Refund Policy

Fee Refund Policy
Rotary District 5060 collects fees on-line for a variety of activities, meetings, and conferences. This Fee Refund Policy applies to anyone who makes an on-line payment for any of these items.
As your fee is being paid online without our assistance or involvement, we ask that you complete your details and the amount of your payment carefully as it involves a substantial amount of administrative time to deal with and rectify any errors.
Errors in Payment Amount or Request for Total Refund
Should an error be made in the amount of a payment, the payor has 60 days in which to notify the Rotary District 5060 of the error.  Requests for refund should be made in writing to the organizer of the event as noted on the website where the payment was initiated. Alternatively, these requests can be made to Rotary District 5060, Attn Peter Schultz, 396 Braeloch Road, Kelowna, BC V1W 4J2. The request should be dated and have the details of the payment including date of payment, amount of payment, name of payor, name of event, and nature of the request.
Requests made after 60 days will be accommodated as much as possible taking into account any remaining funds for this activity that have not been dispersed and are available to be refunded. We will of course apply the Four Way Test of Rotary
Errors by Us
Should an error be made by the Rotary District 5060 or its financial institution, the amount of the error will be immediately refunded upon notification of the error and all costs borne by the Rotary District 5060.