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Home Page Stories
The Faribault Rotary Club donated $4,000 to the Faribault Soccer Club youth soccer program. The funds will be used to provide American Sign Language interpreters to help ensure the youth soccer program is more inclusive for hearing impaired athletes and families.

Welcome Zak!

The Faribault Rotary Club has inducted Zak Branham, center, as a member.  Zak is manager of Affinity Plus Credit Union.  he is pictured here with his sponsor, Dr. Dick Huston, left, and membership chair, Keith Kramer.

Welcome Jill!

The Faribault Rotary Club has inducted Jill DeBoef, center as a member.  She is the Operations Manager for the Mayo Clinic in Southern Minnesota. She is pictured here with her sponsor, Nort Johnson and membership chair, Keith Kramer.

Cash Raffle Winner's Announced!

Rainy day funds and how much cash to have on hand – The Prepared
Rotary Meeting Notes June 29, 2022
  • Zach Branham and Jill DeBoef inducted into the club as new members
Club Announcements
Rotary Raffle
  • Club sold over 900 tickets; Grant Wilson sold 172 himself! Great job Grant. 
  • Reminded everyone of a check presentation today for the Somalia resettlement services
  • Introduced his mother and his daughter as special guests
                Members of the club honored President Sesker and his long career as a school official, retiring as our superintendent for the past 11 years.  Several told stories about meting Todd and he was specifically mentioned as inclusive, enthusiastic leader who accomplished some extraordinary things for our district and our community. 
Raffle Winners
1500-Aaron Babcock, 1000-Mark Kenney, 500-George Wilson, 500-Rod Mahler, 500-Aubrey Nicholson, 100-Heidi Schmidtke-Boyd, Sue Trnka, Matt Sewich (donated back to club), Deb Aldrich, Amy Dillon, Kris Cashin, Tyran Fernandez, Karen Krenske, Jan Roberts, Kamryn Hanson (Last year’s $1500 winner)

Congratulations Kurt Halvorson our 103rd Club President!

Kurt Halverson is the new president of the Faribault Rotary Club for 2022-23. He received the gavel from outgoing president Todd Sesker.
President Sesker’s recount of year
Completed the Cambodia water project, increased membership with 19 new members, restarted the Rotary exchange program, continued traditions of Rose sale, cash raffle, warm our community and other items. Finally upgraded technology to include document sharing. President thanked several people for their assistance.
Installation of new President Kurt Halverson
Kurt Halverson became President Halverson after he was handed the gavel from outgoing president Todd Sesker.  President Halverson gave the oath to the board and spoke about his vision for the club next year by providing a visual representing a house.  President Halverson spoke about a man name Paster Homer Dobson from Tracy, MN and said he will dedicate the next year to him.  Congrats Kurt!

New President's 1st Presentation

Well done, President Sesker!

Rotary Meeting Notes
June 22, 2022
  • Dr. Huston sponsors Emily Nesvold for membership in the Faribault Rotary club.  She is a retired public-school teacher
  • Grant Wilson
    • Raffle tickets update. If you have not sold your tickets talk to people who have bought tickets, they may want to buy more.
  • Dr. Huston
    • Our District is installing a new Governor this weekend at the Commodore Hotel in St. Paul
    • We have a new stockpile of flags, if you travel you should bring one with for a potential exchange
  • Rebecca Ciesluk
    • District Meeting is today at 430p
  • George Wickstrom
    • Recently utilized Somalia volunteer services to weed his garden. Believe this organization is called “Wadow”
  • Cate Grinney has joined the newly formed Ameriprise Financial Team!
  • Wedding photos from Greg and Rebecca’s wedding were shown (Keith Kramer looks a bit too similar to James Bond)
  • Brenda’s granddaughter turned 2 today!
  • Dick Cook has a new batch of grandkids to help with, they keep him busy and maybe away from some of the rotary meetings
  • Dr. Huston-check presentation at Faribault Soccer Association was presented
  • Peter van Sluis-amateur radio field day will be this weekend in Faribault at City View Park
Pull/E Tabs Update
  • Lost 5k in tabs this month due mainly to decrease in sales
  • State tax cuts into our profits and also the decline in sales, which was expected effects things
  • 3k in funds to give out this month
  • Youth exchange, Morristown gun club, international festival was all approved

Sue Hvistendahl

Presenter-Sue Hvistendahl
  • Presented on the historic Archer House which burned down in November of 2020
  • Author of a book about the Archer House
  • The Archer House cost 13k to build and was touted as showing “How far Northfield had come”
  • A room cost $3.75 in the 1980’s at the Historic Inn 
  • Booker Washington and Betty White stayed at the Archer House
  • The hotel went through several major overalls over the years and was eventually purchased by Brent Reese
  • Reese and his partners plan to rebuild the Archer House with construction anticipated to take 12 months

Old style Power Point Presentation with Murray

Welcome Emily!

The Faribault Rotary Club inducted Emily Nesvold, center, as its newest member. She is pictured with Greg Ciesluk of the membership team (left) and her sponsor Dick Huston. Nesvold is a retired public school teacher and is a member of the GROWS Garden Club and the Faribault Environment Commission. 

Membership recruiting!

With the Rotary Kubota resting in the shed, Dick Huston has been out looking for new members in the Rotary BMW.
Just one year ago Brenda handed the gavel to Todd as our 102nd president.  This week we will install Kurt Halvorson as our 103rd Faribault Rotary Club President. We hope all members will be able to attend in person or on ZOOM.

Monthly (May 2022) Report

  • Performance took both an expected and unexpected negative turn in May with a net loss of $(5k)
    • Starting at the top, total sales for the month were $153k with $82k in e-tab sales, $63k in paper tab sales and $8k in bingo
      • As communicated in prior communications, Dawn had been projecting a slowdown in gambling activity as the summer months arrive and that is proving true
      • Outside of January 2022’s weak sales due to the covid surge, June represented the softest demand for e-tabs, which had been around $100k a month since February, for a decline of roughly 20% in May; paper tab sales declined to $63k
      • Gross profit margins were a mixed bag with e-tabs at 16.91% ($14k in gross profit) while paper tabs were poor at 15.39% ($10k in gross profit)
        • To put the paper tabs’ gross profit margin of 15.4% into perspective, paper tabs had been running around 18.3% since October 2021
  • Overall, the decline in sales volume was anticipated; however, what was overlooked was the sizeable progressive tax on gross profits that builds throughout the fiscal year, which had not been as impactful on monthly net income figures due to greater gross profits from robust sales
    • So how much was this tax in May? About $11.5K in total, which means net income would have been roughly $6k from operations (gross profits $26K – operating expenses $20k)
    • Next month’s progressive gross margin tax is estimated at $9k, meaning that June is also likely to see negative net income once again due to softer sales as people spend leisure time elsewhere
      • April’s gross margin tax was $10K but total sales were almost 10% higher, so the margin tax was more easily absorbed in the monthly income statement
  • The following expenses were approved for July 2022:
  • CG Made Easy Administrative Fee = $250
    • Fixed fee every month
  • Inventory = $4,000
    • Paper tab sales slowed slightly, so less inventory purchases needed given the amount on hand
  • Rotary Gambling Team Compensation = $2,600
  • Bingo Team Compensation = $2,000
    • Bingo is being hosted every Thursday night
  • Revenue Share with MPeters = $8,500
    • Profit share is 31% of e-tab gaming à As noted above, e-tab sales plummeted in May and is expected to remain down for the rest of summer, resulting in a lower share
  • City of Faribault = $1,000
    • Weaker sales lower the amount to be shared with the city
  • Revenue Share with Boxers = $6,000
    • Profit-share w/ e-tabs = 15% & paper tabs = 20% à Likewise, softer sales will result in less revenue share
  • Misc. Cost = $2,000
    • FRYS is hiring Reece, Winter payroll processing is ~$1k a month with another $1k for pursue bingo and/or other misc. costs that arrive
  • Total Expenses = $23,350
    • On a motion by Kymn Anderson with a second by Rebecca Freed, the FRYS membership approved the expenses for July
  • Even though earnings were poor, FRYS was still able to provide charitable gifts to the following organizations at the June membership meeting:
    • Faribault Rotary Youth Exchange “Outbound Students” - $1,000 each to the two outbound exchange students; $2,000 approved ($1k each)
    • Faribault Diversity Coalition “international festival” – sponsorship of entertainment for youth. $500 approved
    • Morristown Gun Club “Summer youth league” –$500 approved
      • Total Gifts: $3,000
        • On a motion by Dick Huston with a second by George Wickstrom, the FRYS membership approved the charitable contributions
  • In other FRYS news, Keith Kramer has been able to locate a contractor to get repairs done at the Rotary Camp, a long-time objective of FRYS but finding labor to get the job done has been a challenge
    • The FRYS board has earmarked profits for the Rotary Camp and the contractor has been located at the opportune time given that UBIT hits as of August 31 (FRYS tax year-end); estimates on the repair costs are still to come.
  • The final piece of membership news is that Brenda DeMars has accepted the FRYS board’s invite to become an official board member of FRYS!
    • Brenda is the critically important Gambling Manager for FRYS’ charitable gambling operation and the essential connection for the FRYS / Boxers partnership

Beautiful day for a parade!!

For the second year in a row, the club had a float in the Heritage Days Parade. It was great fun and plenty of candy was handed out.

Parade Selfie

Faribault Rotary Youth Services Inc.

The Faribault Rotary Club has donated $4000 to the youth soccer program to provide ASL interpreters to help ensure the program is more inclusive for hearing impaired athletes and families. 

Jacob Froyum- Minnesota DNR

The presentation was by Jacob Froyum of the DNR forest division. DNR Forestry keeps Minnesota's forests and trees growing strong. Minnesota's 59 state forests, school trust acres, and other forested lands make up the 4.2 million acres they manage. Our forests need care and management to provide clean water and natural resources for future generations.
With this in mind, we weave sustainability into our forest work—from what trees to plant, to what areas to harvest, to what places to preserve. DNR foresters answer questions about private woods and help you find the right programs to meet your woodland goals. Jacob can help you get a Woodland Stewardship Plan and provide technical help to implement a project in your woods.
The Forestry division can assist with timber sales or connect you with consulting foresters or other professionals for help. To contact Jacob Froyum for his assistance and expertise, stop by the office at 1810 NW 30th St Faribault or by phone 507-497-1350.

Mayor of Sister City- Wurzburg, Germany

On June 15th, Rotarians joined at the Inn at Shattuck-St. Mary's roughly at noon. The meeting started with the virtue reading from Kymn Anderson of Thankfulness and a prayer by Keith Kramer.  
In announcements, Dave Beranek updated the process of the FRYS gambling and charitable giving programs. 
  • All funds must support Faribault youth.
  • Priority funding goes towards existing programs provided by FRYS. 
  • Sometimes funds will not cover all charitable requests at all times. 
Keith Kramer had a membership minute. How to sponsor a new member? To do so, there are links on the club website. There are links to the forms. If you need more help finding the forms, please contact Keith so Keith can direct you to Dr. Murray Hanson. 
Many special guests were in attendance and honored during the fellowship. 
Nort Johnson had a group of delegates from Wurzburg, Germany, one of Faribault's sister cities. At the end of the meeting the mayor presented a uniquely shaped bottle of wine from his city to our club. Rod Mahler shared a story regarding the outstanding hospitality and receiving a similar bottle from a previous Mayor of Wurzburg 65years ago when he was in the army and stationed in Germany. When that mayor visited Faribault 10 years later Rod shared that bottle with him much to his surprise. 
Former Rotarians Andy Bohlen and Troy Dunn were in attendance. They were honored for their service to our community by presenting their "Hometown Heroes" banners in front of the police station. Andy updated us on his new life with his cabin in Canada, and Tory shared his busy golf schedule in Arizona. 
Dr. Dick Huston shared that his beloved wife Nancy received her driver's license today after ten months of medical restriction. Good news for Nancy's progress to wellness and Dick's newspaper reading habits. 

Has anyone seen this bottle since our president accepted it?  Anyone? Anyone?

We had a little fun with the return of retired Police Chief Andy Bohlen and retired Sheriff Troy Dunn. They were both honored with the dedication of the banners sponsored by the Faribault Rotary Club on display downtown in front of the Police Station. They both both might just help us solve the "Case of the missing blanket."

Thank you for your service!

Welcome Brandon!

Brandon gave his classification talk recently.  I asked him seven follow up questions to help summarize his presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome him to our club, please do so.
  1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?” 
My wife Toniette is a Sergeant at the MN Correctional Facility in Faribault.
Our daughter Anika is in 8th grade at the Faribault Middle School.
Our Son Brayden is in 2nd grade at Roosevelt elementary.
  1. Your Hometown/School/College
I grew up in Rochester, MN and attended Mayo High School, although Faribault is now my hometown.  We have lived her for 21 years!
I have an AAS degree in Law Enforcement from Alexandria Technical College and a BS degree from St. Mary’s University.
  1. Your Previous occupations?
I have always worked in law enforcement in some sort for over 21 years!
  1. Any Hobbies?
My hobbies are spending time with my father in our up north home near Siren, WI. I also enjoy sports, my favorite being baseball.I coach my children whenever I can and was an avid athlete until about 38 years old.
  1. Rotary sponsor?
Keith Kramer
  1. Interesting fact about you or your life?
I own and operate BLG woodworking in Faribault.I enjoy making things out of local trees, referred to as urban logging.
  1. Anything else you can think of?         Faribault is our hometown, I am happy to be a part of one of the finest organizations/clubs we have-Rotary!

A Beautiful Ceremony!

It was a joyous ceremony which included the bride and groom singing a duet.  More than a dozen Rotarians were in attendance. 

Our special guests this week will be retired Faribault Police Chief, Andy Bohlen and retired Rice County Sheriff, Troy Dunn. They will honored for their service with the dedication of their banners sponsored by our club on display downtown in front of the Faribault Police station.


Thank You, Brandon!

Brandon Gliem – Faribault PD – Classification Speech
Brandon Gliem shared his classification speech. He shared that he is happy to be an officer in Faribault for now for 21 years. “It is a joy!” He met his wife on the force, they were both brought on in Faribault about the same time! Bike patrol is one of his prides, training in new officers each year for the patrol. He has worked as a criminal investigator for the Faribault. He also has done autopsy training and will assist as a medical examiner coordinator, as needed. In addition, he helped to start the police explorers’ program in 2003. This program continues to grow here in Faribault. Now, a patrol Sergeant, he helps to lead a team of officers in serving the needs of the Faribault community.
He and his wife have two children and dog. They love being a part of the Faribault community and reside in town. He enjoys helping his children in their activities, even coaching. They also love baseball, taking vacations, going to his dad’s cabin, and spending time with their dads is more precious as they both lost their mothers at a younger age. He enjoys woodworking and building, harvesting local trees. Also, he created his own “haunted house” that locals came through this year during Halloween.
The Rotary meeting began on a beautiful day on June 8, with President Todd Sesker calling the meeting to order at 12:13 p.m. We opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, Four-Way Test, and the Virtue of “Detachment” by George, followed by the invocation with Mindy Reeder.
Special announcements included reminders:
  • David Connelly – Heritage Days Parade – June 18
  • Eric Craig – Raffle – keep selling, turn in, need 100 tickets to be assigned.
  • Pastor Greg Ciesluk & Rebekah Freed – Wedding this Saturday, all invited followed by a reception – June 11 – 2 p.m.
  • Dr. Lisa Humfeld-Wilson - Youth Exchange, we have two host families; 3-4 more host families needed (Do not need to have children in order to host)
  • Brenda DeMars - Talking to Rotary outbound exchange; holding garage sales to raise money. (We raised $318 during fellowship with the Happy Money!)Looking for space to use. Let her know if you know of a space. Rotarians donated on the spot to support this family.
  • Introduction of guests. (Several guests/families came today!)
  • Faribault – Hometown Heroes Banners for retired Sheriff Troy Dunn and retired Police Chief Andy Bohlen sponsored by the Faribault Rotary Club. Both will be here to be honored next week.
Murray Hanson coordinated questions during fellowship at each table.  Special updates included: Shout out to Grant Wilson – for selling 120 raffle tickets. Amy – Honor at the Bank, one of the best places to work in MN.
George Wickstrom – shared short invitation to think about the truth!
Superintendent Todd Sesker - Faribault – sending students to State for track! Ready to celebrate his retirement and time with grandchildren.
The honorable Dr. Dick Huston proposes Zak Branham, the Manager of Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union in Faribault for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions, please contact membership chair, Keith Kramer.

Wedding Shower Game

  • George-mentioned the shooting Texas and how messed up the world is
  • Wedding- Greg and Rebecca will be married Saturday June 11th at 4th Avenue United Methodist Church. Everyone is invited. There will be a reception with cake in the church fellowship hall afterwards
  • David Connelly-Thanks everyone who participated in the Memorial Day parade. 
  • Mark Kenney’s son graduated from high school.  Mark sounded a bit surprised but proud!
  • Only 3 people registered for open city council positions for the 3 open positions
  • Dick Huston thanked everyone who made the parade
  • Todd Sesker- announced in partnership with the City of Faribault our school district will be redesigning the parking lot at Jefferson elementary school  
The Greg Ciesluk- Rebecca Freed Fellowship-Wedding Game
  • Murray and Laura asked many entertaining questions about How well the couple knows each other…….
    • From picky eating, driving and speeding to date nights- everything was on the table
  • Both of the newlyweds were in agreement on most things with notable exceptions on who owns the most shoes and who starts most of the arguments
Update from Nort Johnson at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Large grant for 980k was awarded for the downtown investment project
  • Another 200k grant was awarded to continue and grow the relationship with FPS and South-Central College
  • A new position at the chamber will be added with some of that grant money
Presentation from FPS health coordinator Janet Lewis Muth and ESL coordinator, Katie Schulz
  • They received a grant for 27k
  • The grant focuses on kids being seen as assets and not problems
  • How do we improve something?
  • What are we doing well?
  • Specific focus on multi lingual students in our schools being an asset

All tickets must be turned in by 10:30 am tomorrow at Eric's office so that can be included in the drawing!  

Free Netspend Money: 3 Steps To Make $20 When You Sign-Up
The honorable Nort Johnson proposes Jill DeBoef, Operations Manager | Medical Specialty & Surgical Services | Owatonna & Faribault | Mayo Health System, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions, please contact membership chair, Keith Kramer.
The honorable Dr. Dick Huston proposes Emily Nesvold, a retired public school teacher and current Conservationist, for membership in the Faribault Rotary Club.  If you have any questions, please contact membership chair, Keith Kramer.
Earth's Skies Are Violet, We Just See Them As Blue
Earth's sky is purple.  Our eyes just see it as blue.
On a cloudy 25th day of May, Rotarians joined together at the Inn at Shattuck at roughly noon by the calling of order by the bell of Todd Sesker (President). The meeting opened with the Pledge of Alliance, Four-Way Test, and the week's Virtue "Detachment" by Mark Kenney, followed by a prayer also provided by Mark Kenney
In club announcements, 
Dr. Murray Hanson (Historian) shared the "Hometown Heroes" banners of former Rotarians Troy Dunn and Andy Bohlen. Both Dunn and Bohlen expressed their gratitude for being honored in our community. 
David Connelly (Community Service) reminded the club that the upcoming parades are available to attend and volunteer. 
Dick Huston (Public Image) shared that the club participated in Shark Tank and provided $2,750 to other projects from other clubs in the district. River Falls is doing a solar project in Jamaica for a school for girls. Our club gave $1500.00 towards their project. Mankato received $500 for local pollinator gardens. Waseca received $750 toward a fresh produce addition to their local food shelf, stocked with fruits, vegetables, milk, and eggs for public access. 
George Wickstrom directed Fellowship
  • Rod Mahler introduced former Rotary President James Wolf, who was visiting Indiana. A pleasure to see you again, Mr. Wolf
  • Dick Huston thanked all the young kids of Rotarians who came out to help with the Highway clean-up while sharing the action of Rotary at a young age. 
  • Katy Anderegg shared that River Bend Nature Center is selling Raffle tickets right now. They are $10 and support the natural gem of our community.

Carri Ann Pollard

Program: Classification of Mrs. Carri Ann Pollard. Carri Ann's life has always mirrored the values of Rotary and was why she proudly joined this organization to promote equity & diversity, international engagement, and impact. Carri Ann was born in New Hampshire and moved to Faribault at 7. Carri Ann enjoyed theatre throughout her schooling years. Sarah Dickson was a great mentor to Carri Ann and got her involved in her first volunteer program, "SPOT&STOP." In high school, her family got the opportunity to host two exchange students from Brazil and Japan. 
September 11th was a pivotal day for Carri Ann. It was a day of national tragedy, and the day Carri Ann first seek-out faith, and what has shaped her from that day on. That following year, Carri Ann went on her first Christian mission trip. The mission trip was so very impactful. Carri Ann took a year off work to join AmeriCorps, where she met her husband, Brett. Living in New York Mills, MN, Carri Ann started teaching youth dance for the Cultural Center and was the technical choreographer for the local high school. 
After the birth of their 3rd child of 5, Brett and Carri Ann decided to become a one-income household and provide homeschooling for their young kids. For the next ten years, Carrie Ann executed her full-time duties as a mother and foremost educator. Carri Ann and her husband created three family devotional books during this process, with three more coming out soon. 
In 2015 the Pollards moved back to Faribault, found River Valley Church, and were excited to join with their focus on Missionary visions. Although moving back to the area, other changes felt right to make a change. Brett and Carri swapped places, with Brett taking the homeschool position and Carri Ann moving into Reality. 
Building a worldly view and enriching their children with a global perspective is essential for Carri Ann and her husband. They look to continue to provide this enrichment through local community engagement, future international projects, and faith.
Carri Ann serves on the Diversity and Human Trafficking committee for the Faribault Rotary Club. 

Welcome Ron!

Ron gave his classification talk recently.  I asked him six follow up questions to help summarize his presentation for those of us who were present and for our club members who missed the meeting. If you have not had a chance to welcome him to our club, please do so.

1. Your Family members, occupations (including you) or school level?”  

 B. Dweik: Professor of Linguistics (retired)

 H. Dweik: Diabetes Education Coordinator 

 R. Dweik: Enrollment Advisor and Military Admissions 

2. Your Hometown/School/College

 State University New York at Buffalo 

3. Your Previous occupations?


4. Any Hobbies?

 Travel, Food and Outdoors related activities

5. Rotary sponsor?

    Dr. Huston 

6. Interesting fact about you or your life?

        I was born in Jerusalem 

7. Anything else you can think of?         

 I arrived to Minnesota in November 2021.

All Rotarians are invited to be a part of the Fellowship Fun at the June 1st meeting as we honor Greg and Rebecca on their upcoming wedding. They will not be asked to sing or rap but co-host Laura Bock and I are planning an activity for the soon to be newly weds.  You won't want to miss the fun!

All Rotarians plus their guests are invited!

Saturday June 11, 2022 at 2pm at 4th Avenue United Methodist Church.  Reception will follow immediately afterwards in the church fellowship hall.

Charitable Gambling Report

  • Charitable gambling revenue took a step back with total sales of $168K in April compared to $212K in March for a reduction of 20.7%
    • The slowdown was largely driven by weaker demand for paper tabs, totaling $64K in April against $100K one month prior
    • E-tab sales were also down but to a lesser degree at $96K versus $104K, respectively.
    • On the positive side, the gross margin on E-tabs was strong at 19.9% in April compared to 13.9% one month earlier
    • On paper tabs, the gross margin slipped to 18.0% against March’s 20.4%
  • In addition to softer demand in April, the profit-sharing arrangements that are paid in arrears (March’s success paid out in April) resulted in a significant decline in net income for the month, totaling $4K compared to $13K in March.
    • Softer net income in April should be a supportive base for stronger net income in May all else being equal
  • FRYS obtained clearance from the MN Gambling Control Board to sell pull-tabs at the MN Town Ball State Tournament at Bell Field this summer. FRYS will be selling the long Labor Day Weekend of Friday, September 2 through Monday, September 5.
The following expenses were approved:
  • CG Made Easy Administrative Fee = $250
    • Fixed fee every month
  • Inventory = $4,000
    • Paper tab sales slowed in April and Dawn projects weaker demand going forward, so a slight reduction in inventory purchases is anticipated
  • Rotary Gambling Team Compensation = $2,600
  • Bingo Team Compensation = $2,000
    • Bingo is being hosted every Thursday night now, requiring greater compensation
  • Revenue Share with MPeters = $10,000
    • Profit share is 31% of e-tab gaming à Growth in e-tabs have slowed as gamblers turn to paper tabs
  • City of Faribault = $1,500
    • Revenue share with the city is up with stronger sales
  • Revenue Share with Boxers = $6,500
    • Profit-share w/ e-tabs = 15% & paper tabs = 20% à Paper tabs sales were soft in April for what could be a harbinger of slower months to come
  • Misc. Cost = $3,000
    • FRYS is hiring Reece, Winter payroll processing is ~$1k a month
  • Total Expenses = $29,850
    • On a motion by Rod Muller with a second by Kurt Halverson, the FRYS membership approved the expenses for June
The charitable giving committee has recommended the following gits for membership to vote on at today’s meeting:
1: United Way of Rice County “Dolly Parton Imagination Library” $2,500 – Program provides free books each month to children birth to age 5. A total of 375 children in Faribault benefit and they are seeking funds to increase to 425. Funds are to be allocated to Faribault youth only.
2: Somali Community Resettlement Services “Summer Soccer League for Somali Youth in Faribault” $5,080 – Program provides opportunity for Somali youth to be engaged in a youth soccer program specific for Somali youth and to compete in a league against similar teams.
3:  Faribault Soccer Club “ASL Interpreters” $4,000 – Request is to fund ASL interpreting services for two teams. There are 2 youth/families who require ASL interpreters. Having interpreters available will allow the Club to be more inclusive of the deaf/hard of hearing community.
Total Approvals = $11,580
  • On a motion by Dick Huston with a second by Rebecca Freed, the FRYS membership approved the charitable gifts.
On a sunny 18th day of May, Rotarians joined together at the Inn at Shattuck at roughly noon. The meeting opened the week's Virtue Hope and read by Kent Weaverling followed by a prayer by Pastor Greg Ciesluk.
 Club announcements, 
Eric Craig (Treasurer) has your cash raffle ticket if you haven't received them yet. 
David Connelly (Community Service) reminded the club that the upcoming parades are available to attend and volunteer.
Dick Huston shared that the club will be participating in Shark Tank and look to provide $4,000 to other projects from other clubs in the district.
Chad Koepke provided the gambling revenue for the month of April.
Natalie Ginter updated the club on charitable giving supplied to the community from gambling revenue. For more charitable giving Click here.
George Wickstrom directed Fellowship
  • Jamie Bente shared that at the Faribault scholarship event, they will be giving away $200,000 in scholarships to Faribault students. 
  • Kurt Halverson thanked South Central College for his award as an honored Alumni this past week. 
  • Peter van Sluis shared that he has filed for re-election to the city council.

Thank You, Nicholas!

Classification of Mr. Nicholas Sonpon. Nicholas was born and raised in Liberia and was greatly dedicated to his mother and father regarding his upbringing. Nicholas came to the states in 2013; he and his wife are happy parents of 5 kids.

Nicholas's biggest passion is the Rural Evangelism Mission which aims to fund and action in communities. Rural Evangelism Mission is dedicated to bringing the ability for young Liberia girls the option of education over the purchase into marriage at a young age.

For $60 a year, you can fund a young child's education through Nicholas's mission project. 

Following the Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary’s Four-Way Test, George Wickström read a selected virtue. Mark Kenney gave the invocation.
Donn Johnson reported on the Faribault High School scholarship program. Rotary increased its donation this year, allowing for twice as many students to receive scholarships than in the past. Johnson is retiring from his position and asked for a volunteer to lead the program, which includes organizing concerts twice annually. He even offered to help his successor as they get acclimated. “We need to support these kids,” he said. “These kids in the arts need what we can do for them.”
George Wickstrom had lunch with a TCPT employee in the past week, and discovered he, too, is a Rotarian. The conversation got Wickstrom to consider how often we as a club promotes The Four-Way Test.
Laura Bock reminded Rotarians that the Rotary Camp clean-up was planned for the following day.
Keith Kramer received an email saying that Faribault youth soccer is looking for coaches for children K-5. No experience necessary.
Lisa Humfeld-Wilson announced that one of two incoming exchange students has been identified. He is a 17-year-old male from Thailand who enjoys basketball.
Natalie Ginter read a note from Zach Pruitt thanking the club for the $10,000 donation to the Little Falcons program.
• Tickets for the cash raffle are still available and can be obtained from Eric Craig at JOD Limited (2209 Bard Ave. NW).


Your Digital Well Being

Todd Sesker introduced Maree Hampton, director of health promotion and strategy at LiveMore ScreenLess, a non-profit dedicated to digital wellness. The organization was born after the Minnesota Legislature passed the first in the nation law supporting digital wellness.
LiveMore’s Amy Webster has worked with FHS English instructor Isaac Heins to launch a student group at the school that understands and practices digital wellness. Six of the ten students Heins recruited spoke about the negative and positive impacts of screens and social media on teens, and why people of all ages need to be involved in the group’s mission.
Some use of technology is avoidable, the students reported, saying that a great deal of classwork includes screen time and that teachers use technology to post lessons and assignments.
Students, who have met twice weekly for the last three months, are becoming leaders at FHS, said Heins, who added that they’re “moving out of the phase of learning and getting into action.”
The group, he said, will design a project for FHS “to make our school a better place to be and a better place to learn.”
Learn more about the organization at livemorescreenless.org.
It is time for the annual spring clean up at the Rotary Camp. This Thursday we need a crew of Rotarians to help clean in and around the building and help put in the dock. The sign up sheet will be passed around again at the meeting tomorrow or you may email Dave Beranek directly at   davidberanek@charter.net 

Each One, Bring One initiative

Shekhar Mehta

Shekhar Mehta

President 2021-22

May 2022

Due to your positive response to the Each One, Bring One initiative, I am so happy to see that the membership trends in Rotary are looking up. Let us not lose this momentum — keep inviting new members, and also work hard to retain every member we attract. I look forward to seeing you next month in Houston at the 2022 Rotary International Convention, which I assure you will be a great event.

Also in Houston this June, we will be hosting my final presidential conference. We have devoted this year to conferences built around Rotary’s areas of focus. They have been a tremendous success, both in terms of attendance and in the ideas that were generated.

Last fall, our conference in the Philippines, which focused on protecting the environment and growing local economies, attracted 2,200 people online. In Brazil, our meeting centered around water, sanitation, and hygiene and how it relates to disease prevention and treatment; more than 600 people attended. That was followed by an event about the environment, economy, and peace in Maputo, Mozambique, which attracted around 400 in-person attendees and another 700 virtually. Our conference about keeping the economy and environment in harmony, held in Venice, Italy, had more than 600 in attendance.

Through these conferences and my world travels, numerous leaders have met with me and agreed to collaborate with Rotary. They include the prime minister of Mauritius, the president of Seychelles, the deputy prime minister of Bahrain, and the presidents of Albania and Kosovo. Clearly, Rotary is making an impact, and the world is eager for our leadership.

In Houston, the final presidential conference, Serve to Bring Peace, will focus on an area in which Rotary has long provided leadership. Everything we do in Rotary helps create the conditions that foster peace in communities, nations, and ourselves.

In March, I was able to see firsthand the tremendous difference Rotary is making in Ukraine, as refugees continue to pour into Poland. Donors have contributed millions of dollars to this effort; our projects are making a tremendous difference, and there is enormous gratitude for your continued generosity and support.

It is heartbreaking to see up close all the lives that have been uprooted, and the Ukrainian people are not alone. A devastating civil war in Yemen continues. The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is deepening. Armed conflicts affect nations across Africa, including Libya, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, northern Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Cameroon. And major refugee crises continue in Syria and Venezuela.

Rotary will always be on the side of the peaceful resolution of conflict and providing aid and comfort to people in need. Rotary was there at the end of World War II, promoting the creation of the United Nations and standing up for the cause of peacebuilding worldwide. It is time to renew our mission and perform our role as one of the world’s great promoters of peace.

There is no better way to Serve to Change Lives than to serve the cause of peace.

The start of the Cash Raffle 2022 was last Wednesday (May 4th) with the distribution of tickets to club members. Please sell your book of 10 tickets and consider asking Eric for another 10 or more to sell.
The proceeds from this fundraiser help to financially support the STRIVE and music scholarships and other youth programs sponsored by our club.  Last year we sold all 900 tickets and with a solid concentrated effort.  This year with our increased membership the goal will be to sell 1000 tickets at $20 each.  There will be $5000  awarded in the prize drawings at our club meeting on June 29th. 
Thank you to all club members for continuing the Faribault Rotary Club's mission to serve, promote and encourage the youth in our community.

Thank you, Laura!

Led by Laura Bock,  all Rotarians were provided updates about the committees and club service opportunities
  • Service Opportunities
    • Rotary Board meets once a month
  • Youth Investment-Chad
    • Spoke about Faribault Rotary Youth Investment
    • Looking for additional members
  • Membership-Keith
    • New members have to take attendance, complete classification speech and join a committee to receive their permanent badge
    • Warm our Community update
      • Run short every year on items
      • Hope to have a larger supply of clothes and footwear
      • Possible to include non-school age children if funding in them
  • Public Relations-Dr. Huston 
    • Wear your rotary pin, display your flag (flag is cool)
    • Suzanne Rook is doing a large article in FDN
  • Cindy
    • Helps organize the different assignments of members for weekly meetings
    • Greeter/Attendance, Fellowship, Sergeant at Arms
  • Rotary foundation-Brent
    • Looking for assistance, donations are down from expectations
  • Community Projects
    • Asked about selling food to an event at Central Park-group said no as we need more notice
  • Youth Exchange-Lisa
    • Has worked in this role for about 10 years
    • Looks for host families for in bound and assists outbound students
  • Strive-Greg
    • Works with students in FPS for college applications/scholarships and assists students with job placements
  • Webmaster-Dr. Hanson
    • Updates website, adds notes from meetings (like these)
    • Make sure to use the ClubRunner App on your smart phone, a great tool for members
  • Programs-Cindy
    • Sets up classification speeches and programs for weekly meetings
  • Diversity Committee-Dr. Huston 
    • Setting up community garden
    • Cambodia project
    • EID
  • Youth Protection-David
    • Completes background checks for youth related activities
    • Human Trafficking-Erika Human Trafficking presentation was last week
Dr. Hanson led everyone in President Sesker’s absence
Patriotic Song & Pledge of Allegiance!
Cash Raffle Tickets were handed out. We plan to sell all 1000 tickets with the drawing on June 29th
  • Reminder that if you don’t sell your tickets, they need to be returned!
  • Jessica is happy because she is just wrapping up her college finals!
  • Brent talked about FHS fast pitch winning their first game!
  • Lisa provided info about an online get together that sells items to prevent sex trafficking
  • Greg sold his house, Cindy helped him
  • Brenda’s grandson had a procedure at Children’s, giving her our best wishes
Rotary Camp Cleanup is next week on May 12 from 6p-8p

Human Trafficking

Speakers -Erika Staab, Carri Ann Pollard and Suzanne Fox
Human Trafficking Presentation
Four main types of trafficking
  • Pimp controlled, Gang Controlled, Familial Trafficking (most common in Rice County), Buyer perpetuated
Risk Factors
  • 80% of kids were kicked out of their homes because of sexual identity issues
  • Immigration status, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, substance abuse are also all factors
Audience watched 3-minute video from survivors
Local story about a girl named “Ella”
  • Homeless and received housing assistance at Ruth’s house
  • Was in relationship with older guy
  • Male was super controlling and started to pimp her out to his friends
Incarceration and Criminal Statutes for Traffickers
  • Brandon Gliem discussed the criminal statutes for traffickers and the need for State law enforcement resources to address the problem
Never Look away from People's pain.

Types of Trafficking


Rotarians Juanita Picazo, Carri Pollard and Dick Huston were joined by 3 members of the Rise Room to distribute treats to the children at Eid this morning.  We handed out 350 candy bars, 75 cotton candy and 60 bowls of popcorn.  It was great fun and so very, very much appreciated by the Muslim community.
Virtue Reading
  • Cheerfulness
  • Self-reflection time
Special Guests
  • Gordy Kosfeld from KDHL radio
    • Honored by Dr. Huston for service to the Faribault community
  • Greg Spit (spelling?)
Cash Raffle
  • Delay in printing for cash raffle tickets, should be available next week
Youth Exchange
  • Looking for a host family for 3-4 months for German exchange student
  • Jessica’s offer for a house was accepted!
  • Kurt spoke about haunted houses………
Community Events
  • Veterans memorial dedication Saturday May 7th at the court house memorial
  • The 17th annual international festival will be held in Central Park in July
    • Get there early so you don’t miss anything
  • CLUE will be at the Paradise theater this weekend….
  • Community Garden has been plowed by Dr. Huston and is being prepared in its new location just north of the waterpark at Alexander Park

Congratulations Gordy!

Rotarian Dr. Dick Huston (left) used his $1000 Paul Harris donation to the International Rotary Foundation to honor Gordy Kosfeld for his contributions to the community.
Rotary responds: support for Ukraine

The Rotary Foundation and Rotary clubs around the world have hurried to provide funds, supplies, and services to Ukrainians displaced by the war.

Rotary Projects Around the Globe July 2022

Learn how Rotary clubs are taking action in Canada, Colombia, England, Northern Mariana Islands, and Uganda.

2022-23 President Jennifer Jones is eager to advance Rotary’s narrative

Jennifer Jones, Rotary International’s first female president, is the perfect leader to spread the word about the good Rotary does in the world, and inspire its members to keep going.

First woman takes office as president of Rotary International

First woman takes office as president of Rotary InternationalEVANSTON, Ill. (June 29, 2022) – Jennifer Jones, member of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada, will be the first woman to take office as

Rotary awards its highest recognition to HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

Rotary awards its highest recognition to HRH Prince Charles, Prince of WalesKIGALI, Rwanda (June 24, 2022) – Celebrate Community, a joint initiative of the four major volunteer service organizations, will launch this year

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