ELEPAP in Greece
On April 4, 2017 I visited ELEPAP in Ioannina that we funded the purchase of 8 computers. 
I was accompanied by a small delagation of the RC of Ioannina, including its President Dr. Kosta Kotsi. At ELEPAP we were greeted by the President Natassa Benga and the facility director Vassiliki Mastaka.
The Computer Room of the RC of Edmonton Starthcona was amazing. The computers were in the room hooked up to special equipment for users. A sign was prominently displayed as you may see it on the photograph. I also presented them with a banner that I asked them to place on the wall.
You cannot imagine how grateful ELEPAP is with our donation, and the use they have started doing with the equipment.
For those that were on the 2017 Greek tour, we also visited the ELEPAP village for 35 adult people with special needs. The facility is completed and will start to be populated in the next month or so. The European Union inspected the facility and is presently looking at the possibility of providing them more funding for the operation and/or expansion.
I also visited a school were the participants of the 2017 Greek tour gave a donation of 500 Euros that was used to provide daily lunch to 20 Roma elementary sudents. Unfortunatelly the kids were gone but the photos of the classrooms show the poverty that exist.
On Thursday I will attend the meeting of the RC of Ioannina.
Till next time, cheers.