamondon on Aug 20, 2020
Next Board Meeting is on Thursday, August 27th at 7:30 p.m. (right after the regular meeting).
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Ukrainian Surgical Theatre Lights

Posted by Cole Nychka
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In December 2013, surgical theatre lights were installed in a major hospital in Lviv thanks to approximatately $65,000 of funding from the Rotary Club (RC) of Edmonton South, RC of Sakai-East (Japan), RC Lviv Ratusha, RC Lviv Leopolis (Ukraine), Rotary District 5370 (Canada), Rotary District 2230 (Ukraine), the Alberta Lottery Fund through the Community Initiatives Program, the Rotary Foundation, and, of course, our club the RC of Edmonton-Urban Spirits.  Over the lifetime of the lights 30,000 - 40,000 patients will benefit from optimum lighting conditions during their surgery leading to better health outcomes.

Thanks to everyone who makes our club tick so funding can be available for projects like this.  Big thanks also to RC Lviv Ratusha for coordinating the installation of the surgical theatre lights, the RC of Edmonton South for setting up the project for us, as well as the Alberta Lottery Fund, both District 5370 and 2230, and the Rotary Foundation for matching funds.



State of the Art Surgery Theatre Lighting Installation




Television Interview Relating to the Lighting Installation

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Online Make-up Meetings

Posted by Cole Nychka
Did you know you can do online make up meetings 14 days before or after the meeting you missed?  Just go to and read three articles or watch three movies.  When you are done log onto our website and enter in your makeup meeting.   Note you can't enter in make ups for meetings that have not yet occured.
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2009-2010 Annual Report

Posted by Aaron Gregson
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Our 2009-2010 Annual report is now available, click here. This document provides a summary of the activities of the club during the 2009-2010 Rotary year, as well as how we raised and disbursed funds to the charities we support.
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New Rotary Year - New Rotary Board

Posted by Carolyn Gregson
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With a new Rotary year starting on July 1, we are welcoming a new Rotary board. Thank you to Past-President Kirsten and her 2009-2010 board members for a very successful Rotary year.
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Fun and Fellowship in Las Vegas

Posted by Richard Korbyl
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We've thought about it...talked about it...and even joked about it, but we never did anything about it...until now. For the longest time, members of the Urban Spirits Rotary Club have always wanted to visit a Las Vegas Rotary Club meeting. Here's the story...
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Christmas Message from the Agape Orphanage

Posted by Carolyn Gregson
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Our club has provided funds for the past two years to the Agape Orphanage in Malawi Africa to help provide a safe and healthy environment for orphaned children. Click here to read their 2009 Christmas Message.
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Belize Literacy Project

Posted by Cole Nychka
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Together, Rotary Clubs from Canada, USA, and Belize are furthering the educational goals of youth.  The awarding of scholarships is described in an article from a local Belizean newspaper, the San Ignacio Star.

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The Agape Orphanage

Posted by Carolyn O'Handley
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Dianne Block, the President and Founder of the Apage Orphanage touched us all with her story and the plight of her orphans in Malawi, Africa. The Agape Orphanage Foundation brings hope through donations to children without hope.
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In the Land of the Fjords

Posted by Tricia Waddell
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Cole Nychka wrote an article for APEGGA about his GSE trip. Our Club sponsored his GSE application. Read his article...
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Capturing those Urban Spirits' memories

Posted by Carolyn Gregson
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In an attempt to capture all those wonderful Urban Spirits' moments and memories for years to come, we've been slowly saving photos to the website. Visit the Photo Journals section to view the photo collections we have posted so far and if you have photos that we can add, please email them to Carolyn Gregson.
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