We've thought about it...talked about it...and even joked about it, but we never did anything about it...until now. For the longest time, members of the Urban Spirits Rotary Club have always wanted to visit a Las Vegas Rotary Club meeting. Here's the story...
Back in December during a weekly meeting, member Richard Korbyl just stood up and asked if anyone was interested in attending a Rotary meeting in Las Vegas. He had done some preliminary research on prices and presented a quick proposal. Immediately, a whole bunch of hands went up. What was even more surprising was that the majority of people, who raised their hands, paid that night. In total, the Urban Spirits Rotary contingency that went to Las Vegas was 17 strong, including 11 club members.

Everyone arrived Thursday, February 25 late in the evening but looking forward to experiencing the sights and sounds of Las Vegas. On Friday, visiting the North Las Vegas Rotary Club meant an early wake up call to make the 7:00 am morning meeting. A total of 9 brave "Urban Spiriters", Richard's father who was also in Las Vegas to attend the same convention (Ed Korbyl - Edmonton South Rotary Club/District 5370 Friendship Exchange), and a friend from the Downtown Vancouver Rotary Club were ready to visit fellow Rotarians.

We notified the club in advance and we were warmly welcomed by the members of the North Las Vegas Rotary Club. President Aubrey ran the meeting which did not involve fines from the sergeant-at-arms, but instead included "happy bucks". One of the North Las Vegas Rotary Club members proudly stood up and proclaimed, "I am happy today not only because I am on the green side of the grass, but more importantly, I am sharing a table with some very good looking Rotarians from Edmonton." The meeting included a speaker who represented the oil and gas industry who made mention of Fort McMurray and the Alberta oil sands industry. The Urban Spirits ceremonial hockey sticks were then presented to both President Aubrey Branch and Secretary Dick Coates with a small parting reminder that Canada still had one big Olympic hockey game to be played.

Now, if only the slot machines had been as friendly as the North Las Vegas Rotary Club, we would be even happier!

Click here for some photos from Vegas.