Are you the Missing Piece?
Member Categories and Fees
Regular Membership - The Rotary year runs from July 1 - June 30 and the annual dues are $275.00 (which are prorated if you start during the Rotary year).  In addition to the annual fees, our weekly breakfast meetings cost $15.00.  Not to frighten you off, but just to be honest, in addition to the annual fees and weekly meeting costs, there may be other costs associated with being a Rotarian, generally related to contributing to the Rotary Foundation (, and participating in our fundraisers.
Corporate Membership - Rotary provides a great forum for companies to give back to the community and in order to encourage corporate membership, we offer corporate memberships at a reduced rate for multiple members.  The first member of your organization is $275.00, and each subsequent member is only $200.00.  Membership in Rotary can provide your organization with a great team building tool and a way to give back, while networking and promoting your business at the same time.
Youth (under 35 Membership) - We want to encourage participation in Rotary by younger members of our community, so membership to members under the age of 35 is only $175.00 per year (a discount from our regular membership fees of $275.00).
Hamilton Rotaractors - In order to encourage our local McMaster and Hamilton Rotaractors to continue on with Rotary after the age of 26, we offer your first year with our club free from dues.   You will still need to pay for your attendance at our breakfast meetings ($15.00 per week), but you will save $275.00 the first year and receive our youth membership discount until you read the age of 35.
If you would like to receive our membership application form, or to ask any questions, please contact membership chair Cathy Jeske at or call 905-648-1851 x 337.
Thinking About Joining Rotary?
Why Join Rotary?
We asked some of our members why they joined Rotary. Here's what they said:
  • Community Service, Fellowship
  • Providing some service for the local community, become more aware of local issues 
  • Help to increase public awareness of issues in the community and then to help resolve some of those issues
  • Passion for community, networking with like minded people
  • Forming long lasting friendships, and enjoy various activities and events
  • To give back to community and help individuals in need 
For more information about Rotary and whether Rotary might be the opportunity to contribute to the community that you have been looking for,  please contact our membership chair Cathy Jeske ( or call 905-648-1851 x 337).

Why Stay in Rotary?

We asked those same members why they're still in Rotary, some after many years. Here are some responses:
I like the people. They are my sounding board for any business or personal matters I have. I trust them explicitly. I like travelling the world and being recognized and accepted immediately if I am wearing my Rotary pin. I instructed my daughter in a foreign land away at school to just contact a Rotary club and tell them your mother is a Rotarian and they will take care of you. And they did!
- Ruth Liebersbach
Rotary provides opportunities to give back to the community through both activities and club donations - you get to hear and see how our efforts impact members of our local community – people are very thankful for what we do.
- Greg Burbridge
I stay in Rotary because of the people and friends you make that you wouldn’t otherwise know. You have a group of dynamic individuals who are leaders and experts in their fields and together, we help out those less fortunate. We provide hope to youth who need to know that someone cares about them. Anything we do, small projects or large projects can turn the lives of this group in a new direction. It truly is exciting to give back.
- Angelo Misale
They say "be the good that you want to see in the world" and Rotary gives me an opportunity to make that contribution. Attending Rotary meetings is very often an uplifting experience for me, especially when faced with a stressful day.
- Mark Ewer
I originally joined and have stayed in Rotary for an opportunity to give back to those in need in our community. My heart is warmed when I look at the huge list of causes that our club has supported knowing that in some small way I have helped make that happen.
Oh and the fellowship is good too!
- Joe Hamilton
I am still a Rotarian as I love helping people and love working with many different people.  The people in our Club are the greatest.  Since we have moved to our new location, I find everyone so much friendlier and the whole atmosphere is upbeat.  Love our BBQ auction which seems to be better every year with changes which has helped keep it alive for so many years.
- Irene Stayshyn
I joined Rotary as I was looking for a vehicle to "give back".  Twenty years ago I found myself in hospital suffering from Manic Depression and Alcoholism.  I was one of the lucky ones who was given the help and support to overcome my problems.  I will never forget the kindness I was shown.  As I got back on my feet I looked for an organization that "helped others".  The place I found was Rotary.  Now it is my turn to offer a helping hand.
- Tim Dickens
I would say that Rotary has given me the opportunity to spend very valuable time with special people, both here at home, and in many places around the world. It is important to me. 
- Walter Hardie
Join us Wednesday Mornings!
If you are thinking about joining Rotary and not sure which of our fantastic local Rotary clubs is right for you, you are welcome to stop in for a meeting or two (or more) and try us out.  Your first breakfast meeting is on us and after that is $15.00 a meeting.  Our breakfast meetings include a full buffet breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, fresh baked goods and a bottomless cup of coffee.  We generally have an interesting guest speaker (see our home page for upcoming speakers). Our club has a great mix of young and older members, male and female. As a club we raise lots of money for local and global charities, and we do a lot of volunteer work in the community.  If you are curious as to what it is all about, please join us from 7:15 am to 8:30 am (sharp so that you can get to work on time) on a Wednesday mornings at Williams Fresh Café.  Any questions, please e-mail membership chair Cathy Jeske at or call 905-648-1851 x 337.