VSDAS is on their way to building the Chalabana School in Zambia and our club dollars are helping them provide elementary education and opportunity for Zambian children.
On November 7th, 2009 we presented the Village School Development and Aid Society (VSDAS) with $3,000 towards the building of the Chalabana School in Zambia. The Chalabana School will be a community school serving several surrounding villages and will provide a residence for trained teachers provided by the Zambian government. The total cost to get the school up and running is $50,000 and our contribution brings VSDAS up to the $28,000 mark.

In the picture you will see what $5,000 spent in Zambia can do as it shows the 2 room classroom block floor and walls fully completed for that price. In the words of Patrick Mpulubusi, President of VSDAS, "I was thinking of getting some landscaping done and in Canada $5,000 is what it costs to get somebody to move some rocks". I'm paraphrasing but you can get the point when you see the work crew shown in the pictures of building the school (see related picture album). 

The next step will be to add the roof and the local building committee is already working on this stage. VSDAS role is to serve as the crucial link between Canadian fundraising for the project and the local building committee. VSDAS operates fundraisers, connects with people and clubs who are interested in providing support, and they provide project oversight through Patrick's family members who are in Zambia.ÂÂ