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“The first emphasis is to grow Rotary — to grow our service, to grow the impact of our projects, but most importantly, to grow our membership so that we can achieve more,” Maloney said.


Rotary International President Elect Mark Daniel Maloney and Gay greeting District 5060 Governor Elect Peter Schultz & Susan.  Maloney believes that connection is at the heart of the Rotary experience.

Welcome to the Rotary District 5060 Home Page!   
We are an international district, part of  Zone 28 .
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District Governor 2020-21
District Governor's Message, 2020-2021
Hello Rotarians and friends of Rotary District 5060.  As I write this message, I reflect back on that day three and half years ago when I was selected to be your 2020 -2021 District Governor. More than anything, I am amazed at how much my expectations of the coming year have changed.  Who could have imagined that our world would be locked down, many of us either working behind masks and shields, working remotely or furloughed/unemployed, most social and civic organizations put on hold and our own Rotary clubs prohibited from meeting in person. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of modern life and poses huge challenges for nearly everything, including our Rotary clubs and many of the Rotary programs we love.
While these challenges are real, I am very optimistic about how we will move our clubs and District through this time. Our District has been blessed with strong leadership that has carefully invested in training and member development with the result of one the strongest Districts in North America when it comes to membership, community and international projects, youth programs and scholarships. Our Clubs have passionate members that are committed to the projects and programs they manage and fund and to the overall mission of service and world peace. This leadership and passion has positioned us well to manage the disruption that is the Covid-19 pandemic. Our clubs have stepped up and nearly all are meeting virtually. Several have conducted significant service projects and experimenting with new models of fundraising and engagement. The innovation and commitment of our District’s Rotarians constantly amazes me. The response of our clubs and their Rotarians is worthy of the highest praise and you should all be proud to be Rotarians in District 5060.
Our Workplan for 2020 -2021 builds upon the work of the past several years.
  • Our Strategic Assistance Team will provide both short and long term assistance to clubs.
  • A streamlined virtual Multi-year Club planning process, with several built-in follow-ups has replaced the Club visioning process.
  • The very successful Club Spring Teambuilding Experience will be optimized for the on-line format and expanded to be even better.
  • RLI is planned to continue and being evaluated for an opportunity to provide it virtually.
  • Our District Vision and Mission Statement has been simplified and fully aligned with the new Rotary vision.
  • New club models – We will continue with the effort to establish new models of Rotary clubs to meet the changing needs of our communities.
In addition, we will be adding several new elements to our work plan
  • Technical assistance to help clubs transition to “hybrid” meetings (combination of on-line and in-person)
  • Assistance with the re-establishment of “live meetings” and fellowship activities consistent with local health rules and club desires
  • Strategies to assist with “social distancing rules” for live meetings, program gathering and fund raisers
  • Reworking of Youth Exchange training structure to take advantage of on-line technologies, reduce costs and improve student outcomes.
  • Virtual business meetings in October, January and April where the District Board will hear committee reports and can make adjustments in priorities and programs if appropriate.
The calendar of significant events has significantly fewer events than in past years. The Covid-19 crisis has forced the rescheduling or the revamping of many events. In speaking to the Committee chairs of these programs, I fully expect that nearly all will go forward in some fashion. However, until we know the health rules we will have to operate under, we cannot finalize these programs. In a time of change and unknowns, frequent, impactful communications is critical.  You have my commitment to regular, frank, communications and for meaningful opportunities for all of our members to learn and participate.
I am extraordinarily proud of the Rotarians in this District that have done so much to make Rotary exceptional in District 5060. Thank you and look forward to our service together in 2020 -2021.
Richard DeRock
Finding Zoom Meetings
Richard DeRock and Robin
Richard was born in Germany while his father served in the US Army. His family settled in Nebraska prior to relocating to Davis, California in 1969. While in High School, Richard obtained a certification as an Automotive Service Excellence Master Technician. Richard attended the University of California at Davis (UCD), graduating with degrees in Geology and History.  While attending UCD, Richard took a part-time position with the University Transit System and progressed from a driver to the system Manager prior to graduating.
After graduation, Richard went to work as a General Manager for a private transit contracting company, running transit systems in Union City, Eastern Contra Costa County, East San Diego County and Orange County California.  While he was managing the Orange County Transit service, he met his wife, Robin when she came to his office to complain about one of his drivers.  After his Orange County experience, Richard went to work for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority as a regional planner with responsibilities for specialized transportation (elderly and disabled transit) and air quality programs (alternative fuels projects).  During his time at the LAMTA, Richard married Robin and they had both of their two children, Alicia and Alex.
In 1990 .....
This worthwhile project is posted temporarily as a courtesy to District 5040, benefitting high school students in BC.  For more information, contact Rotarian Ron J. Davis  HERE.  
There are alternate types to the traditional Rotary Club.
Click on CLUB TYPES and see the download PDF file Club Type Matrix.
Final Report, May 2020
This project was an example of what happens when Rotary clubs work together to deliver goodwill to their local communities.
Six Rotary clubs in South Africa were eager to help in the distribution of the 195 hippo rollers funded by District 5060 clubs and a $10,000 District Grant:
• Rotary Flamingo Welkom
• Rotary Klerksdorp
• Rotary Aliwal North
• Rotary Bloemfontein
• eRotary Club of South Africa One
• Rotary Maloti-Maseru, Lesotho
Along with the members and resources of these clubs, three Rotarians from the Rotary E-Club of South Africa One managed the logistics and coordination of the hippo roller deliveries. Priceless!
• Khaya Mposula
• Charmaine Wheatley
• Monique Labatt, Club President
Additionally, Lasher Tools of South Africa donated 100 shovels, rakes and hoes to go with 100 of the hippo rollers.
For more information from the final report, including more photos and one amazing video, ......
From earlier progress reports....
These photos are from Charmaine Wheatley ,  Walter Borell and 4 others in Kutloanong, Free State, South Africa.   View more photos, videos and stories on District 5040 FaceBook page HERE.   See also story/video above about International Women's Day (March 8).
Results of the recent COL sessions include some important changes affecting clubs and districts.
Read more below to see the highlights, OR  CLICK HERE.
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