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Guests & Visitors:
Our meeting featured more children of Rotarians this week with Charlie and Henry Cain joining us along with Cirque de Solei's Tate Goldbeck.
We also had a dozen members of the Thiensville-Mequon/Mequon-Thiensville clubs that nearly turned into a food fight between members of the visiting clubs until Carl Hertz took the blame for the front-to-back identity crisis back when he was his club's President and sponsored the "new" club.  Mr. Hertz will likely be retained for guidance on the Grafton-Cedarburg Moonrise Club if that possibility ever gains traction.
Sergeant At Arms – No report of erroneous golf achievements this week, but President Goldbeck did issue a public apology to last week's host (Linda) for not affording her the opportunity to address to the club an update about the Cedarburg Public Library at last week's meeting.  After ringing the closing bell last week BG did realize this oversight and apologized to Linda in front of Tate and she joked with BG about her disappointment, to which Tate injected his observation that ""you're not the first woman to say that!" #bestreportever
Brags and Other Good Stuff--none this week
  • Melissa--The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts annual rummage sale will run Friday from 10-4, with an all-you-can-fill-bag sale from 9-noon on Saturday.
  • Following lunch members were invited to open an account at PWSB and some place/charity gets $100 for each account opened.  In a show of banking solidarity, soon-to-be-President Dan Bodart was observed opening up a savings account.
  • Treasures of OZ is a coalition of OZ County orgs specializing in natural park areas and their 2017 Eco-Tour is happening Saturday.
  • The Village of Thiensville's "Village Wide" rummage sale is Saturday from 8am-2pm.
  • Jeff--2/3 more volunteers still needed for Music Festival on July 3rd.  If no one voluntarily steps forward by next week Layton will be drawing names out of a hat to assign the lucky winners to latrine clean-up.
James thanked everyone for joining him at their new PWSB location, the 7th branch of the 118-year old bank.  He thanked Amy & her staff from Remington's for the delicious eats and introduced us to Ron Knaus, the branch manager of the location.  Ron is being slowly introduced to his new role, only being given oversight of two employees at this time with more coming once he proves he can pronounce their last names and stops spilling food on guests.  The News Graphic is encouraging us all to "Meet Ron!", who gave all the credit for the building design to James.  James pointed out that if there is anything we don't like about the branch, those should be attributed to Ron.  #sillybankers
Meeting Schedule
June 22 – Balance, Inc.  Hosted by John Hackett.
June 29 – John and Ronnie Hammes' Famous Rib-Eye Cookout (President Goldbeck's final bell ring...)
July 3 – Rotary Music Festival
July 6 – No meeting
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Posted by Daniel Bodart on Mar 03, 2014

February 20, 2014

Ryan opened the meeting. Janis offered the prayer which was followed by the Pledge and 4-Way Test.



  •   Josh Groth, Mike’s son, who will be working at Harley Davidson photographing new Harleys


  • Chad has free tickets to the auto show this weekend.
  • Steve Cain announced the start of the ad drive for the Music Festival. Packets will be given to each member by their team leader. Deadline for ads is April 1.This ad campaign is our biggest fundraiser, so everyone needs to put service above self and sign up sponsors.



SPEAKER: Dr. Dean Arnerson Dean of the Concordia University School of Pharmacy.

Until now the only school of pharmacy in the state was at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Concordia will graduate their first class in spring of 2014. Doctor Dean gave a very interesting presentation about the forming of the new  school of pharmacy.


Special Note:

Speakers are needed for 3/20, all

of April and most of May. Contact Carol Alexander-Coutts for details.

Thanks to Bones for editing this

week’s newsletter!

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Posted by Chris Smith on Oct 09, 2012

As part of Cedarburg's 2012 homecoming activities, a check for $60,000 was presented by Ryan Olsen, left, president-elect of the Cedarburg Grafton Rotary Club, to Daryl Herrick, Cedarburg School Superintendent, for the recently-built Bulldogs concession stand (in back). The club committed a total of $75,000 for the project; the other $15,000 was donated when construction began. The Rotary Club is comprised of 70 local business and civic leaders who contribute more than $50,000 annually for student scholarships, charitable causes and community projects. The Rotary Music Festival in July and the Milwaukee Symphony Concert in December are two of the club’s major fundraisers.

Photo by Mark Justesen of the Ozaukee County News Graphic   

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President Chad Koehler presents Outgoing President Ryan Olsen with his gavel at our annual Paul Harris dinner.Image

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