District 5060 Public Image & Marketing Grant Program
To encourage clubs to actively work towards enhancing the Public Image of Rotary and to increase the awareness and understanding of Rotary International and Rotary Clubs within our district.

In the 2018-2019 Rotary Year District Governor Sherry Chamberlain has made funds available to help clubs carry out PI initiatives. Clubs are encouraged to apply for a grant that can be used towards enhancing the Public Image of Rotary within their communities. The grants are not to be designated for advertising for fundraising events.

Milestone Dates:
December 31, 2021 grant application deadline.
January 31, 2022 notifications will be sent to club(s) of the grant amount.
February 1 - June 15 copies of invoices must be submitted.

Dispersal Schedule:  
March - June 30 once approved and invoices received.

Evaluation Criteria:
Give as much detail as possible
1. Number of clubs involved
2. Location
3. Who will benefit
4. Date(s) of the event
5. Total amount budgeted
6. How will additional funds be raised

Please direct any questions to PDG Sherry Chamberlain sherry@adobie.com