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Our guest speaker this past week was Tina Mandella, Site Director for the Lake Stevens Resource Center operated by the Volunteers of America, Western Washington.
Here are some of the images from the Back-to-School Drive and the 2022 Back to School event. The Lake Stevens Resource Community Resource Center opened January 2021 and is located inside the Holy Cross Church on Hwy 9.  The Center is opened Monday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm. The Center offers a safe place to seek help and resources during times of need.
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The easiest way is to start at and select the option to make a donation in honor or in memory of someone.  
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Our special guest on Friday, November 18th, was Verna Hill discussing the history and background of the Tulalip Tribe. Verna asked our Club members present if any of us had lived in the same zip code all our lives. No one raised their hand. Verna has lived in the same zip code all her life. Verna is from Sauk/Suiattle Tribe. Verna was introduced by Jim Steinruck, an old friend who worked with her when he was the Director of Community Public Health for the Tulalip Tribe.
Verna said that over 97-98% of the tribal members have lived in the same zip code all their lives. The only time that Verna left the Tulalip Tribe was for six months. Otherwise, she has been there her entire life. She commented that her grandfather was from near Darrington and her other grandparents Elsie Price and William Price were best known as the world-famous strawberry person. Verna is one of eleven children from a blended family. She has four children of her own and four foster-children.  The baby of those children is hers. One is the President of Leadership Snohomish County.  
The Tulalip Tribe are known as the salmon people. Tulalip is composed of 22,000 acres with the hub from I-5 to seven miles, Fire Trail-Marine Drive to I-5.  Verna inquired as to how many had been to their museum. Obviously, the number of hands went up was most of us. The museum has a great history dating back to 1792 which shows the timelines up to the Judge Bolt decisions.
President Chris Vallo and Community Services Chair Brian Rewis helping at the recent Holiday Toy Drive along with many other organizations.
The American Red Cross Blood Drive co-hosted by our Rotary Club and the Lake Stevens School District made an enormous difference. Our blood drive registered 21 donors and collected 21 pints of blood. As a result, our Blood Drive will potentially save 63 lives over the coming week according to the American Red Cross. A big "Thank You" to Amy Lewandowski who is the Club organizer of the drive and to Tracy DeLorm for assisting during the day. Plus, a big shout out to the club members who participated in donating blood.
Our program last week was City Councilwoman Mark Dickinson appearing for the "Friends of the Library." Sno-Isle Library will start clearing the property on Chapel Hill within the next several days. The large boulder (a glacial erratic) will be kept in place and incorporated into the property design. The architect firm Building Work has been hired to design the new library. You can stay updated by visiting Sno-Isle/FutureLakeStevensLibrary. 
Veteran's Day
In the early morning hours of November 11, 1918, representatives of France, Britian and Germany met in a railroad car near Compiegne, France, to sign an armistice ending World War 1, or the Great War as it was known at the time. The cease-fire took effect at 11:00 am that day-the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Up and down the trenches, after four long years of the most horrific fighting the world had yet known, the guns fell silent. "The roar stopped like a motor car hitting a wall" one U.S. soldier wrote to his family. Soldiers on both sides slowly climbed out of the earthworks. Some danced; some cheered; some cried for joy, some stood numbed. The Great War had left some 9 million soldiers dead and another 21 million wounded. No one knows how many millions of civilians died. Much of Europe lay in ruins. But finally, with the armistice, it was "all quiet on the Western Front"
For many years, November 11 was known as Armistice Day to honor those who fought in World War 1. In 1954 Congress changed the name to Veterans Day to recognize all American veterans.
Every November 11 at 11:00 am, the nation pays tribute to its war dead with the laying of a presidential wreath at the Tomb of the Unknow Soldier in Arlington National Cemetary outside of Washington D.C.
But Veterans Day honors more than the dead. Memorial Day, observed in May, is for remembering soldiers who lost their lives in the service to their country. Veterans Day is set aside to honor and thank all who have served in the U. S. armed forces-particularly our 23 million living veterans.
Chris Smith has been a member of our Club since August 2022. This is a two-part presentation from a Classification Talk to the launching of a new non-profit that he has named the Creator-Zone. Fascinating background both personally and professionally and the exciting news about developing a non-profit that will provide the skills that will lead to meaningful vocations.
Chris and his wife Zea are creating a Washington State Nonprofit where innovation happens. The non-profit is Creator Zone where we are encouraged to enter their dynamic open space that is surrounded by fully equipped and hi-tech creative studios. Entrepreneurs, beginners, and skilled creators can work alongside or with each other, discovering and building their craft. There is an arena for sharing knowledge and experience, for inventing on insights, for active fabrication and doing of the work, for collectively empowering a positive and engaged society.
On Friday evening, October 28th, our Club honored Jim Haugen who will be retiring from Rotary on December 31, 2022. Friends came from our Club and a local couple from the Everett Club plus a member of the City Council watching, heaping praise and appreciation for all that Jim has done for our Club and the community. Jim and Kirsten are a special couple.
Jim has been in Rotary for 33 years and 9 months. Kirsten was presented with 34 long stem roses for the number of years that she has shared Jim with Rotary. The Club awarded Jim with an Honorary Rotary Membership effective January 1, 2023. Jim was given a framed copy of the Honorary Member certificate.
The Board honored Jim further with the Rotary Citizen of the Year award for 2022-23. So many reasons for the honor are because of the vast amount of civic work he does each year.
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