With a new Rotary year starting on July 1, we are welcoming a new Rotary board. Thank you to Past-President Kirsten and her 2009-2010 board members for a very successful Rotary year.
2010-2011 Board Members

President: Trevor Black
President-Elect: Lori Meinhart (Chair of the Projects Committee)
Vice-President: Cole Nychka (Chair of the Operations Committee)
Secretary: Monica Sommer
Treasurer: Sandra Brown (Chair of the Finance Committee)
Co-Treasurer: Clayton Sommer
Past-President: Kirsten Arnold

International Services Chair: Ian Cameron
Community Services Chair: Shannon Munday
Vocational Services Chair: Scott Young
Club Services Chair: Stephen Dougans
Rotary Foundation Co-Chairs: Bill Clarke & Andrew Geisterfer
Membership Chair: Jay Boychuk
Membership Co-Chairs: Kelly Nychka & Dwight Dupuis
Fundraising Chair: Chris Cogswell
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Heather McCready & Kirsten Arnold
Public Relations Chair: Derek Kroetsch
Electronic Communications/Web Chair: Richard Korbyl

Sergeant-At-Arms: Spence Nichol
Sergeant-At-Arms: Clayton Sommer

Click here to view the 2010-11 Board Structure Chart.