On Sunday October 3rd 2021 The Rotary Club of University Hills celebrated its 50th Anniversary of its founding in October of 1971.   
Past President Larry Bell and Current President David Wood were Masters of Ceremony. 
Jay Carpender gave the invocation he sited Our current Rotary International President, Shekhar Mehta, who recently wrote “ Service is the rent I pay for the space I occupy on Earth.”  “Service is the rent we pay for space we occupy on Earth.” “Service Above Self” is Rotary’s motto.  See below for the full invocation.  Larry Bell and David Wood thanked special guest that included District Governor Elect Bushi Anikpenzie, Past President David Dennis and many of our current and former Hobson Scholars.  Ricardo Cardenas and Carol Gardner spoke of the impact two of the clubs projects had on the communities we supported.  Rich Sattizahn called out many members to speak to why and when they became Rotarians.  Phil Beaver gave humorous presentation that said why each of the Rotarians in attendance actually joined Rotary.   
Special thank you to Rich Sattizahn who chaired the committee that put together a very special night.  Other committee members included Martha Diss Sunby, Barbara Hale, Dortha Cicchinelli, Larry Bell, Guss Achey, Patrick Plank, Bud Laber, Jim MacDermott, David Henninger and Dan Astle. 
Friends and Members of the greatest Rotary Club in the world, the University Hills Rotary Club of Denver, Colorado, bless this food (that we have recieved/are about to consume) to our use and us to thy service, A…A…if this was “the 1960’s, I would say “Amen”; however, as it is 2021, and this is a most auspicious gathering--the commemoration of our 50th year since the chartering of this Rotary club, I have to say a few more words…
Let us give thanks to Paul Harris for his service…primarily for his inspiration to start this organization called “Rotary”.  He took the first step to helping us all “become Rotarians.”
Let us give thanks to Herbert J. Taylor who simply provided a “4 Way Test” as “guiding principles” for Rotarians—or everyone—a short test to follow regarding the things we think, say, or do. 
Let us give thanks to Cliff Dochterman who through his Rotary service was inspired to start this particular club in Denver, “University Hills”, Colorado, now 50 years ago. 
Let us give thanks to others for their service and their individual inspirations that sparked the fulfillment of an apparent or perceived need, and then they marshalled the energy and the resolve to get “it” done,
like Les Bevan, whose awareness of the need for a dental clinic in Jamacia,
or Carl Gardner who drove us to provide  wheelchairs (225) to those in need in Costa Rica,
or Sister Sue Kennedy who by her dedication to her vocation of service to the poor became so enigmatic and outstanding  that her efforts were recognized and then she became the first women member of the University Hills Rotary Club,  
or Bill Rector whose vision to start the E. Brent Hobson scholarship fund, a contributory and  investment fund that has grown and has helped 24 STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) recipients so far (some of them are here tonight),
or Ted Damme, whose fervent ambition was to have our club achieve 100% attendance (mostly in February),
(I have not achieved 100% attendance! Modern technology has given us a method to do so!  Blessed be that new “app” called “Zoom”!)
or John Lawton whose perseverance with Rotary International and his internal resolve to create micro banks to assist women entrepreneurs (in the Philippines)--to achieve their goals, (I know that he continually battled Rotary Administration people to achieve success in making the microcredit program a reality),
or Helga Hall, whose insistence that we, meaning those of us in Denver, Colorado--find verve and get “in better shape” to fulfill our commitments, to be better Rotarians to serve others. 
There are many others whose service has been appreciated.
This is the year 2021, I hereby challenge those who hear me now (or who will read this later) that their name be “recalled” in five years, or in the future, for their “Rotary” “or “individual” dream that was fulfilled, and “so noteworthy”, to be recalled by future invocators in the future.
Our current Rotary International President, Shekhar Mehta, recently wrote “ Service is the rent I pay for the space I occupy on Earth.”  “Service is the rent we pay for space we occupy on thisFor  Earth.” “Service Above Self” is Rotary’s motto. 
Almighty God, please help all here assembled the incentive, the drive…the “want”, like many of those inspirational individuals, fellow Rotarians or friends, or others who have preceded us,  to put aside all differences, to find a need to come together, to provide good “service”…to mankind and to nature,  and to help better humanity and our world.
Please join me in the pledge of allegiance.
For Tom Benson, Go Broncos!