Boulder County Fire Support

Community Services Chairman Paul Bauer is going to set up a meeting with the committee next week.  Paul has a personal connection with the area and believes our club should be able to work directly with an area Rotary Club.  Once the Committee has a plan in place he will let the club know how University Hills Rotary will help our neighbors in Boulder County. If you would like to make a direct donation to help with this effort you can:
1.  Pay direct to Bud with check, cash or credit card at an upcoming meeting.
2.  Send a check to Bud - Make check payable to Rotary Club of University Hills
13804 E Bellewood Dr, Aurora CO  80015
3.  Make a payment to Pay Pal - click this link 
Thank you
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50th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday October 3rd 2021 The Rotary Club of University Hills celebrated its 50th Anniversary of its founding in October of 1971.   
Past President Larry Bell and Current President David Wood were Masters of Ceremony. 
Jay Carpender gave the invocation he sited Our current Rotary International President, Shekhar Mehta, who recently wrote “ Service is the rent I pay for the space I occupy on Earth.”  “Service is the rent we pay for space we occupy on Earth.” “Service Above Self” is Rotary’s motto.  See below for the full invocation.  Larry Bell and David Wood thanked special guest that included District Governor Elect Bushi Anikpenzie, Past President David Dennis and many of our current and former Hobson Scholars.  Ricardo Cardenas and Carol Gardner spoke of the impact two of the clubs projects had on the communities we supported.  Rich Sattizahn called out many members to speak to why and when they became Rotarians.  Phil Beaver gave humorous presentation that said why each of the Rotarians in attendance actually joined Rotary.   
Special thank you to Rich Sattizahn who chaired the committee that put together a very special night.  Other committee members included Martha Diss Sunby, Barbara Hale, Dortha Cicchinelli, Larry Bell, Guss Achey, Patrick Plank, Bud Laber, Jim MacDermott, David Henninger and Dan Astle. 
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Club Meeting July 9 2021


University Hills Rotary July 9th

First Meeting of the New Year
  • New President Dave Wood
  • 2021-2022 Theme - Serve To Change Lives
  • New Board See Below
  • Dave's said his priority this year is membership.
    • Everyone of us is on the membership committee
    • Larry Bell spoke about how Barney Smith pushed him regularly to join our club.  
  • Golf Event after the June 23rd meeting - cost is $92 - Please e.mail or call Cliff by tomorrow if you wish to attend.
  • Please RSVP Rich and pay $50 per person for the October 3 club 50th Anniversary party
  • Martha let the club know Mike Hitchcock is home on the mend from his recent surgery
Sargent at Arms
Phil started the year with a joke about killing his dog.  "I named my dog "Five Miles", so I can tell people I walk five miles every day.  Last week I ran over "Five Miles".  This might be a long year.
  • Fred Cron showed a picture of a huge fish his son caught.
  • Rich Sattizahn is a volunteer at the All-star games 5K run on Saturday.  Dan Astle is running at the race and said if reports get out that runners all got lost we will know who is likely to blame.
  • Bob Morrison noted, while on bike ride "Ride-the-Rockies" with his daughter, his daughter realized through signage all the great things Rotary does
Speaker Author Monique Hammond - Talked about the lessons she learned after experiencing sudden hearing loss.
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Day of Service at Cherry Creek 2021-05-11 06:00:00Z 0

Covid Grants

Last May University Hill' Rotary Club had to cancel it's annual Zoo Day trip due to covid.   The club had received a district grant to help fund the trip.  The district requested that the club keep the funds and put it towards helping organizations curtail the effects and cost of covid.  Our community service committee chose to help three organizations.  The Connections Program for High-Risk Infants and Families - The funds from this grant provided 5 tablet devices with screen protectors to NICU nurses for the purpose of connecting families who cannot come to bedside with their babies. Annunciation School Lunch Table Plexiglass Separators - these funds provide barriers to help protect the students from covid while they eat in the lunch room.  Last University Hill's provided funds to Colorado Young Leaders to help obtain Zoom licenses so they continue there programs remotely.  
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El Salvador Barra Salada School Library Ricardo Cardenas 2021-02-21 07:00:00Z 0

Vocation Month

As the President of The Rotary Club of University Hills vast powers and privileges have bestowed upon me.  One such power is to make declarations. 
So, I do declare February is Vocation Month.  
All kidding aside I thought this would be a good month to celebrate our vocations and avocations.  When we all met at the Madden we wore badges that showed our professional designation.  We have missed that since going virtual.  So in February please list your profession next to your name on Zoom.  If you don't know how to do this please ask at the start of next meeting and a fellow Zoomer will help you.
Please register your business on the Districts business directory:  it only cost a dollar (it says $25 but there with coupon code Promo2020 on the payment page you will get $24 off.).  At the February 5th meeting I said I would do this, but I am afraid it is something each member must do themselves.  Please keep this directory in mind when looking for services and businesses.  Finally please e-mail me your business card or contact information. Each meeting I will give a shout out to hand-full members and their professions.
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Project Cure Container Ricardo Cardenas 2021-01-04 07:00:00Z 0
21-22 Board Nominees 2020-12-23 07:00:00Z 0
Uhills Rotary Helps Annuciation School Marv Hersh 2020-12-17 07:00:00Z 0

El Salvador School Library Completed

In 2020  Rotary Club of University Hills sponsored the development of a school library at the Bara Salada School in Santa Tecla, El Salvador.  The project was co-sponsored with the Santa Tecla Rotary Club.  The new library includes new books, new shelves for the books, air conditioning, electrical fixtures, new fan and celling.  The space is now a fun place to encourage learning.  The Principal's office was also updated with fresh paint, new ceiling and book shelf.  
El Salvador School Library Completed Ricardo Cardenas 2020-12-10 07:00:00Z 0

Letter From Cliff Dochterman

On Wednesday Nov.11 Cliff Dochterman responded to Rich Sattizahn's letter to Cliff to save-the-date for our 50th Anniversary party. 
Good morning, Rich,
What a pleasant greeting it was to receive your e-mail this morning.  It seems almost impossible that nearly 50 years have passed since we chartered University Hills Rotary.
I recall quite well moving to Denver in 1970. Our office (Education Commission of the States) was located in the Lincoln Building around the corner from the Brown Palace Hotel.  I came from Berkeley  where I had been President of Berkeley Rotary and District Governor of Rotary District 5160.   Peter Bowes was President of Denver Rotary and I occasionally attended the big Denver Rotary Club. (I'm sure that I would sit in someone' s seat where he had sat for the past 25 years.)  Peter asked me to speak to a meeting of a group of fellows who were trying to organize another Rotary Club in the Southeast section of Denver.  The Denver Club leaders had always insisted that there should be only one Rotary Club in Denver.  So, it was not an easy thing to consider that a second club could be organized, or even considered.
After I spoke to the provisional group, they asked if I would be a member and president of the new club and help them get started, since I  lived in that part of Denver.   I said, " I have no intention to join a rinky-dink Rotary Club. However, If you want to be the best Rotary Club in the world, I'll be your President and tell you how to do it.  First, you must get approval of the Denver Club, and they had turned down the idea of a second club many times. To get Denver's approval, I suggested we make three commitments:
1. That you  not  use the name of Denver in the Club's name.  (That's why we used the name of University Hills Post Office station to identify that section of the city,)
2. That no members of the Denver Club would be asked to join the new Club nor take any members away from the Denver Club.
3. That the members would all live in the Southeast section of Denver.
Then I called some friends at the Rotary Office in Evanston and urged them to approve the new Club right away, since there had been a desire by Rotary International for many years  to have a second club in the Denver community.
We had a huge Charter Night celebration and gave the Denver Club all the praise for starting the new Club.
Then we started to get everyone involved in some club activities. Nearly all the members attended the District Conference, and worked on Youth Exchange, international projects and community activities.  Everybody had a useful job in the club.
Several years later I was having lunch with Karl LeMasters, the staff member in charge of club activities on the Rotary International staff
and I asked, "If you could pick one or two of the best Rotary Clubs in the world, who would top your list?"  Karl's answer was, "I think I'd pick University Hills out in the Denver area."  Karl had forgotten that I had been a former member Of University Hills.  But, that was the kind of reputation the Club had.
I can assure you that I would enjoy attending a 50th anniversary, but that is out of the question for a 95 year old guy, who doesn't get out much anymore.
warmest regards,
Cliff Dochterman
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Service Day at Metro Caring

Friday November the 13th Rich Sattizahn, Martha Diss Sundby, Georgia and Mel Grusing, Patrick Plank, Mike Hitchcock, David Wood, Egbert Maben, Bill Curnow and Danchen and Dan Astle volunteered at Metro Caring Provisioning Center.  The eleven Rotarians repackaged 1,880 lbs of dry foods.  Enough for 1,200 families to get some of the food we processed.  Team Curnow and Mabens lead the way by repackaging 800 pounds of beans.  This is a projected that the Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Club is heading up through the Covid crisis.  They need 80 volunteers a week.  If you would like to work a shift or know of somebody may be a high school student that is required to do service hours you can click on this link to sign-up
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Notes from 12-04 Meeting

Notes from December 4th meeting-
After 18 minutes of Zoom banter among 20+ members, President Dan called for the meeting to commence by asking David Wood to mute all in attendance.
There was a slight delay, and David’s voice, slightly altered, came on-line apologizing for his delayed response as he had just been through a life altering situation with one of his clients.  David said that during a call there was a circumstance where there was an unusual silence, and this pause created concern, and it was evident that the caller was having a life-threatening issue.  After some telephone calls and activity by others, it was determined that David’s client was lucky to be talking to David, and that with the help of others he was alright.
Joe McCaffrey provided a thought provoking inspirational calling for a return to calm from the wild period of race issues, national elections, and general unrest.  Twenty-six members and guest participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.
President Dan proceeded to announcements:
  • Our club meeting will be held on Zoom for a longer time than initially anticipated.  An Excel slide was shown providing information that potentially 76% of citizens over the age of 70 were the most susceptible to the gravest effects of COVID. 
  • Bud Laber gave a shout out to Bill Curnow on his clothing drive success for Step-Denver.  Bill noted that the collection weighed between 300 to 400 pounds of fine clothing, and that the recipients were very thankful.
  • Jim MacDermott credited the members of the club for their efforts in raising over $2600.00 for this year’s Giving Tree Program.
  • Martha Diss Sundby thanked club members for their foundation giving and suggested that there is never enough charitable giving by the members.
Revisiting the Vocational Talk portion of the Rotary Program, President Dan call on Xenia Matteson to the central panel to make her presentation.
Xenia’s story begins in Arizona where her father was in the Aviation Industry.  She and her sister grew up in Scottsdale, and eventually she graduated from nearby Arizona State University with a degree in communications from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.  Knowing that key positions in communications existed in New York or Los Angeles she opted for Denver to become the self-directed person she decided herself to be learning along the way in grade school and high school by doing odd jobs, like  baby-sitting, car washing and all-around errand person. Seeing the gratification of others in the real estate world, she dedicated herself to becoming a Realtor, where after 18 years she feels accomplishment and satisfaction, both personally and for her clients.  She enjoys riding her bike and skiing.  After Covid, she hopes to visit Spain, and participate in the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI).
Bill Curnow, Sergeant-at-Arms, So, broken pencils are pointless, and those who do not save (properly) often are less than accurate.
Bill did admit that during his truancy, he learned to scuba dive—making his first solo dive on his 70th birthday in Kauai. (Puhi!)
Martha noted that there were many members of our club not on our Zoom calls, and that we all should make note of those missing and individually reach out to them.
Bill switched gears from Sergeant-at-Arms to providing the introduction for today’s program speaker.
Ron Green, is an educator, and a great friend of Bill’s who also is married to Bill’s and Kathy’s daughter.  So, yes, that make Ron Bill’s son-in-law.
on provided a power point presentation that gave background into his topic, a program which provides a great leverage to educators to help in youth education.
Ron noted that the “launchpad” of the Epic Ethics Program was from discussion following the shootings in SandyHook Elementary School in Newtown,m Connecticut.  The ultimate question posed was “what could Rotarians do?”
Click here for more : An Ethics Based Literacy Program
Thought for the day: Nelson Mandela:  “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”
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Botanical Garden 10-15-20

On Thursday October 15th a Group of twelve from University Hills Rotary toured the Denver Botanical Garden.  An event planned by our Fellowship Chair Xenia Matteson.
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RIP Holger Virtual Luncheon & Polio Fundraiser


                        LIVE FROM GERMANY!

Guest Speaker: Rachel Lonsdale, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
                         Polio Program Advocacy & Communications

Sunday, November 1st via Zoom
Noon to 1:00 pm – Mountain Standard Time
$28 per person - $25 will be donated to End Polio
Registration closes at noon Saturday, Oct. 31

REGISTER NOW! (Denver Rotary Club members register with your club)

Each $25 donation will be matched 2:1 by the Gates Foundation - helping to vaccinate 125 children per registration! Both you and your club will earn donation credit.

Additional polio donations beyond the $25 are encouraged! Donate online at
Make checks to The Rotary Foundation - mail to District 5450, 5103 Dvorak Circle, Frederick CO 80504

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Making a Difference: Colorado Wildfire Relief Dan Astle 2020-09-28 06:00:00Z 0

Shelter Box 14er's

Brittney Woodrum, Shelter Box Ambassador, climbed all 58 Colorado 14'ers this summer with a Shelter Box strapped to her back.  University Hills Rotary through direct contributions from our members sponsored Brittney's climb to the summit of Mt. Sneffels in Ouray County.  To learn more about Brittney's project go to
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Shelter Box: The 14er Project

The Rotary Club of Rotary Hills sponsors Mt. Sneffels in the district's 5450's Shelter Box 14er Project.  Paul Bauer spearheaded the effort to raise $1,400 from club members to sponsor one of Colorado's 14ers.  Paul picked this mountain saying; "It has always been my favorite mountain range since I first contracted hay fever."  

Shelter Box: The Fourteeners Project

Shelter Box: Fourteeners Project
This summer, Britt Woodrum, a Rotary Peace Fellow candidate, will climb all 58 of Colorado’s ‘Fourteeners’ to raise money for the disaster relief organization, ShelterBox--with the organization's iconic aid box on her back! 
ShelterBox is currently playing a key role in the international COVID-19 response, providing immediate shelter and basic supplies to those facing natural or man-made disasters that have left them homeless. Britt's goal is to raise $1,400 per mountain, adding up to over $82,000 for this organization's incredible mission. To learn more, feel free to visit the project's website: or email Britt directly at:  
You can fallow Britt's blog at:
Happy Climbing and Good Luck, Britt!   
Shelter Box: The 14er Project Paul Bauer 2020-07-28 06:00:00Z 0

Rotary International

Binish Desai began working on an eco-friendly brick made out of recycling and waste, when he was 11. The former Rotary Youth Exchange student, inventor, and entrepreneur credits Rotary with giving him the support to pursue his dreams. Now he’s giving back through a new Rotary club.

by photography by 

Every hero has an origin story. “I was 10 years old when the entire journey started,” explains Binish Desai. It began with a cartoon called Captain Planet, an animated TV series from the 1990s about an environmentalist with superpowers. Desai can still recite the show’s refrain: Captain Planet, he’s our hero / Gonna take pollution down to zero! “That tagline stuck in my mind,” he says. “I wanted to do something to help Captain Planet.”  Click here for full story

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District 5450

District 5450 Virtual Conference is Coming Up

Saturday, Aug. 29 via Zoom
9:00 - 11:45 am | 1:00 - 3:00 pm
$22 per person - $20 will be donated to End Polio

Each $20 donation will be matched 2:1 by the Gates Foundation - helping to vaccinate 100 children per registration! Both you and your club will earn donation credit. Click Here for Agenda

8:30-9:00 am - Selection of Rotary Videos (Great for Newer Rotarians)
Morning Session: 9:00 - 11:45 am
- Opening & District Governor Awards
George Walther - communicating superbly
Jake Norton - official photographer & award-winning filmmaker on 8 Everest expeditions
- District Initiatives in Response to Covid-19
     - Rotary Connects: Mental Health Initiative
     - Rotary & Metro Caring Project: Feeding the Hungry during the Pandemic
- Celebration of Life Video honoring past Members

12:30-1:00 pm - Selection of Rotary Videos (Great for Newer Rotarians)
Afternoon Session: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Johrita Solari - Rotary International Vice President & Director
Jeff Radigan - NASA Flight Director: Developments in Human Spaceflight
Mendhi Audlin - Leadership: Activating Your Team's Superpowers
Erik Weihenmayer - the first person without sight to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. His books are available for purchase as part of the registration process.

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Current Status 2020-03-19 06:00:00Z 0

Project Cure to Honduras



How two U.S. Clubs and two Honduran Clubs, together with Project C.U.R.E., collaborated to provide assistance to two struggling Honduran hospitals

By Joyce Hersh
In a complex international service project, two U.S. Rotary Clubs have completed a one-of-a-kind, joint effort involving two Honduran Rotary Clubs and Project C.U.R.E, an internationally known humanitarian organization headquartered in Centennial, Colo.  The plan:  to ship life-saving medical equipment and supplies to two government-operated hospitals in Honduras, one in La Paz and the other in the city of Comayagua.  What is unique is how the story behind this effort evolved and was made possible by the generosity, cooperation and hard work of the four Rotary Clubs and Project C.U.R.E.  -  Click Here for video of the project.
Project Cure to Honduras Joyce Hersh 2020-02-01 07:00:00Z 0
University Hills Rotary Supply & Clothing Drive--January 17, 2020 2019-12-20 07:00:00Z 0

Copy of September 20 Club Meeting

The Rotary Club of University Hills (Denver)
September 20, 2019
President Dick Castleman opened up the meeting at 12:28 PM
Inspiration and Flag Salute By Rich Sattizahn
“As long as you feel pain, you’re still alive.  As long as you make mistakes, you’re still human.  And as long as you keep trying, there’s still hope.”  [Attributed to Susan Gale]
Visiting Rotarian: Tracey Ippolite, NorthxNorthEast Rotary Austin
RYLA: Bill Mufieh, Madison Mufieh.
Denver University Rotaract (Paul Bauer and Mel Grusing):  Denver University Sophomore Caitlyn Olson (Current Rotaract Club President), Caden Coniff
Friends of Bill Curnow: Cathy Curnow, Paris Curnow Green, Vann Curnow Green
The Rotary Club of University Hills (Denver)
September 20, 2019
President Dick Castleman opened up the meeting at 12:28 PM
Inspiration and Flag Salute By Rich Sattizahn
“As long as you feel pain, you’re still alive.  As long as you make mistakes, you’re still human.  And as long as you keep trying, there’s still hope.”  [Attributed to Susan Gale]
Visiting Rotarian: Tracey Ippolite, NorthxNorthEast Rotary Austin
RYLA: Bill Mufieh, Madison Mufieh.
Denver University Rotaract (Paul Bauer and Mel Grusing):  Denver University Sophomore Caitlyn Olson (Current Rotaract Club President), Caden Coniff
Friends of Bill Curnow: Cathy Curnow, Paris Curnow Green, Vann Curnow Green
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September 13 Club Meeting

Posted by Paul Bauer
University Hills Rotary Meeting - September 13, 2019
President Dick Castleman opened the meeting.
Mel Grusing volunteered to give the inspiration.  He chose to remind us of the Four Way Test and encouraged us to use it in our lives.  Then Mel lead us in the Pledge.
September 13 Club Meeting  Paul Bauer 2019-09-14 06:00:00Z 0
Pay Your Quarterly Dues or Make A Donation Dan Astle 2019-08-17 06:00:00Z 0

Summary of Club Activities 2018-19

Rotary Club of University Hills-Community Service 2018/2019
Clothing Drives
Club Rotarians donated cash, clothing, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene items twice a year, to Senior Support Services and Sacred Heart House. Directed by club Rotarian William Collier, and delivery of items added 8 hours of volunteer time.
Summary of Club Activities 2018-19 2019-07-14 06:00:00Z 0

Club Meeting August 10, 2018

August 10, 2018

President Andrew Dodgen opened up the meeting. 
Thank you to Phil Krug for greeting us today.
Thank you to Steve Whisenhunt for inspiring us today and leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Our club has a very long heritage of nonsectarian invocations.  My invocation is from a long-forgotten Rotary prayer page.
"Creator and sustainer of all that is or ever will be, accept our thanks for this day and all its blessings.  We ask that you guide and direct our Club, its leaders and our actions.  Grant that each of us may feel our responsibility to Rotary, to our community, to our country and indeed to all countries and peoples.  Bless our fellowship today and bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies, in your service.  Amen."
Hunter Ferry, Rotary Scholar at CSU.  Jacob Chakowski, Rotary Scholar at Mines and Hunter's friend, Peter Decherman.
Assistant District Governor Ken Hope.
Paul Bauer shared some mighty fine jokes to get us started:
When I went in to see my doctor earlier this week for an annual check up, I thought I was feeling really good.  After doing the usual poking and prodding, the doc left the room and came back with several vials of pills.  “Here,” he said, “Take the green pill with two big glasses of water when you get up in the morning. An hour later, take the white pill with another glass of water. Take the blue pill with a big glass of water after lunch. Mid afternoon, take the orange pill with plenty of water, and repeat that at dinner. Then, just before going to bed, take the red pill with several big glasses of water.”  I was stunned.  “My god, doc,” I said, “what on earth is wrong with me?”  “Relax.” he said “You’re just dehydrated.”
Did you hear the watermelon joke?  Probably just as well… It's pitiful.
My friend Gene invited me over last Sunday to watch baseball, and before the game started, he served lunch.  I noticed the plate my hamburger was on had what appeared to be a film-like covering.  Despite my better intentions, I wasn’t very subtle.  “Gene, are these plates clean?”  I blurted out.  Glancing at the dishwasher, he said “They’re as clean as Dawn can get them.”  I felt somewhat reassured until I noticed my salad bowl had little black specks all around the edge.  Again subtlety failed me.  “Gene, are you sure these bowls are clean?” “Just as clean as Dawn can get them.”  So we finished lunch and settled in to watch the game.  Now I was beginning to feel a little queasy, and I normally have trouble sitting still for baseball anyway, so I excused myself and headed for the door.  Gene’s big German shepherd was lying in front of the door, and as I approached, he stared up at me and started growling.  “Gene,” I said, “Your dog won’t let me out.”  Without looking up from the TV, Gene called out: “Hey, Dawn! Come here, girl.”
Why is the letter T like an island?  Because it’s always in the middle of water!
Jim was telling me that last week one night his grandson stayed overnight with him.  Since the boy was really keyed up, excited for the sleepover at Granpa’s, it took a while to get him settled, but Jim finally took him upstairs, tucked him in, turned out the light, and returned to reading his book in the family room.   Shortly after the quiet was shattered with “Granpa! Can you get me a glass of water?” Jim replied, “No, just go to sleep.”  A minute later, his grandson called again, “Granpa! I’m really thirsty.  Can you get me a glass of water?” Starting to get a little exasperated, Jim responded, “No. I told you to go to sleep. And if I hear one more peep out of you, I may have to come up there and spank you.”  The deafening silence lasted less than thirty seconds. “Granpa! When you come up to spank me, can you bring me a glass or water?”
Jeff Stottler just got back from two weeks in Ireland.
Phil Krug went on a family trip and reunion to Indiana and Ohio.
Martha Diss Sundby, Jim MacDermott, Gus Achey and Bud Laber handed out back packs for the Southwest Improvement Council, one of the community groups our club supports.
Chris Weir was out playing golf when he realized his twins were turning six: wow! Time flies.  He was also at the Real Estate Impact Breakfast put on by the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce.
Gus Achey thanked everyone for helping with the Southwest Improvement Council back to school event.
Ken Hope was looking forward to attending the City of Centennial Celebration Under the Stars, hosted by his Rotary Club.
David McKinley said his kids were headed off to Honolulu.
Mike Hitchcock mentioned that our own Rocky Rauchenstein is turning a young 94.
Paul Bauer mentioned that Larry Zimmer will be her in two weeks and he will match the funds raised during Sergeant at Arms.
Club Meeting August 10, 2018 Andrew Dodgen 2018-08-16 06:00:00Z 0

  Les Pedicord

Lester D. Pedicord
Les died February 24, 2018. Les was a graduate of East High School, Denver, and received his BS and MBA at the University of Denver. He went on to form his own CPA firm and an investment advisory company. He was extremely active in both community and professional organizations: Colorado Society of CPAs, and Roundup Riders of the Rockies (RRR).
Les was a Charter Member of the University Hills (Denver) Rotary Club and served as its fourth president for the Rotary Year 1974-75.  His contributions to Rotary causes and fellowship are countless; he was a very generous colleague.
Les is survived by Jean, his wife of 27 years; his 3 children: Jill (John) Peterson, Britt (CeceStack) Pedicord , and Julie (Jim) Adams; his grandchildren Sarah, Maddie, Britt, Nellie, and Jem; his sister Jennie Moore; three step-children; and 11 step-grandchildren. Les is proceeded in death by his sisters Corrine Amato and JoAnn Pedicord . Memorial service will be held on Friday, March 9, 2018, 2:00 PM, Hope United Methodist Church, 5101 S. Dayton St., Greenwood Village. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to RRR Heritage and Trails Foundation, Inc., 823 S. Perry St. #120, Castle Rock, CO 80104
  Les Pedicord Jay Carpender 2018-03-01 07:00:00Z 0

Meeting Location

Magianno's Little Italy

7401 S Clinton Street
Englewood, CO 80112

Dan Astle, Club President 2020-2021
Meeting Location Sean Smiddy 2017-05-30 06:00:00Z 0

Ruth Wilson's Book List

Posted by Carl Gardner
This list will help all of us in understanding what kind of person Ruth was.
  1. The Bible
  2. The Road Less Traveled-Peck
  3. The Gift of Years-Chittister
  4. Illuminated Life-Chittister
  5. Little Heathans-Kalish
  6. Shantorum
  7. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  8. The Poet of Baghdad
  9. Sara’s Key
  10. Mountains Beyond Mountains
  11. The Glass Castle
  12. Half Broke Horses
  13. The Book Thief-Zusak
  14. My Life in France-Child
  15. Beneath a Marble Sky-Shors
  16. Infidel
  17. The Shack
  18. Water for Elephants
  19. Three Cups of Tea-Mortenson
  20. Stones Into Schools-Mortenson
  21. All Over but the Shouting-Bragg
  22. Eva’s Man-Bragg
  23. The Alchemist-Coelho
  24. Suite Francaise-Nemerovsky
  25. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society-Shafferand Barrios
  26. Poetry-Robert Frost and many others
  27. Plays-Many special ones
  28. Reading Lolita in Tehran-Nafisi
  29. Things I’ve Been silent About-Nafisi
  30. The Story of Edgar Sawtable
  31. Marco Polo-Bergren
  32. The Prophet-Gibron
  33. Jane Eyre-Bronte
  34. Anna Karenina-Tolstoy
  35. War and Peace-Tolstoy
  36. Kristin Lovransdotter (the trilogy)-S. Undert
  37. The Wisdom of Native Americans-Nerbarn
  38. Autobiography of a Yoga-Yoganenda
  39. Holy Longing-Ralheiser
  40. My Stroke of Insight-Taylor
  41. The Lessons of History-Durant
  42. Here and Now-Norwen
  43. Simplicity-Rohr
  44. The Rubaiyot of Omar Kayam of Naishapur
  45. Quest for the Living God-Johnson
  46. The Lost Painting-Harr
  47. The Restless Heart-Rohlheiser
  48. The Space Between Us-Umrigar
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Did You Know

University Hills Rotary Club has achieved the rare designation of  "100 percent Paul Harris Fellow Club" not once but twice in the past 9 years.  And through the E Brent Hobson Scholarship Fund, we have awarded over $300,000 in scholarships to graduates of Colorado high schools pursuing STEM degrees at Colorado colleges or universities in roughly that same time period.

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