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Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
Brewster's Cafe Bistro Pub
2681 Creekside Dr
Twinsburg, OH  44087
United States
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November is Rotary Foundation month! It's a good time to reflect on the great Rotary Foundation sponsored programs we support and on how each of us can contribute to make sure these programs continue.

Our Rotary Foundation sponsors a broad range of Educational and Humanitarian programs that save and change lives here and abroad: Group Study Exchange (GSE), Ambassadorial Scholars, Polio Eradication, District Matching Grants and Health/Hunger & Humanity (3H) Grants, to name a few. These programs are the lifeblood of Rotary, creating world peace and understanding through the lives touched by the programs. Ask any past GSE team leader or any Rotarian who has visited/worked on an international project about the difference made by these programs . . . there are many wonderful stories of saved and changed lives around the world.

Our contributions to The Rotary Foundation fund these Rotary programs. While our Foundation is quite healthy (one of the largest Foundations in the world), there is so much more we need to do. Your annual contribution and/or a contribution to the Foundation permanent fund (through a major gift or benefactor contribution) fuels our Rotary programs. A contribution to the Foundation is one of the best investments you can make with nearly 100% going to Rotary programs that save and change lives.

Each of you are encouraged to learn more about The Rotary Foundation and make a contribution to continue saving and changing lives.  These programs work and are a great investment for a better and safer world.
Special Days:
3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities: (DPT/MCH)
5 Week of 5 November – World Interact Week (NewGens)
14 World Diabetes Day (DPT)
16 International Day for Tolerance (PCPR)
19 World Toilet Day (WAS)
20 Universal Children’s Day (UN) (Youth)

Room 711 — Rotary’s Birthplace

The number 711 has a very special significance for Rotary. Room 711 of the old Unity Building, formerly located at 127 North Dearborn Street in downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA, was the birthplace of Rotary. It was in that historic room, which was the office of engineer Gus Loehr, where Paul Harris first met with sever al friends to discuss his new idea of a club for professionals and businessmen.
It took extensive research and dedication by a few Chicago Rotarians to preserve the room and restore it to its 1905 authenticity. For years, Room 711 was preserved as a miniature Rotary museum by Rotarians around the world who voluntarily belonged to and contributed annually to the Paul Harris 711 Club, which provided funds for leasing, maintenance, and preservation. In 1989, when the Unity Building was about to be torn down, members of the 711 Club carefully dismantled the landmark room and placed its contents in storage. There it stayed until 1994, when the re-created Room 711 found a permanent home at the RI World Headquarters in Evanston, where this piece of Rotary’s heritage is preserved.
 - Cliff Dochterman 1992-93 President Rotary International
©2003 Rotary International



8 Ways to Increase Association Membership

Memberships are the lifeblood of many associations, and for good reason – they represent professionals that establish standards and ethics in a given industry and, more importantly, they drive revenue. That’s why each year, association managers are tasked with one very special goal: TO INCREASE MEMBERSHIPS!  If your association membership numbers have been flat or, if even worse, you are losing members, you may need some fresh ideas to pump up your numbers. Start by putting yourself in the shoes of a potential member… Why would they join? What’s in it for them?  And for a new member, what would make them stay after their initial year?
There is definitely strength in numbers, so how can you give your membership count a boost?  I’ve rounded up a few simple ideas that are easy to implement and will help to get your creative juices pumping during your next strategy session.
1.  Market where your members hang out
2.  Host events that professionals will want to attend.
3.  Have a membership drive.
4.  Get feedback from current members.
5.  Keep existing members happy.
6.  Provide a personalized membership card.
7.  Begin the renewal process early.
8.  “Join NOW!” – Create urgency
 Marisa Cogan
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This week’s Rotary Foundation Thought is about Celebrating our Foundation.

"Since 1905, Rotarians have been 'torchbearers,' lighting the way to a better life for many people in many countries. Like Olympic runners, we received a torch from those before us — a torch of service that brings light to the shadow areas of mankind: intolerance, ignorance, disease, and hunger. … Let people know that Rotary caresand acts." — 1979-80 RI President James L. Bomar

Things you can do to promote Rotary

1. Wear your Rotary pin daily.
2. Tell someone something about Rotary daily.
3. Invite a friend or co-worker to our next meeting or event.
4. Stay in touch with alumni.
5. Sponsor a new member to the club.
6. Give to the Rotary Foundation.
If you know of a speaker on a topic of interest, please forward contact and availability information to Philip Weiss.
If you have any articles for the Club Bulletin or Stories page on the website, please submit them to Philip Weiss.
If you have any photographs or pictures of Rotary events both recent and in the past, please forward them to Philip Weiss for posting on the website.  If you like we can also show you how to post them in the website yourself.

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    Brewsters Cafe Bistro Pub
    Dec 02, 2017
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