Styrofoam Collection Events

Styrofoam Recycling Collection Events
Polystyrene foam (Styrofoam)—Expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) is a #6 plastic often referred to by the trade name “Styrofoam.” EPS is 90% air and typically lightweight and bulky. It's valued for being sturdy, lightweight, and capable of preserving temperature, resisting water, and absorbing shocks. This makes it great for keeping perishable items fresh during transportation. It's widely used, especially in packaging (40%) and insulation.
Typically, Styrofoam is single-use packaging that becomes bulky volume in our trash streams, a challenge to municipal transfer stations.
What has started as the right thing to do, reasoned by one of our own Rotarians, Harry Reichlen, has gained momentum at the Rotary Club to recycle all styrofoam in the town of Meredith. Working with the Meredith Town Municipal Department, the Rotary Club collects EPS from the town residents every three months at Meredith’s Solid Waste Facility recycling building.
The Next Collection event is June 22nd, 2024.
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2023 Senior Christmas Dinner Celebration

2023 Annual Senior Citizens Dinner Celebration

Since 1991, the Meredith Rotary Club has provided a full-course turkey dinner, raffle prizes, music, entertainment, and a visit from Santa Claus for this much-anticipated celebration. Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant prepares the dinner, which members of the Meredith Rotary Club serve to each table. Each attendee will also receive a holiday gift bag.
Over 300 senior residents over 55 from Meredith, Moultonborough, Sandwich, and Center Harbor can attend for free.
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Page Pond Trail Viewing Platform

Posted by Daniel Whitney on Oct 28, 2023

Page Pond Trail Viewing Platform - October 2023

       What started as an idea in the creative mind of one of our member Rotarians, Tim Bergquist, this idea gathered momentum and became a dream of the entire Meredith Rotary Club.
This platform is for Page Pond Trail hikers and is handicap accessible by using one of two ramps. One can enjoy minutes or hours of observing nature's surroundings.
The Rotary Club financed this sturdy platform, hand-built by its members from the ground up.
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Where do the Fish Go?

                                              Great Meredith Ice Fishing Derby
                                                           Where do all the fish go?
The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness
uses all unclaimed Derby fish to feed otters, bears, eagles 
and other animals at the Center throughout the winter.
On Sunday afternoon a team from the Center picks up all the
frozen fish and takes them to the Center where are are transformed
into delectable treats:
The osprey really love perch and the otters love "troutsicles”.
For more information you can go to
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Hesky Park Pavilion

On Wednesday, July 26, 2019, the Meredith Rotary Club formally turned over the new timber frame pavilion in Hesky Park to the Town of Meredith.
This was a "hands on" project wherein members of the club and several volunteers from local businesses removed the old pavilion, poured a new foundation and then constructed the new pavilion. With new picnic tables in place, including a table designed for handicap access, the pavilion is ready to be used by local residents and visitors to Meredith.
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