Pre-Ride Emails
Pre-ride emails are designed to offer reminders, tips, and additional info not published on the webpage. We hope you find them useful.
Below are the emails sent this year.
Email Sent:  Thur May 12, 2022
Subject:  Rotary Ride - Get Ready to Ride!

Thank you for registering for the 2nd Annual Rotary Ride - Cycling To Serve bicycle event. 

The weather forecast is looking good for a fun day on the bike.   There is still room for your family and friends to join you.  Have them sign up today!

Below are a few tips to help you get ready to ride. 

Preparing To Ride

  • It's important to have your bike tuned and ready to ride. Visit your local bike shop for a tune-up and fitting.
  • While there, check if you need a new spare intertube (tube) and a tire & tube repair kit. If old or exposed to too much heat, it may be time to replace them. It will cost you $10 if the SAG or Rest Stop Mechanic has to provide you with a tube so bring cash!
  • Prepare to dress for the weather. As of today, predictions show the morning is in the 60s and 80s by the afternoon.
  • Regardless of the temperature, physical activity is more enjoyable when you are hydrated.  Hydrate (with water) early and often, starting 2 days before your ride. Check with your doctor if you think you have medical conditions.

Etiquette Bicycle Safety

  • Remember, this is a bike ride, not a race
  • Be seen. Not only are bright clothing and lights important, but so is your position on the road. Check out these WI DOT descriptions with illustrations.
  • Bicycles are required to stop at all stop signs and red lights.
  • Pedestrians have the right away on a multi-use path, like the Ozaukee County Interurban Trail.
  • DO call out "On your left" when passing a cyclist or pedestrian. This is done about 20 ft behind and loud. Again at 10 ft, if you don't think they hear you.
  • DO NOT call out "Clear" for others to cross a road unless they are your children. Not everyone has the same comfort level crossing a street or an intersection.
  • Roads are not closed and according to Wisconsin Bicycle Safety Laws, we must all obey the traffic rules.
  • Whether you know them or not, if you are riding on an unfamiliar road/path with another person (or more) and/or not familiar with their cycling abilities, keep your distance.

2022 Rotary Ride Routes

  • The Rotary Ride is a fully supported ride. Support vehicles (SAG) will be on the roads, Rovers on the Interurban Trail, and rest stops have a mechanic, shelter, food & beverages.
  • Attached is the map.
    • Printed maps are included in your ride packet, and extras will be in SAG vehicles and at rest stops.
    • RideWithGPS links will be available on Monday 5/16. We highly recommend downloading the RideWithGPS ap and use the links.
  • Review the map to get yourself familiar with the course you chose.
  • The roads and Ozaukee Interurban Trail will be marked as you see it on the map... in other words, if you're riding the 65-miler, you'll initially follow the RED line on the map, then switch to BLUE then back to the RED.
  • The roads will be marked accordingly with RouteArrow of the same color.
  • There will be some signs, but only at tricky sections (For example, you will often see a sign when there is a turn not at a stop sign. At a stop sign, there will not be a sign, only RouteArrows).
  • We have Cedarburg Police personnel directing traffic at strategic locations along the downtown streets, both as you roll out and as you return to Cedar Creek Park for the after-ride party.
  • First responders in the communities we ride through know you're out there.
    • If someone is in an accident, dial 911.
    • Otherwise, call the Dispatch number 262-330-4429 for mechanical assistance, food, water, or if you're simply done and want to be brought in. 

We'd you to take a moment to see who all contributed to making this ride happen and to say Thank You to our Sponsors!  From businesses to individuals to student volunteers, we couldn't do this without their support!

Watch for more emails with tips, AND don't forget to visit the Rotary Ride's FAQ page for details.


Cindy Petted
Cedarburg-Grafton Rotary (Club #2727)



2 of 3 emails to Rotary Ride Registrants
Subject:  Rotary Ride – Route tips and RWG links
Audience:  All event registrants
Scheduled for:  Tue May 17, 2022 12:00 PM
Good morning riders!
If you missed my last email, it and the others will be posted here.
As for today’s message, before this Saturday’s ride it is important you and your gear are prepared for your ride. See the May 16th email for more details.
  • Hydrate with water or an unsweetened sports drink. Though it only takes 20 minutes to get into your blood cells, it takes a day to replenish your body. Consult with your doctor if you feel you have medical conditions.
  • Dress for the weather. Dress in layers and, when necessary, don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • Have your bike tuned and flat kit ready to go.
  • Be seen: Clean your reflectors and/or charge your lights.
Checking in: Before you step up to the Check-in table,
  • Read and complete the Rotary Ride Waiver and Photo Consent form.
    • The Waiver Table will have blank forms if you need to fill one out there.
    • If you have minors riding, each one will need their own waiver and consent form.
  • Have your valid photo ID ready to show to the Check-in Table volunteers (not at the Waiver Table).
At the Park:
  • Check-in: Volunteers will be ready to check you in on Fri from 4-7 pm and again on Sat from 7-10:15 am.
  • Late Registration: For your last-minute friends, Late Registration is held during the same times.
  • Pre-ride Mechanic: For minor adjustments & repairs, a mechanic will be at the Start Area on Saturday morning from 6:30 – 10:00 am.
  • Wristband Exchange Table: When you return after your ride, exchange your wristband for your post-ride meal and drink tickets. Food truck lineups and beverage selections are posted on the FAQ page.
Support Vehicles and Trail Rovers: Support Vehicles will be marked with SAG so you’ll know it’s a safe vehicle to flag down if you need help. On the Interurban Trail are Rovers, support volunteers on bikes. 
  • Thumbs up = everything is okay.
  • Thumbs down = STOP, I need something; mechanical assistance, water, nourishment, or simply you’re done and need a ride to the next rest stop or to the finish.
Routes were posted last night on the FAQ page. Some things to know about the routes...
  • All Distances:  Be Safe, Be Seen, and Be Predictable! Let other users know where you intend to go and maintain an understood course.  Click on the photo to enlarge. Photo courtesy of
  • All Distances (continued):
    • Do call out “On your left/right” when passing another cyclist or pedestrian.
    • Do Not call out “Clear” when crossing intersections or any other maneuver. Only parents to their children or police/official crossing guards are trained to use this.
    • While riding through Cedarburg, some intersections will be controlled by Cedarburg Police staff. Including the final stretch down Washington Ave, Cedarburg’s main drag.
  • 65-milers:  two areas to bring to your attention
    • On the printed maps cue sheet, the total mile distance is incorrect for the Hilltop Haven rest stop. It should read 34.8, not 43.1.
    • About 3-miles after your Hilltop Haven rest stop, at about the 41-mile mark, use caution as there is a sharp left turn not quite at the bottom of the descent. If you’re using RideWithGPS turn-by-turn feature, it will warn you about the turn and remind you DO NOT CROSS THE CENTERLINE.  Otherwise, look closely at its position on your map.
  • 65- & 45-milers:  two areas to bring to your attention
    • At about the 13-mile marker, after crossing Hwy M there is a fun descent on Paradise Dr, though the road will be rough in spots. To keep it fun, spread out, keep your distance, and communicate often. Especially if you don’t know the road and/or you’re riding with others you’re not familiar riding with.
    • At about the 45’s 25-mile mark / 65’s 45.6-mile mark, is a left turn from County Hwy I onto County Hwy O.  Please note that oncoming traffic does not stop.
  • 25-milers:  two areas to bring to your attention
    • At the 5.1-mile mark is the Terminal Hill rest stop. This is the 10-milers only rest stop. You may use the bathroom and wash station or seek help from the mechanic but do not take any snacks.  Your rest stop is at the 12.9-mile mark at Pleasant Valley Park.
    • In Saukville, at your 9.1-mile mark you will be turning left onto Green Bay Rd. This is a 2-lane highway. It is safer for you to stay in the left lane (see Narrow lanes diagram below) since you will be staying to the left to go straight on Green Bay Ave and most traffic will be using the right lane to continue on Hwy 33 at the split. Refer to your map and consider using the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's recommended positioning for riding in narrow lanes.

      Narrow lanes

  • Ride in the center of the lane.
  • Keep at least three feet between yourself and passing or parked traffic.
  • 10-milers:  On your return to Cedarburg, you will continue to follow the Ozaukee County Interurban Trail, crossing the Cedar Creek Bridge.
  • To All Riders:  Shortly after the Ozaukee Interurban Trail crossing, a police officer will be controlling traffic as you take a left onto Washington Ave to join up with the other riders as you finish up your ride.  Stay to the center of the lane, since you will be taking a left onto Columbia, at the stoplight. Wisconsin Department of Transportation recommends the above for Narrow Lanes …
We hope these details help you enjoy your Rotary Ride experience.
3 of 3 emails to Rotary Ride Registrants
Subject:  Are You Ready To Ride?!?!?
Audience:  All event registrants
Scheduled for:  Fri May 20, 2022 7:40 AM

Good Morning

We look forward to welcoming you tomorrow to the 2nd Annual Rotary Ride - Cycling To Serve bicycle event. Are You Ready To Ride?!?!?

Today’s reminders (below) is the last of 3 pre-ride emails… and will be short, that is, compared to my other pre-ride emails (lol). If you’ve missed them they are posted here or visit the FAQ page to get yourself ready to ride… the Rotary Ride!

On Behalf of the Cedarburg-Grafton Rotary Club, Thank You for registering and supporting our community.



The weather forecast is looking good for a fun day with friends new and old on your bike. Following are a few more reminders…


You ask, where do I park? 

  • Here is a map of downtown Cedarburg's public parking lots. The lot on Western & Hanover is quite spacious and is only a few blocks away.
  • Do NOT park adjacent to the park. This is for our volunteers to park and handicapped parking.
  • Do NOT park in nearby businesses’ parking lots. They are for their customers and employees.



Please Be Prepared: Because our insurance requires the following items, we cannot stress this enough… so before you step up to the Check-in/Late Registration Table, know that each participant needs to have ready their…

NOTE: If checking in a friend you must have theirs as well… a clear, digital photo of their ID is acceptable but the waiver must be printed, signed, and handed in.


Late Registration

Online registration is closed but there is still room for your family and friends to join you with in-person registration.



We will have the Cedar Creek Park pavilion and 2 large canopy tents to shelter you from the elements (hopefully, the sun ;o)