Posted by Ken Erdelt on May 14, 2018
The annual Scholarship Luncheon was held at Keefe Tech on May 14th. Ten scholarships worth $45,000 in total were awarded to High School Seniors from several communities served by the Framingham Rotary. Dr. Javier Cevallos, Chairman of the Education Committee, presided over the ceremonies which were attended by students, their families, friends and guidance counselors and the members of our Club.  10 seniors from Framingham, Hollison, Hopkinton, Keefe Tech and The Learning Center each received a certificate and a scholarship for $4,500.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on May 12, 2018
On Saturday 12 May, 21 Rotarians and 12 students from the Fuller High School Interact Club working on various projects around Framingham.  Service activities included;
  • Simpson Park - some raking, spreading chips, brush clearing
  • Parks & Rec - planting small trees and simple gardening
  • YMCA - landscaping and clean up
  • Veterans - cleaning up around veterans' graves in Edwards Street Cemetery clearing the ground level plaques, cleaning the stones (soap & water & brush). The Fuller School students created over 400 greeting cards for the veterans at the VA hospital.
  • Nursing home - calling bingo at Waterview Lodge in Ashland for the residents.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Apr 30, 2018
Jon Evans, Superintendent of Keefe Technical High School first read Keefe Tech's mission: "Our mission is to challenge students to demonstrate the academic, technical, and interpersonal skills necessary for successful lifelong learning." and then went on to explain how the organization is pursuing that mission through the depth and breadth of the 16 career and technical programs offered to the over 700 students currently enrolled. He explained that many people have a mis-perception that the school is only a technical school but that it actually offers an extensive and full set of academic programs that include AP and STEM classes and supports dual enrollment opportunities with MASS Bay and Framingham State University. In fact, 69% of the 2017 class went on to pursue college career programs. 
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Apr 23, 2018
Susan Wilkins, Director of Education at the International Museum of WWII in Natick was our speaker.  This museum is the only international museum of WWII in the world and has the been made a reality through the passion and work of Ken Rendell to collect over 500,000 total artifacts since 1959. Susan provided a great overview of the museum's attractions which included various weapons, uniforms, Enigma Machines, various personal items from major figures and artifacts from WWII. But what was unique was the amazing set of documents that exist no where else in the world such as a Flyer for the Treaty of Versailles with Hitlers handwritten notes,  a signed version of the actual Treaty of Versailles of 1919 and a 1938 working draft of the Munich Agreement with handwritten edits.
Check out their website for information on hours of operation and tours.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Apr 09, 2018
Sam was one of 21 Super Heroes that were honored and their stories of Service Above Self were inspiring.  Service work is how members of the community get to know what Rotary does and attracts more members to contribute more community service work. Distric Governor Karin Gaffney presented Sam with the award, his pin and a Super Hero T-Shirt.  Congratulations Sam!
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Apr 02, 2018
The Rotary Club distribute flowers to residents of 7 nursing homes in Framingham and Ashland as a celebration of Spring. In an interesting twist of irony, the flowers were delivered on Monday in the snow.
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The Framingham Rotary Club manned a table at the Taste of MetroWest with various Rotarians providing information regarding our Club.
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Posted by Shikha Dhiyani Pai on Mar 26, 2018
4 new members from the Framingham Police department were installed last Monday by Rotary District Governor Karin Gaffney, Club Co-president Dick Manelis and Chairperson Kevin Webber.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Mar 19, 2018
Mark Contois, Director of Libraries for the city of Framingham, and Ruth Winett, Chair of the Library Foundation, attended the meeting on March 19th and provided an overview of the library services and the new initiative to put a Bookmobile back on the streets of Framingham. Mark shared a graphic showing the huge variety and volume (over 1,500,000) points of services the library provides. He described the unique programs offered including special programs for high school seniors and FSU; summer reading, visiting authors, adult reading, concerts and movies and a wide array of print and electronic resources.  Mark and Ruth discussed the initiative to get a bookmobile to be able to once again bridge  the library to different parts of the community where getting to the main facilities is not as easy or convenient. They currently have about 2/3rds of the money needed. Donations from individuals and organizations are welcome.  Currently there is a matching program for individual donations.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Mar 12, 2018
Wendy Rocco shared her wonderful and amazing story of how she started Operation American Soldier when her step-daughter was serving a tour of duty in Kuwait in 2003 and found that many of the basic supplies we typically use every day simply were not available in the post exchange or in the local stores.  She found that some soldiers weren't getting mail from home so began a campaign to ask people to send simple Thank You notes or other correspondence that can be given to the soldiers to help feed their spirits as well as their bodies.  The program has grown over the years and they now ship packages to over 6 theaters including Afghanistan, Kosovo, Cuba, South Korea and Africa. All of their efforts are funded through donations and their own fund-raising events like the upcoming golf tournament
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Posted on Mar 05, 2018
Member Teri Banerjee spoke about the Rotary missions to help Puerto Rico after the hurricane devastation.  Our District, in partnership with Operation Endeavor, has focused on the western PR town of Moca, one of the most affected places on the island.  As with most relief missions we partnered with the local Rotary Club, Club Rotario de Moca  
The missions have had 4 main efforts:
  • Flu and tetanus vaccination
  • Shelter restoration
  • Toys for children
  • Food and clean water (the latter is no longer an issue.
In addition, washing machines, refrigerators and mattresses have been donated to people in need.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Feb 26, 2018
Robert (Bob) A.  Tremblay (right), Superintendent of the Framingham Schools, spoke about some of the important issues facing the school district today and the programs the schools have in process to address the issues. Sharing a personal story, he emphasized the importance that music had as a positive influence in his early life and even in meeting his wife and now in his family. His message was that the arts are an important pathway for children who may have troubling things going on in their lives that could be channeled into music and other arts.
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Posted on Feb 25, 2018
Several Framingham Rotary Club members and their spouses gathering for an annual Fireside Dinner at the Wayside Inn.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt and Shiks Oai on Jan 29, 2018
Rick MacPherson, CEO of the Metrowest YMCA provided an enlightening overview of the broad array of YMCA programs available through the YMCA including children's before and after school programs, camps and adult programs for individuals dealing with illness and healing.  Rick shared the vision for expansion of the Framingham and Hopkinton facilities to better serve the communities including improvements to aquatic and children's programs, child care and offices.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt and Shiks Pai on Jan 29, 2018
Dick Manelis (on right) presented Jim Snyder, Manager of Framingham Parks and Recreation with a check for $17,000 that represented the completion of Phase II of the renovation of Butterworth Park.  Phase I was the playground and Phase III will be a commemorative walkway and jogging path.
Rotary Club gives $17,000 for Butterworth Park Ken Erdelt and Shiks Pai 2018-01-29 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Erdelt and Shiks Pai on Jan 29, 2018
Two new members, Pedro Brum and Paul Joseph were inducted today.  Pedro is originally from Brazil where his father was a member of Rotary.  Paul has served in various public service roles including his latest position as the President and CEO of the Metrowest Chamber of Commerce.  Welcome!
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Posted by Liz Kaprielian on Jan 22, 2018
Puppy HARRIS and his client are part of the NEADS Spring 2018 Service Dog Graduation ceremony on Sunday, April 29th, 2-4 pm at Montachusett Regional Vocational High School, 1050 Westminster St, Fitchburg, MA 01420. Framingham Rotary began this service project with the NEADS: World Class Service Dogs organization back in April 2016, sponsoring a puppy to begin service dog training.  Harris received training at MCI Framingham as well as on the NEADS campus and with weekend puppy raisers for socialization experiences. With his soon to be graduation Harris is now a four-footed embodiment of Service Above Self.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt and Shiks Pia on Jan 22, 2018
Three new members were inducted this week.  They include Paul LandersJay Adrian and Ed Sieh.   AG Judy Merriman kicked off the induction with a few welcoming words and then the new membership materials were presented to the inductees by Dick Manelis and Tom Sturiale.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Jan 22, 2018
Our guest speaker this week was Herb Chasen, founder of Hoops and Homework - a non-profit organization dedicated to help kids, age 5-14, living in economically challenged areas of Framingham with programs to enrich their academic and physical lives and health. The organization helps get resources needed to improve playgrounds (and yes, Basketball courts) so that they are safe play areas. In some cases the food the Hoops and Homework organization provides may be the only evening meal these children have. The program has grown to include scholarships to help kids attend colleges so they can improve their economic standing and in turn raise the living standard for all. Hoops gets funding from business sponsors and individual donors and as Herb pointed out, new sponsors and donors are always welcome.
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Jan 10, 2018
Three Rotarians from District 7910 will be participating in a relief mission to Puerto Rico Feb 2-5. Terri Banerjee from the Rotary Club of Framingham, Michael Dexter Smith from the Rotary Club of Weston Wayland (both pictured) and Shikha Dhiyani from the Rotary Club of Framingham.
This team of 3 from District 7910 along with the Rotarians from the Liberty NY Rotary Club, Operation Endeavor and Wings of Michael will be traveling to Moca, Puerto Rico for a Hurricane Relief Mission and participate in relief effort activities coordinated by the Moca Rotary Club and other partners on the ground.  Activities will include aiding in food and clean water distribution, emergency shelter construction, flu and tetanus vaccination clinic and toy distribution to children who sustained total losses during the hurricane. 
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Posted by Ken Erdelt and Shiks Dhiyani on Dec 18, 2017
46 children from the greater Framingham chapter of SMOC joined in the holiday festivities at the Rotary Club meeting.
Everyone was treated to a scrumptious lunch and then were mesmerized by the prestidigitation of JoJo the Magician. 
The Magic Show was followed by the much anticipated visit from our very own Santa Claus 
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Nov 27, 2017
Rifles to Rods founders Dmitri Karpouzis, Ryan Puzzo and Gerard McAllister spoke to the Club about their efforts to create a program that helps veterans with their transition back to civilian life. Through their own experience, they realized that fishing reduced the stresses of the transition. They formed Rifles to Rods as a 501(C)(3) Charitable organization about 1 year ago and began to expand the fishing program to help other veterans. In their first year they sponsored 10 high quality trips serving 50 veterans from Western MA to Cape Cod. They plan to expand the program to help more veterans with the help of business sponsors and other donors.
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Posted by Phil Reimann on Nov 22, 2017
The day before Thanksgiving eleven Rotarians gathered at the Eagles Club to help the Curtis Family prepare for their community Thanksgiving Dinner.  Over 1,600 dinners are served to the Thanksgiving attendees and another 500 dinners taken to those that could not make it in.  
Turkey Pull for Thanksgiving Dinner Phil Reimann 2017-11-22 05:00:00Z 0
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Posted by Ken Erdelt
Angela Martano, Community Programs Coordinator for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central MA, provided an overview of the BBBSCM organization and challenges. 
The mission of BBBS is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring professionally supported 1:1 relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. 
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Nov 06, 2017
Uliana Mikhailik from Russia was a guest of Tim Sullivan and Ardis Manelis was Dick Manelis' guest. Tim shared that 22 years ago, he visited Russia as a representative of the Rotary with a goal to find help for children who were struggling to obtain medical care for special cases where care was unavailable in their home country. He was connected to Uliana who was able to travel to the US. She came to the US and underwent extensive surgeries and post-surgery care before returning to Russia. Uliana credits the Rotary, Tim and the Manelis' with turning her life around and giving her a chance to live a life she would not have been able to have. Pictured here from left to right: Ardis, Uliana, Tim and Dick
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Nov 06, 2017
The Framingham Rotary hosted its 6th Annual Pancake Breakfast at Keefe Technical High School on Saturday, November 4, 2017. We had a great turnout of both volunteers as well as guests. In all about 30 Rotary members and family members turned out to help staff the event and over 150 guests (including children) came by for a hearty breakfast of pancakes, sausages and home fries. Everyone loved the real maple syrup and the sausages and home fries were delicious. (As an aside, we all had to set aside our briefing for one day on healthy nutrition that we co-hosted with the MetroWest Medical Center on the prior Thursday).
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Posted by Ken Erdelt on Oct 30, 2017
Guest speaker: Irene Porro, PhD, Director Christa McAuliffe Center for Integrated Science and Learning, Framingham State University was our guest speaker and gave a wonderful talk on the work her department has underway at FSU. Following on Christa McAuliffe's legacy "I touch the future, I teach", the Center hosts many programs to encourage students - K-16 - to come together to learn about teamwork and problem solving using a Command Module simulation.
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Posted by Robert (Bob) Schecter on Oct 16, 2017
Lynn Faust, District 7910 Community Service Chair (and member of the Marlborough club), led a productive workshop with club members at the October 16 meeting aimed to develop community service projects. Each luncheon table was asked to develop and report on a potential project.
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