Rotary is dedicated to Disease Prevention & Treatment in December

Check out this powerful image of healthcare workers at a polio-vaccine transit post in Antock, Punjab, Pakistan, taken on August 5, 2019. Their mission? To ensure every child receives life-saving vaccinations, even if they were missed during routine immunization efforts.

Building upon Rotary's collaboration with the global health community and its GPEI partners, our dedicated members in Pakistan are forging strong connections with families, all in the name of healthcare. Their unwavering commitment to eradicating polio takes many forms, from sponsoring health camps to funding permanent immunization centers. They also work to rally religious leaders in support of vaccinations and train female health workers to make regular family visits.

What sets Rotary apart? Our members live within the communities they serve, fostering enduring relationships that allow our vital work to persist in the face of campaign challenges. Together, we're making a difference in the fight against disease.