Posted on Jun 11, 2018




Member Retention: Now you got them so how do you keep them?

 Many clubs are looking for ways to keep their members, but may not realize that they may be losing them until they notice that meetings are consistently not well attended or that membership numbers decrease from month to month. So the question is, when does member retention start? Immediately! The first day a member joins, your club has to constantly work to keep members happy and find new and innovative ways to maintain member satisfaction. After all, the largest majority of non-renewals come from first-year members with a loss rate as high as 50 percent.
Did you know that it’s cheaper to retain a member rather than recruit a new one? Why is that the case? Because when a member is lost, two must be recruited to grow so it's double the time, effort, and money to attain the desired results. Also, when a member is retained, new growth occurs with every new recruit since it is likely that every member will bring in at least one new one. So how can you make this happen for your club?
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