Update on Water, Sanitation and Dignity Rotary Global Grant Project 

The official handover of new toilets and a kitchen at Samuel Ntsiko School, the last of seven schools to benefit from a Rotary Global Grant, was a joyous occasion. This remarkable transformation was made possible through the generous contributions of Rotary clubs worldwide, including a significant $1,000 donation from the Dominion Rotary Club.

The project, a long but rewarding journey, has brought about an amazing change for the students and teachers. The excitement and gratitude of the children is a testament to the impact of this endeavor.

While the official handover marks a significant milestone, the work continues. Additional improvements, ongoing education programs, and the fostering of strong partnerships with local schools are all part of ensuring the project's lasting impact.

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April 27 Pack 109 Natural Bridge Caverns Trip

Pack 109 had a great day at Natural Bridge Caverns this past Saturday!  The Scouts had a private tour of the cavern and its amazing formations.  They learned about the history of the caverns’ formation and enjoyed a pizza party together afterwards.  Everyone had a great time! 
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Polio Eradication And The Strengthening Of Public Health Systems

Polio Eradication And The Strengthening Of Public Health, an article in Forbes Magazine

Polio’s defeat lies within reach.

Today, wild poliovirus (WPV) is endemic in just two countries with 12 existing cases between them: Afghanistan and Pakistan. Vaccination has eliminated the disease in every other country of the world. Vaccination campaigns aim to reach every child who remains unvaccinated in these countries — auguring a complete end to the transmission of WPV. The victory would make polio the second infectious disease, after smallpox, to be certified eradicated.

Among the many reasons to celebrate the polio eradication capstone is the creation of a durable polio infrastructure that can be integrated with national health systems to tackle other diseases and strengthen health emergency response systems.

For 35 years, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) has spearheaded a mass vaccination effort. Composed of national governments and partner organizations, this innovative international public-private partnership developed the knowledge, network and tools to conduct mass polio immunization campaigns. Rotary International, a GPEI founding member along with UNICEF, has played a distinct and integral role. Rotary’s advocacy, fundraising and community mobilization have made possible the immunization of 3 billion children since GPEI’s founding in 1988, when polio still paralyzed 1,000 children every day.

Read the rest of the article:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/unicefusa/2024/02/08/polio-eradication-and-the-strengthening-of-public-health-systems/?sh=5512cac0322c
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Rotary Learning Center


Challenge yourself to earn your own self-awarded "degree" via Rotary's Learning Center! The Rotary Learning Center already has built in a certificate-awarding process, so take advantage of the Web site's opportunities as often as you can: learn as much as you can, as fast as you can, as deeply as you can. What you learn from the Rotary Learning Center is likely to be applicable wherever you work, worship, volunteer, learn, play or thrive!
To find the Learning Center, sign in to your my Rotary account on the RI Website https://www.rotary.org/en.
The Learning Center link is both in the top of the page tool bar drop down menu ( under “Learning & Reference” ) and in your home page section “Online Tools”. You may be asked to sign in again to the Learning Center. That will take you to a page like the one to the left here with the course catalog listings. In the upper left hand corner are 3 horizontal lines that you can click on to see a menu where you can find the courses you have enrolled in or completed as well as other information.
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Nov 17 Toy Drive Great Success!

It was a great day at Leon Springs H-E-B to collect toys for the Methodist Hospital children’s group at Christmas time. The drive is for toys
for children who are in the hospital and would not otherwise receive toys for Christmas. We raised a lot
of cash and had a lot of fun to help the children.
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Thank You To Leon Springs Elementary Teachers and Staff

October 29, 2020
Boy was it cold!  But Darcee Grivel, Linda Montgomery, Jo Ann Browne, Pilar Colon, David Gray, Scotty Scott, Gene Dowdy, and Jim Montgomery got the passerby horns honking to thank the Teachers and Staff of Leon Springs Elementary School this morning from 8 to 8:30 am.
Lunches were delivered around 11 am to the Teachers and Staff.
"Just a reminder that our kind and sweet friends from The Dominion Rotary Club will be providing lunch for us tomorrow! This is incredibly sweet and much appreciated! ❤"
Gracie Espinoza
Leon Springs ES
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EarlyAct is a school-wide service club for elementary students from ages 5 to 13 sponsored by Rotary Clubs and chartered by the district. The mission of EarlyAct is to promote goodwill, understanding, and peace through active participation of student members so that with committed citizenship and effective leadership they improve the quality of life for their school, local and global communities.
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7 reasons young people should join Rotary

I have a message for all you young people out there who may never have heard about Rotary. Or if you have, it was from a parent or grandparent who spent more time talking about the lunch menu or how great the salad bar is. If that’s all you’ve heard about Rotary, then you’re missing a lot. And let me tell you why, in the middle of this pandemic, Rotary is more relevant than ever. It’s definitely something you want to know about.
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How We Help

 (Below is a cumulative list of past and present activities and charities
we have been involved with since our club was chartered in 2003.)
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