Member Categories and Fees
Regular Membership - The Rotary year runs from July 1 - June 30 and the regular membership dues are $275.00 annually.
Corporate Membership - Rotary provides a great forum for companies to give back to the community. To encourage corporate membership, we offer corporate memberships at a reduced rate for multiple members. The first member of your organization is $275.00, and each subsequent member is only $200.00.  Membership in Rotary can provide your organization with a great team building tool and a way to give back, while networking and promoting your business at the same time.
Family Memberships - Like the Corporate Memberships, we want to encourage members of the same household to join Rotary.  Dues for the first member of your household would be $275.00, and $200.00 for each subsequent member.
Youth (under 40 Membership) - We want to encourage participation in Rotary by younger members of our community, so membership to members under the age of 40 is only $175.00 per year (a discount from our regular membership fees of $275.00).
Hamilton Rotaractors - In order to encourage our local McMaster and Hamilton Rotaractors to continue on with Rotary after the age of 26, we offer your first year with our club free from dues.   You will still need to pay for your attendance at our breakfast meetings ($20.00 per week), but you will save $275.00 the first year and receive our youth membership discount until you reach the age of 35.
If you would like to receive our membership application form, or to ask any questions, please contact membership chair Cathy Jeske at or call 905-648-1851 x 337.
Thinking About Joining Rotary?
Why Join Rotary?
We asked some of our members why they joined Rotary. Here's what they said:
  • Great place for networking and meeting like minded influencers in the community and form long lasting friendships;
  • Perfect forum for fundraising for local, national and international causes;
  • Opportunity to help to increase public awareness about issues in the Hamilton community and participate in community projects; and
  • An simple way to give back to the community. 
For more information about Rotary and whether Rotary might be the opportunity to contribute that you have been looking for, please contact Cathy ( or call 905-648-1851 x 337).


Join us Wednesday Mornings!
If you are thinking about joining Rotary and not sure which of our fantastic local Rotary clubs is right for you, you are welcome to stop in for a meeting or two (or more) and try us out.  
During the COVID-19 Emergency, our club is meeting by Zoom every Wednesday morning from 7:30 - 8:30 am.  Attendance at a Zoom meeting is free. If you are interested in joining a Zoom meeting, please contact club President Anne Bermingham at
Our club otherwise meets from 7:15 am to 8:30 am (sharp, so that you can get to work on time) on a Wednesday morning at Williams Fresh CafĂ©, 47 Discovery Drive, Hamilton, on the harbour.