Speaker Date Topic
A historical surprise Jun 06, 2019
June 6th

Today is the 75th anniversary of D-day when the allied forces under the command of Gen Dwight D Eisenhower invaded the Normandy beaches.

Dr Troye Wallett Jun 20, 2019
Because You Can Give More When You Have More to Give

Dr Troye Wallett lives a multifaceted life.  He works as a GP in Aged Care Facilities and as the Clinical Director of GenWise which he co-founded in 2014.   GenWise is an ethics based, purpose-driven mobile general practice which supports health professionals working in aged care.  In 2017 GenWise was named Telstra Business of the Year.


With 12 years of experience as a GP and 5 years as a start-up founder, Dr Troye talks with candour about his own self-care strategies as well as the advice he gives his patients and employees.  Because you can give more when you have more to give.

Come and hear him talk about how simple changes in how you view the world can have dramatic impact to your life and those around you.

d'Arcy Lunn Jul 18, 2019
Rotary Engagement and Teaspoons of Change

d'Arcy is committed to see a world without extreme poverty for everyone, everywhere and forever!  d'Arcy has many different roles including as an educator, humanitarian and communications specialist. He is passionate about development and advocacy. His passions have taken him to more than 90 countries around the world in the past 19 years.   Since 2009 d'Arcy has delivered over 1000 presentations to more than 100,000 people in schools, universities, businesses, community  groups, government events, conferences and many other forums. This includes more than 150  Rotary presentations and keynote speeches at Rotary events, RYLA, Interact/Rotaract workshops,  District Conferences and more.

d’Arcy has worked on the ground in polio eradication with UNICEF and in collaboration with Rotary in Pakistan, India, Uganda and South Sudan. He has also joined with Rotarians in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Brunei, Kyrgyzstan and other countries to promote the work of Rotary and polio eradication. In 2012 his work with Rotarians in Canada resulted in $240m for polio eradication from the Canadian Government which saw him receive his Honorary PHF.  In 2014 d'Arcy founded Teaspoons of Change - small but significant ideas and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet which activates and aligns business, education and government with the Global Goals, one teaspoon at a time.

On top of this d’Arcy’s has established projects including building two self-sufficient tiny houses called Happy-simply; a points and rewards program called Polio Points; and since June 2018, completing a Master’s in Peace Studies where he now also gives talks & workshops on Teaspoons of Peace! In his spare time d'Arcy can be seen outdoors running, cycling, hiking, camping and enjoying new people and new places... (or trying to return to Adelaide spending time with his partner, Serafina).