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Major Grants - 2019'20

Up to $30,000 is available for funding in 2019 for Large Projects or Projects for which the RFP is sent out to community groups and on our website.  Requests for multi-year project funding will also be considered. 
Up to $10,000 is available for smaller projects that come up throughout the year and are above the small donations $500/project limit and worthy of funding immediately.
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Wonderful Night of Fellowship

Posted by Anne Louise Bermingham on Aug 29, 2019
Thank you to Paul and Karen Reardon for hosting a club social in their amazing backyard on August 29.  
Lots of tapas and sangria.  More importantly, lots of time to chat and catch up with one another.  Fun to have alumni members present and soon to be new Rotarians present too.  Thank you to John M and David G who help ensure we make time for these socials and also special thanks to David Gruggen for taking some lovely photos of the evening.
Wonderful Night of Fellowship Anne Louise Bermingham 2019-08-29 04:00:00Z 0

Welcome Anna Lechner!

Posted by Mark Ewer on Aug 28, 2019
Anne Bermingham, Hamilton AM Club President had the pleasure of welcoming our newest Rotary International Exchange Student, Anna Lechner, to our club meeting on August 28.  Anna hails from Croatia and will be here for a year, attending a local high school and living with club members and their families.
Welcome Anna Lechner! Mark Ewer 2019-08-28 04:00:00Z 0

The Exciting Rebirth of the Westdale Theatre

Posted by Mark Ewer on Aug 28, 2019
Annette Paiement, Executive Director and Dan Fournier, Operations Manager presented at our club meeting to talk about the exciting new role being played by the refurbished Westdale Cinema.  You will want to check out their schedule on  Annette and Dan are being thanked in the picture below by club member, Ashi Jain.
The Exciting Rebirth of the Westdale Theatre Mark Ewer 2019-08-28 04:00:00Z 0

BBQ at the Bay Tremendous Success!

Posted on Aug 09, 2019
BBQ at the Bay was a stunning setting for the club's annual, signature fund-raiser,  Exclusive use of the Waterfront Trust Building (former Sarcoa  Restaurant) and the outdoor patio made for an unparalleled atmosphere for dinner, auctions and socializing.  A great meal by Carmen's Group and open bar complimented the hospitality extended by the Hamilton AM club to it's members, family and friends.  This may have been a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to use this facility while its future is being determined by the City of Hamilton.  Many thanks to the forward thinking folks who planned and approved this wonderful event.

BBQ at the Bay Tremendous Success! Mark Ewer 2019-08-09 04:00:00Z 0

Denny Leeson Memorial Urban Fishing Project

With the support of his Rotary and fishing friends, Sandy Marincic pulled in another successful fishing experience for over 500 special needs individuals.  For some, the thrill of hauling in a trout or two is the best activity of the year!  Thanks to Robin and the stalwarts from the Dofasco Angler's Club for supplying the poles, worms and guidance to the participants.  The biggest problem this year was the fish were hungry and were eating every worm in sight. Many caught multiple fish, one person claimed 12 victories!
Rotarians stepped up to set up the bbq equipment and to feed all the participants and support staff.  Special mention of Springer's Meats for selling us hundreds of tasty beef hot dogs at a wholesale price.  Sandy's BBQ team included Mark, Ruth G, Celine, Frank, Paul R, Tim, Joe, John D, John B, John M, John J, Yolanda, Tom, Walter, Norm and Kyle.

Denny Leeson Memorial Urban Fishing Project Mark Ewer 2019-05-09 04:00:00Z 0

Naloxone Training at Today's Club Meeting

Posted on Jan 16, 2019
Today Club members received Naloxone training by Faisal Khawaja from Marchese Pharmacy.  Members were very impressed with the quality of the presentation and took home Naloxone kits and a training certificate.  Marchese Pharmacy is the lead supplier of training and kits in Hamilton.
Naloxone Training at Today's Club Meeting Mark Ewer 2019-01-16 05:00:00Z 0

Anne Bermingham presented with Paul Harris Award

Posted on Jan 16, 2019
President Tim McClemont and Assistant District Governor Marta Stiteler were pleased to present President-Elect Anne Bermingham with a Paul Harris Award at today's club meeting.
Anne Bermingham presented with Paul Harris Award Mark Ewer 2019-01-16 05:00:00Z 0

Second Drinking Fountain Inauguration - Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico 

The Rotary Club of Hamilton AM has been advised that the second drinking fountain donated by our club was installed in December at the Jose Maria Morelos Pavon primary school in Tesoco, a village within our municipality of Valladolid, Yucatan.
Local Rotarian Tey Stiteler , the president and the members of the Club Rotario Valladolid Pueblo Magico attended the inauguration of the drinking fountain which was officiated by Julio Perez Tovar, the governor of our district, District 4195 of Rotary Club International.
Our club's contributions to purchase three drinking fountains in the village of Valladolid will provide free, safe, clean, and healthy water on a daily basis to thousands of children over the years.
Second Drinking Fountain Inauguration - Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico 2018-01-23 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Waterdown Trivia Night

Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Waterdown for hosting a most excellent Trivia Night on December 9, 2017.   Our own "Trebek's Turkeys" took home the $300 first prize which is being donated to Polio Plus to be matched 2:1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Winning turkeys pictured here: rear left to right:   John Blums, Tim MccLemont, Cathy Jeske, Wilmar Jeske, front left to right:  Anne Bermingham, Marta Stiteler, Jane Blums and Ronnie Rubin.
Rotary Club of Waterdown Trivia Night 2017-12-10 05:00:00Z 0

Susan Creer

Susan Creer - Hamilton Rountable for Poverty Reduction
Susan has a strong interest in people as well as disability and poverty concerns. Susan has been volunteering since she was a teen and continues to do so. Susan is the Chair of ‘Accessible Hamilton’ a local advocacy group her Canada 150 project. She is a member of her local Ainslie Wood Community group. Susan works part-time teaching acting to children/youth for the City Recreation Department and that contract has just ended. Susan is a speaker with the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction ‘Speak Now’ bureau.
Hamilton poverty… By the Numbers:
•In December, 2016 there were 12,204 Ontario Works cases in Hamilton (includes individuals or family units)
•In December, 2016 there were 19,695 Ontario Disability Support program cases
•A further 29,335 individuals in Hamilton work but live below Statistics Canada’s low income cut-off
Susan Creer 2017-07-17 04:00:00Z 0

Dennis Willms

Dennis Willms from Salama Sheild provided our group with an update on their project.  Salama Sheild was one of our major project beneficiaries in 2016-2017.
Dennis Willms 2017-07-17 04:00:00Z 0

Honouring Those Who Serve

On Wednesday, May 22, the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM honoured four local individuals for their service to the community, by awarding them Paul Harris Fellowships. 
Paul Harris recipient Catherine Bowman with Dan Millar and Mike Shea
Catherine Bowman was the youth recipient. An active and award-winning student at St. Mary's High School and resident of Dundas, Catherine has a long history of community service, especially when it concerns music and her local parish church, St. Augustines and St. Joseph's Villa.
This year, the Paul Harris Fellow for community partners was awarded to Charles and Margaret Juravinski. The Paul Harris Fellowship for a Rotarian was awarded to Joe Hamilton. Joe is an asset to the Hamilton AM Club and his work is greatly appreciated in the club.
The Paul Harris Fellowship is bestowed upon very deserving individuals that have shown exceptional service. Paul Harris was the founder of Rotary International in 1905. His initial goal was to create a club of professional and business men for friendship and fellowship. However, he soon realized that there needed to be a greater purpose for Rotary. The club was later transformed into the world’s first Service Club after the first public service project which was the construction of toilets in Chicago. Currently, Rotary International has more than 1.4 million members worldwide and the motto of Rotary is “Service Above Self”. It is wonderful to be able to acknowledge those in our community who exemplify this motto; congratulations to Catherine, Margaret, Charles and Joe!
Honouring Those Who Serve John Janisse 2014-05-27 00:00:00Z 0

Urban Fishing - who knew it could be so much fun!

Posted by John Janisse on May 07, 2014
This year our club joined the support team of the Denny Leeson Memorial Urban Fishing Project. Through Rotary, Club member Sandy Marincic has been involved in funding the event for the past 25 years, and been its chief organizer for the past seven. Along with the fishermen volunteers and the City of Hamilton, we provided a fun fishing experience to the greater Hamilton region’s special needs community. The derby takes place annually, in the first full week of May, from Monday to Thursday. In all, some 360 participants of all ages get their turn at holding a rod and trying to ‘catch a big one’.
Noah and his fish

“It was great to see the looks of apprehension turn into wonder and joy as the kids really got into it”, said John Janisse, who cooked hot dogs on Tuesday while a group of 24 young people had their turn at Parkdale Pool.
Our guests wouldn’t have this opportunity without Denny Leeson’s dedication over 30 years. Denny passed away in the summer of 2013, and the project is the product of the loving and the gentle relationship he had with his daughter Donna, who has Downs Syndrome. Sandy remembers Denny's committment. "Denny connected with developmentally challenged people through his heart, and that connection blossomed into an event that the developmentally challenged community looks forward to every year." 
Urban Fishing - who knew it could be so much fun! John Janisse 2014-05-08 00:00:00Z 0

Helping women in Malawi to improve their lives

Posted by John Janisse on Mar 11, 2014

Ray Howe, Dennis Willms - president of Salama Shield Foundation, and club president John Baxter

At our March 12 meeting, Dennis Willms, the founding director of the Salama Shield Foundation was the guest speaker. Dennis spoke about the role that Rotary played in the huge success of this project and how much the money donated has helped the communities in Uganda and Malawi. Rotary’s partnership has allowed communities to restore social bonds, empower women, and decrease marital abuse. The AIDS dilemma was at a great height when Rotary partnered with the Salama Shield foundation but with the club’s support, programs were put in place to assist people in these difficult situations. The 3H grant that was awarded contributed greatly to the success of the programs and a new cheque of $39,362.02 was granted to Mr. Willms. In addition, the Salama Shield Foundation will be holding an event in Toronto on June 12th.

Helping women in Malawi to improve their lives John Janisse 2014-03-12 00:00:00Z 0

Helping good kids in bad circumstances

Posted by John Janisse on Feb 05, 2014
Frederick, John Baxter and Sony

Did you know that 74% of adult prisoners were once youth offenders?

It's a very sad statistic; one that Frederick Dryden and the volunteers and staff of Liberty For Youth is committed to changing. On Wednesday February 5, Frederick and Sony, a participant in the mentoring program (and a great basketball player!), spoke at our Rotary meeting. We were inspired by their conviction and impressed by their accomplishments. Our club president John Baxter presented a cheque for $500 to help Liberty For Youth change even more lives, and thanked them for making a difference in the Hamilton Community.

Helping good kids in bad circumstances John Janisse 2014-02-06 00:00:00Z 0

Helping Holy Name of Jesus School

Posted by Mercedes Simon on Jan 21, 2014


Today at our Rotary Club of Hamilton AM meeting we presented a cheque to Charlie Coccaro, a school teacher at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School in the Crown Point West Neighbourhood.


Crown Point West is one of Hamilton’s poorer neighbourhoods, a quarter of residents living in unaffordable housing and a third of residents with only a high school diploma or less. Charlie talked about his school’s difficulty in funding sports programs and lunch programs for their students. Kudos to Charlie for reaching out to our Rotary Club for support and creating awareness of the need for program funding in at-risk neighbourhoods!

Helping Holy Name of Jesus School Mercedes Simon 2014-01-22 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome new member Ashi Jain

Posted by John Janisse on Jan 08, 2014

Ashi Jain with sponsor Judy Dolbec, past president Shikha Sareen and president John Baxter

We welcomed our newest member, Ashi Jain, at the January 8 meeting. A registered dietitian and a diabetes educator, Ashi is currently working both as a dietitian at McMaster Hospital and as a Care Co-ordinator for the Hamilton CCAC.

Ashi is excited to join the Hamilton AM Rotary Club. "The enthusiasm and dedication of the Hamilton Rotary AM club is so infectious that I could think of no better way to engage with the community and address some of the issues through an organized group effort."

We welcome Ashi, and look forward to working along side her as we serve the north end communities of Hamilton!

Welcome new member Ashi Jain John Janisse 2014-01-09 00:00:00Z 0

The Spirit of Christmas at Hess St. School

Posted by Alexander Lutchin on Dec 17, 2013

Tim Dickins, Ruth Leibersbach and Paul Lakin

Rotary Club of Hamilton AM members Tim Dickins, Ruth Liebersbach and Paul Lakin prepare to make pancakes for students at Hess Street School in Hamilton on December 18. This annual Christmas breakfast event for the 325 students is something students look forward as many have never experienced a Canadian Christmas. The pancakes are cooked fresh by Rotarians starting at 6:30 am and kept warm before being served to the students in their classrooms. The inner city school accommodates students from many countries. Each student also received a tote bag filled with candy and other goodies. Congrats to all Rotarians who participated.

   (Photo A. Lutchin, Hamilton AM Rotary)

The Spirit of Christmas at Hess St. School Alexander Lutchin 2013-12-18 00:00:00Z 0

Helping the RHYC Able Sail Program

Posted by John Janisse on Dec 11, 2013

Laurel Thompson and Helen Dam accept cheque from past president Shikha Sareen

At the December 12th club meeting, we met Helen Dam and Laurel Thompson from the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. Laurel is the current Commodore of the club, and Helen is a former Ontario Sailing Female Jr. Sailor of the year. The club presented them with a cheque for $500 towards their Able Sail Program.

The Able Sail program at The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club has a great history of putting adults and children with disabilities out on Hamilton Harbour. Laurel is axiously waiting for spring, to get out there once again. "Thank you Rotary for your on-going support to RHYC Able Sail program. You've helped to enrich the lives of many children and adults living with disabilities."

For Helen the gift is more personal. "I've been a participant in the program for the last 11 years. Since the program has outgrown its volunteer capacity the able sail program is hoping to hiring two full time day time staff, and I will be one of them. I think my role will be more administrative/on land and the other role will be a hired coach for on water."

We're honoured to be able to support the Yacht Club in this valuable service they provide.

Helping the RHYC Able Sail Program John Janisse 2013-12-12 00:00:00Z 0

Pancake Breakfast at Hess St. School

Posted by John Janisse on Nov 27, 2013

We're getting ready for the annual pancake breakfast at Hess St. School. This year, the breakfast is on Wednesday, December 18th. For many members in our club this event is the highlight of the year; everyone looks forward to it.

Along with breakfast we'll be giving every child a gift bag that will include, among other things, a new book. This year, we aren't collecting books; we'll be buying the books new, and so would welcome any donation towards this from members, or the public. If you would like to donate, please contact Irene Stayshyn.

Pancake Breakfast at Hess St. School John Janisse 2013-11-28 00:00:00Z 0

'House Party' at Hamilton Club a huge success!

Posted by John Janisse on Nov 23, 2013

Sunny Genesco and Hamilton Ticat Cheerleaders

The Rotary Club of Hamilton A.M. is pleased to announce the results of the 2nd Annual fundraiser “An Evening with Bortz, Amato & Friends” in support of ProAction Cops & Kids, Community Child Abuse Council of Canada, McMaster Children’s Hospital and The Rotary Club.

On Tuesday evening, November 12th more than 200 people descended upon the historic Hamilton Club for a magical evening featuring International Artist Jeremy Bortz and Saxophonist Joe Amato & their friends.

“It was an evening that celebrated Art, Music, Fine Food and Good Wine,” said Tim Dickins, Hamilton A.M. Rotarian and Event Chair. “We really tried hard to showcase local and emerging talent. In addition to vocalists Mary Panacci and Anne-Marie Bastien we included two vocal students from Mohawk College, Karin Visser and Grace San Andres. Our photographer for the evening was also a Mohawk College student Jordan Walmsley.

The event was really a big house party with lots of things going on in various rooms of the Hamilton Club.  In addition to the Art Exhibit and the Live Entertainment we also had an Auction which included Toronto Maple Leaf & Toronto Raptor tickets packaged with dinner at Gretzky’s, Jewelry, a Custom made suit by Coppley, sports memorabilia and various golf packages.

Then as a surprise and a thank you, we gave away thirty door prizes including two tickets to Cher – Dressed to Kill Tour.

The event generated $34,000 for our charities. “We were thrilled to hit the 200 attendees mark and more than doubled the number of sponsors from the previous year,” Dickins said. A special thank you goes out to our corporate sponsors Rogers Business Solutions; G4S Canada Ltd.; and Old Republic Insurance.  Without their support we could not have put this event on!  Planning has already started for the 3rd Annual Event slated for November 2014.  Our goal in 2014 is to hit the $50,000 mark for our selected charities!

If you would like to join us next year please contact Tim Dickins at 905-466-6587 or email:

'House Party' at Hamilton Club a huge success! John Janisse 2013-11-24 00:00:00Z 0

Camp Erin - helping kids who grieve

Posted by John Janisse on Nov 12, 2013

Cameron Nolan with guest speaker Sandra Strauss, director of Camp Erin Hamilton

Our guest at the November 13 meeting was Sandra Strauss, the director of Camp Erin Hamilton. Camp Erin Hamilton is an annual three-day camp experience offered at no charge and facilitated by professional staff and trained volunteers of the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice and Bereaved Families of Ontario - Hamilton/ Burlington. The camp is for children ages 6 to 17 who have experienced the death of someone close to them. Sandra spoke with passion and conviction; we're grateful to learn about this valuable service in our community. 

Camp Erin - helping kids who grieve John Janisse 2013-11-13 00:00:00Z 0

Club donates to Neighbour To Neighbour

Posted by John Janisse on Oct 22, 2013


John Baxter presents cheque to Dough Farraway

At it's Wednesday October 23 meeting, The Rotary Club of Hamilton AM presented a $500.00 donation to Neighbour To Neighbour, a local Hamilton Food Bank and Community Support Centre. Doug Farraway, Director of Development for Neighbour To Neighbour was present to receive the cheque and thank the club.

"Every month at Neighbour to Neighbour we help 1300 families or over 5,000 people get through their own personal food emergencies. You can be assured that every dollar donated will be used to ensure no-one goes hungry on Hamilton Mountain."

The club is pleased to support Neighbour To Neighbour and it's volunteers and staff, and comments them on the important work that they do in our community.

Club donates to Neighbour To Neighbour John Janisse 2013-10-23 00:00:00Z 0

We're moving for October

Posted by John Janisse on Sep 17, 2013

Williams Fresh Cafe

For the month of October 2013 our club will move it's meetings from the Waterfront Centre to Williams Fresh Café at 47 Discovery Drive, Hamilton. Expect to see a new menu, a new view of the picturesque Hamilton Harbour, and the same great camaraderie for which our club is known. Come join us! 

We're moving for October John Janisse 2013-09-18 00:00:00Z 0

“Rotary Right Click” project benefits Hess Street School students

Posted by John Janisse on Jun 23, 2013
For the fourth year in a row, a number of graduating Grade 8 students from Hess Street School, a Hamilton “inner city school”, now have computers to take home to prepare them for the challenges of High School.  Computers have become a necessity to complete school work at the High School and Post Secondary level.  Many students at Hess Street School are new Canadians and some families don’t have the resources to provide home computers.  On June 21, 2013 at 2:00 pm, the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM and its partners in this project presented 20 refurbished computers to Hess Street School students in the school auditorium.
“Rotary Right Click” project benefits Hess Street School students John Janisse 2013-06-24 00:00:00Z 0
Imagine in the Park Children's Arts Festival Sharon Levy-Cohen 2013-06-17 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by John Janisse on Jun 11, 2013

John Baxter and John Dolbec with awards

Our club received a Presidential Citation and Peace Award at the 2013 District Changeover Dinner that was held at Salvatores Italian Gardens in Buffalo.

The Presidential Citation recognizes Rotary clubs that achieve an array of accomplishments that help them become stronger, deliver effective service, and enhance their public image.

The Disctrict Peace Award is given to clubs that undertake a successful peace forum or peace-related project during 2012-13.

Awards John Janisse 2013-06-12 00:00:00Z 0

A presidential wedding

Posted by Len Lifchus on Jun 04, 2013

On Saturday, June 1, 2013 our President Shikha married the love of her life, Amit in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony in Montreal, Quebec.

Club President Shikha Sareen in her wedding Saree

A presidential wedding Len Lifchus 2013-06-05 00:00:00Z 0
Club member Mike Shea receives Order of Merit from Governor General John Janisse 2013-05-27 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome new member Sharon Levy-Cohen

Posted by John Janisse on May 15, 2013

Sponsoring member Judy Dolbec, new member Sharon Levy-Cohen, club president Shikha Sareen

Our club welcomed its newest member at the May 15th meeting. Sharon Levy-Cohen is a founder and coordinator of Imagine In the Park, a children's arts festival in Hamilton. A former teacher, Sharon is a wonderful addition to our club. Thanks for joining Hamilton AM, Sharon. Welcome!

Welcome new member Sharon Levy-Cohen John Janisse 2013-05-16 00:00:00Z 0

Reading Buddies

Posted by John Janisse on Mar 27, 2013

Marta and Iqra

Marta Stiteler shares a smile with Iqra, a student at Hess Street School. Marta had just presented Iqra with a copy of 'Charlotte's Web', along with a journal on the last day of the reading program. She later received this letter from Iqra's teacher, Kathryn Tuite.

"Thank You so very much for coming in to spend time reading and becoming friends with Iqra. She was so happy and proud to have you as her special reading buddy.

"She has made amazing strides since arriving in Canada in November 2011. Her life hasn't been easy, yet she is always ready with a sunny smile and a helping hand.

"She loved her book and journal. In fact she kept going to her bag to peek at them. That was such a kind and thoughtful gesture.

"More than anything gifts of time are appreciated by my students. I am delighted to have met you and hope that you will continue working with the students at Hess."

For Marta, the jesture came naturally. "Iqra is such an amazing girl, I wanted to give her something that she could look forward to reading in the future. It touched me to know that such a small gesture made such a large impact."

Reading Buddies John Janisse 2013-03-28 00:00:00Z 0

Mohawk College Financial Services Class Raises Thousands for Rotary Investing Back into Their Community

Posted by Marta Stiteler on Mar 12, 2013
Students in the Mohawk College Financial Services Program invested hundreds of hours raising more than $28,000 for both community and international Rotary Club of Hamilton AM Projects.  It was an experience that taught future financial planners, bank representatives and insurance agents how to get out there and support those less fortunate, while at the same time building contacts.  Although it was challenging  for some, Program Director, Christine DiCarlo, stressed how important it is to be connected to your city and area where you work by belonging to services clubs and other organizations.  Being part of the community is good for the community, but it also gets your name out there and gets you networking.
Mohawk College Financial Services Class Raises Thousands for Rotary Investing Back into Their Community Marta Stiteler 2013-03-13 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome new member Al Lutchin

Posted by John Janisse on Mar 12, 2013

Club President Shikha Sareen, new member Al Lutchin, sponsoring member Paul Lakin

Our club welcomed its newest member at the March 13th meeting. Al Lutchin is  President & CEO  of Career Compass Canada, and has a distinguished career serving in senior management roles, including executive positions in both the private and public sectors. His wife Nance is a member of the Rotary Club of Dundas, and has been 'encouraging' Al to become a Rotarian for some time. We're glad you chose our club, Al. Welcome!

Welcome new member Al Lutchin John Janisse 2013-03-13 00:00:00Z 0

Professional Development Night an Invaluable Experience

Posted by Jelaine Foster on Mar 03, 2013

Rotary - Rotaract Professional Development Night

Each year the Hamilton-McMaster Rotaract Club hosts a Professional Development Night where they are able to reach out to Rotarians for advice and career guidance. On February 28th, Rotaraians and Rotaracters met at Acclamation Restaurant on James St. N. for great food and even better company. The conversations between Rotaractors and Rotarians were exciting and informative. Rotaract members were able to gain valuable insight into their future career options, while also asking for practical advice on subjects such as their resume. All in all, it was a great event. An invaluable experience for all in attendance.

Professional Development Night an Invaluable Experience Jelaine Foster 2013-03-04 00:00:00Z 0

George McCarter honoured at Paul Harris Award night

Posted by John Janisse on Feb 13, 2013

George McCarterHamilton area Rotary Clubs joined together to host the Paul Harris Fellowship Awards Dinner on Wednesday, February 13, 2013, at Michelangelo’s Banquet Centre, on Hamilton mountain. Three men were honoured for their service to the Community during the evening, which was lead by host Dana Robbins, himself a Paul Harris Fellow.

The nominee for the Hamilton AM club was George McCarter. A successful businessman, George has led the dynamic Pearson Dunn Insurance Inc. company since 2006, as well as serving on numerous boards and committees in Hamilton. Hillfield-Strathallan College, the Hamilton Club, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation, McMaster Children's hospital Fundraising Council, and United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton have all benefited from George's tireless efforts.

We congratulate you, George, along with this year's other recipients Colin Millar and Terry Cooke, and honour you for your living example of Rotary's motto 'service above self'.

George McCarter honoured at Paul Harris Award night John Janisse 2013-02-14 00:00:00Z 0

Bortz Event a Huge Success!

Posted by Marta Stiteler on Dec 16, 2012

Some 150 people joined the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM and Artist Jeremy Bortz at the Hamilton Club, on November 13, at the first annual fundraiser “An Evening with Jeremy Bortz and Friends,” to benefit local charities.

One month later, The Rotary Club of Hamilton A.M. held a reception on Thursday December the 13, at the Hamilton Club to distribute the proceeds from the event. Members of the Rotary Club, event sponsors, (Rogers Business Solutions, Old Republic Insurance Group, G4S Security Solutions) and the charities took part.  The event raised $29,000 with proceeds going to Community Child Abuse Council, Good Shepherd and the McMaster Children’s Hospital. 

Evening with Jeremy Bortz

Bortz Event a Huge Success! Marta Stiteler 2012-12-17 00:00:00Z 0
Clowns put 'Beautiful Smiles on their Faces' Melissa Heffernan 2012-12-07 00:00:00Z 0

Wine Winter Wonderland

Posted by John Janisse on Dec 03, 2012

Wine Winter Wonderland

Over 60 people braved roads clogged from the season's first snowstorm to enjoy a winetasting social at the home of John Janisse, on Friday, November 30. Nine wines were sampled - all provided by, who also contributed a portion of all wine ordered that evening to the club's Malawi project. Thanks to all who provided the wonderful appetizers, sold raffel tickets, and organized this event!

Wine Winter Wonderland John Janisse 2012-12-04 00:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Awards

Posted by John Janisse on Nov 28, 2012
On November 28th, the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM presented Paul Harris Fellowships to six people in the Hamilton community who have exemplified the Rotary motto of 'Service Above Self'.
Paul Harris Awards John Janisse 2012-11-29 00:00:00Z 0

Telling Tales 2012

Posted by Marta Stiteler on Sep 26, 2012


Once again, the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM participated in Telling Tales, the largest children’s literary festival in Canada, providing financial support and a number of volunteers. Here is Hamilton AM Club’s own Linna Nguyen getting hugs from Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit.

This year’s exciting event took place on Sunday, September 16th at Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton and featured Canada’s leading children’s authors, illustrators, storytellers and musicians. More than 7,000 visitors attended the 4th Annual Telling Tales Festival. Sixteen local Rotary Clubs were involved.

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New Hamilton McMaster Rotaract Website John Janisse 2012-09-13 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Spring Clean-up Round-up Daniel Rodrigues 2012-05-06 00:00:00Z 0
In Support of the Newman Boys John Janisse 2012-04-16 00:00:00Z 0
Our 27th Annual BBQ and Auction is Friday, August 17, 2012 John Janisse 2012-04-11 00:00:00Z 0

Do a Make up or contact area Rotary Clubs!

Posted by Paul Lakin on Apr 01, 2012
Looking for a rotary club in Hamilton to visit or join? There are 12 clubs in the area, each with it's own character, location and meeting times - there's a club for everyone!
Do a Make up or contact area Rotary Clubs! Paul Lakin 2012-04-02 00:00:00Z 0
Reading Program at Hess St. School Paul Pageau 2012-03-01 00:00:00Z 0
Annual Euchre Tournament Judy Dolbec 2012-02-01 00:00:00Z 0
Clowning around for kids Len Lifchus 2011-12-01 00:00:00Z 0

Clowns For Kids UPDATE

Posted by Terry Beaupre on Nov 02, 2011

Rotary wants to thank Henry Mizzi of H.M. Courier Service, Tony Wellenreiter of Wellenreiter & Wellenreiter, Mark Stewart of McMaster Innovation Park and Melissa Heffernan of Sutton Group Realty for supporting Clowns for Kids.






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Hamilton-McMaster Rotaract Club Terry Beaupre 2011-03-04 00:00:00Z 0

Our Annual Hess Street School Christmas

Posted by Brian Tisdale on Dec 14, 2010
 We thank our membership and friends for helping us keep this tradition alive. Special thanks to our head organizer this year, Henry Mizzi. 

Story and pictures coming soon.
Our Annual Hess Street School Christmas Brian Tisdale 2010-12-15 00:00:00Z 0
The Sir John A. Macdonald INTERACT Club's Christmas Drive John Baxter 2010-12-09 00:00:00Z 0
Annual Bid Euchre Evening Judy Dolbec 2010-12-04 00:00:00Z 0

Baskets for Women's Shelter

Posted by Judy Dolbec on Nov 19, 2010
 Hamilton A.M. helps out the Basketeers Group for women's shelters. See PhotoJournals for more information and pictures.
Baskets for Women's Shelter Judy Dolbec 2010-11-20 00:00:00Z 0
Hamilton AM Rotary BBQ News Terry Beaupre 2010-08-13 00:00:00Z 0
November 20th Meeting Minutes Brooke Hamilton 0

October 30 club meeting at McMaster University

Posted by John Janisse
The regular Wednesday morning meeting will be offsite this Wednesday, October 30, taking place at the Phoenix Restaurant on the McMaster University campus. The guest Speaker will be University President Dr. Patrick Dean.
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Telling Tales 2013

Posted by John Janisse

Telling Tales

Telling tales is a free festival where families can discover stories together, it’s set in a beautiful historic westfield heritage village, it’s a day when we leave our technology behind and stories and history are coming alive.

As a Bronze level sponsor of Telling Tales, our club is thrilled to be participating in the event again this year.

For more information, visit, or watch the video.

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Come to the 2013 Rotary Round Up BBQ/Auction

Posted by John Janisse

Rotary Round Up BBQ/Auction

Join us at the Ancaster Fairgrounds for a wonderful evening of great food, music and fun as we raise money for important community projects.

For more than a quarter century, this signature event – our BBQ Auction - has been one of the city’s premiere fundraising occasions, attracting some 400 guests and raising more than one and a half a million dollars. It is going to be a real barn - burner of a night, full of bidding and good ‘ole down home entertainment and we would love to see you, your friends and family there.

Proceeds from the "Rotary Round Up" BBQ/Auction will be directed to meeting the growing needs of those less fortunate in our community. This year, proceeds will benefit Food for Kids and An Instrument for Every Child, two programs that benefit children in in the North End of Hamilton, one of the poorest areas in our community.

Tickets are available for $95, and include a fabulous meal, open bar, silent and live auctions and music by he Elton Lammie Band. For more information or tickets contact Irene Stayshyn or Ruth Liebersbach.

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Rotary Round Up BBQ Auction 2012

Posted by Marta Stiteler

On Friday, August 17, 2012, the Rotary Club of Hamilton A.M. hosted “The Rotary Round Up” 27th Annual BBB/Auction, which for the first time was hosted at the Ancaster Fair Grounds.  Participants got into the spirit of the evening, and the room was filled with pistol packing, ten gallon hat wearing cowboys and other varmints.  The food was prepared BBQ style and the popular band, “The Relics” returned to entertain the crowd with great dance tunes.  A great hit this year was the Photo Booth, where guests could have single or group photos taken.


For more than 25 years, this signature event has been one of the city’s premiere fundraising occasions, attracting over 400 guests and raising more than one and a half a million dollars. As per usual, proceeds from the “Rotary Round Up” BBQ/Auction will be directed to meeting the growing needs of those less fortunate in our community.


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Putting around at Rotary

Posted by John Janisse

At one of our meetings this past summer our club had its own version of the Canadian Open - Rotary style! Here, Sargent-at-arms Ruth Liebersbach ensures that golfer Tony Wellenreiter 'plays fair'.
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Posted by Henry Mizzi
Dec. 16, Our annual Christmas breakfast at Hess street school. We need alot of volunteers and donations. Henry will be handing out info in the next meetings coming up.

Rotaract Gala

Posted by Heather Battles

Hamilton-McMaster Rotaract Club Raises $4,000 for Polio Eradication Efforts

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Hamilton Limo TURKEY FRY

Posted by Henry Mizzi
Dec. 15, Hamilton Limo is holding its 2nd annual TURKEY FRY 12N-8PM at 114 Catharine St S We are raising food for the food banks. Please come enjoy some deep fried turkey and the fixings, everyone is welcome. Just bring non perishable food for the donations.
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District Conference in Buffalo, NY

Posted by Marlee McIntyre
This past weekend, over 400 Rotarians from District 7990 participated in our District Conference in Buffalo, NY. It was a weekend of making new friends and renewing old ones. Plus many terrific speakers on a variety of topics, including The Power of 1, about what one person can start throughout the world. Our luncheon speaker had many of us on the verge of tears while listening to her personal journey with polio.
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New Club Banner

Posted by Terry Beaupre
A bold new club banner/flag has just been presented and we need your input.
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Telling Tales

Posted by Marlee McIntyre
Join in and help support Literacy. September 20, 2009, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Westfield Heritage Village, Rocton, On Free Admission.
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