Greetings from the Rotary Club of Arlington Heights

Greetings from the
Rotary Club of Arlington Heights!

Arlington Heights

Service Above Self

2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursdays at 12Noon / 1st Thursdays - Evening Event TBD
Coopers Hawk
798 West Algonquin Road
Corner Golf Road & Algonquin Road
Arlington Heights, IL  60005
United States
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Thursday’s meeting was both informative and topical – our 2018-2019 President, Jon Ridler, gave a summary of club finances and led a discussion about changes the board plans to implement this Rotary fiscal year.  Finances are remarkably good compared to years past: we have significant balances in our accounts.  These balances have been built up in part through the change in member fining for charity.  Other changes were discussed.  Our Fine Manager of Happiness welcomed Happy Fines and tested us with summer fragrance of an entertaining quiz.  For more of the club changes, discussion and the Quiz, click / "read more”.
The first meeting under 2018/19 Club President Jon Ridler entailed an interesting and enjoyable approach -- a 6 p.m. meeting at a local bar/restaurant, with no formal meeting! 
Instead, we had an opportunity to move around to readily meet and talk without the constraints of our regular weekly format.  President Jon feels these meetings also give an informal opportunity to bring prospective members and share more about Rotary, including one of it's tenets, Fellowship.  Through acquaintance and friendships, we're more able to effectively provide service to the community. Great weather, casual tables outside Courtland's Garage, plus good music from across the street in Harmony Park made for an enjoyable evening!  We don't have photos to share for this story...maybe due to a good cause: folks busy conversing, talking Rotary, and eating (and sipping +/-) !
Courtlands Garage, at the corner of Vail and Campbell in Arlington will be our first "1st Thursday Evening Meeting", 6-8 p.m.  The social and prospective new member gathering will be a regular opportunity to get to know each other better in a casual setting.  We're planning to gather in the outdoor seating area facing Vail Street.  Advanced reservations are required.
Our Fine Fun and Fundraising Mistress of Happiness Fungibility, Millie Palmer, welcomed Happy Fines and tested our wits.
Patty celebrated her return from an Alaska vacation and her retirement.  Kevin was pleased about work for the Wheeling Food Pantry.  Bob paid to give us advice and a story on how to determine if a potential spouse is “a keeper”, Millie was happy to tell of being in Greece.
In keeping with the upcoming holiday, she quizzed us on 4th of July-related items. 
"Mindfulness" was top of mind in a presentation by Lori Corrigan, a licensed clinical professional counselor (and president of the Rotary Schaumburg A.M. club).  And we had a chance to briefly practice an approach to the practice…with a couple of Rotarians expressing positive results.
She said mindfulness decreases stress and helps a person to live life as he or she wants, not simply “react” to what life throws at us.  In these ways, it helps improve focus as well as  both physical and mental well-being.  She distributed two sheets which outlined her presentation and listed “twenty ways to practice mindful living”.  To read these, and for Lori's contact information, click/see “Read more”.
At today’s meeting, outgoing/Immediate Past President, Jim Thomson (right), shared a heartfelt thanks, thoughts and looked to the future, citing the 4_Way Test as a guide.  He cited recent club accomplishments of contributing over $18,000 to the Rotary Foundation through happy “fines” and contributions, our partnering with the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club to give $5,000 fight Aids in Africa, and support of the Breadfruit project in Haiti…”day-to-day, making a difference in the world”. Thank you, Jim, for your leadership, service and commitment to Rotary!
Announcements – remember, our second largest fund raiser, the Duffer Golf Outing, has foursome and sponsorship opportunities.  The budget for the coming year will be similar to last year’s.  The club board voted to pay a club member to be the Race Coordinator for our largest fund raiser, the Santa Run. This month’s “seasonal” Fine Master for charity, Jim Hassenplug gave us a chance (for a voluntary fee) to share personal news which makes us happy, and enjoy his Solstice Quiz.  Due to the unexpected absence of today's speaker, Joe Musolino (left) stepped up and entertained us with "ice breakers" questions to get to know fellow club members -- Most awkward thing which happens repeatedly? Dumbest injury? Something about you we'd be surprised to know? Worst bug story?  To learn the answers and details, click "Read more".
June 1    David Weiner
June 14  Ron Crawford
June 18  Bill Hoff
June 25  Neil Scheufler
June 29  Chris McClure
June 30 Nick Pecora
Birthday Chair -  Kristine Niemann (June)
  • Do you know a Rotarian, (or non-Rotarian) who you would like to recognize at this year’s Installation Dinner?  Time is running out to submit your recommendation.   President Jim Thomson is accepting forms until next Tuesday’s Board meeting.  Click here to download a form.
  • THERE WILL BE NO MEETING ON THURSDAY, JUNE 14.  Instead new officers and directors will be sworn in at the Installation Dinner on Saturday, June 16.  Registration for the Installation Dinner closes at noon on Friday, June 8.   If you’re reading this after June 8, please note there will be no accommodations for late registrations or walk-ins.
  • Mary Kendall is looking for volunteers to teach financial literacy to elementary students on June 26 from 9am- 12pm.   She will provide training for the volunteers.  If you’re interested in volunteering or learning more, please contact Mary.
  • The Elk Grove Rotary Fest is next  week.  They can use volunteers as well as guests.
Don Arnold’s life journey has taken him from a degree in journalism, to a career in plumbing product design, to rural Kenya where he worked on installing biosand water filters in a rural community and most recently to the Nairobi slum of Mukuru. Most importantly has been the journey from success to significance.  
 It was while he was travelling through Nairobi en route to the village that his eyes were opened to the need for clean water for the millions of people living in Kenya’s urban slums. While there are many organizations working to bring clean water to Africans, the majority are focused in rural areas.  In urban settings the needs are similar, but met in a different way.

The speakers at our May 31, 2018 Rotary lunch were Mike Kerley of Road Home, the Care Center for Veterans and their Families at Rush University Medical Center, and Danny C., a veteran and participant in Road Home programs.  Mike is the Road Home outreach manager and described how service members have been impacted by the invisible wounds of war. Since 9/11, over 2 million service members have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 850,000 of those deployed have been deployed at least twice; 31% of those deployed suffer from PTSD or a similar war-induced mental health issue.  As many as 20 veterans per day commit suicide, and between 2005-2009 an active duty service member committed suicide every 36 hours.  The goal of Road Home is to provide the necessary care to service members and their families to heal the invisible wounds of war and reduce these statistics.  One of the major programs of Road Home is the intensive outpatient program (IOP), which is a three-week in patient program that includes a holistic approach (including yoga and nutrition), individual therapy, and group therapy.  The final week of IOP involves the participation of family members that will have the biggest impact on the participant’s healthy recovery.


Danny C. delivered an emotional message about Road Home that left us all speechless.  He spoke of his combat experiences in Afghanistan and how those experiences have resulted in significant post dramatic stress disorder for him.  In short, Danny’s life and relationships were destroyed as a result of his experiences in Afghanistan, and he has found that only Road Home allowed him to be able to start to recover.  In Danny’s words, Road Home “saved his life.”  Especially helpful to Danny was the education he received at Road Home about his symptoms from people who really cared, and even the fact that the Road Home chaplain is ex-special forces.  Rotary members can help Road Home by completing IOP participant welcome bags (we stuffed 100 bags after lunch), volunteering for IOP outings, donating funds to host dinners at the IOP guest house, and donating tickets to area sporting and cultural events.  For more information, see


May 1     Jon Ridler
May 10   Matt Staley
May 18   David Jaffee
May 23   Betsy Kmiecik
May 24   Rich Morton
May 26   Trey Higgins
May 26   Kari Koebernick
May 27   Lynn Jensen
May 27   David Tafur
May 29   Bob Arnold
May 30   David Schultz
                                              Birthday Chair - James Feddor (May)
  • Thank you, Wendy Davis: members signed thanks/acknowledgement cards for veterans, and will be inserted into Welcome Bags to vets who participate in the “Road Home” program at Rush Hospital, administered by fellow Rotarian Will Beiersdorf.
  • EG Rotary Event reminder: The Elk Grove Rotary Fest will take place June 13th- June 18th.
  • Conversation and driving for some visitors from India, please contact Linda Borton.  Planned itinerary (see “more” for description).  .
  • Mark the Date for President-Elect Jon Ridler’s induction dinner, June 14 !  There won’t be a noon meeting.
  • Kerry Pearson asked for school supplies and suit cases so that the Prospect High Rotary Interact Club can send needed items to Africa and make them available to low income kids in our own area.  Contact Kerry for more info.
  • Brian Meyer found a meaningful experience in Mock Interviews at South Jr. High, noting he used the occasion to let students know of the High School Rotary Interact clubs and the good work they do.  Other Rotarians participate in the “interview” too and have said it’s a very meaningful break from our busy business days.  Thanks, Brian for your involvement
  • Bob (Larsen) Paddock was happy to have celebrated Norwegian Constitution Day, and for the several Lisagor Awards won by the Daily Herald staff for journalistic excellence.
  • Jon Ridler was both happy and resigned for the upcoming college life of his daughter.
  • For changes for our meetings and membership procedures, see 5/17 Board Meeting Notes in story below.
  • Fine Master of Happiness (and good posture), Dr. Joe Musolino, entertained us and garnered fees for charity via today’s Rotary Quiz. To see if you know the answers, read "more".
President Jim reported that our club had a large contingent participate at the Dist. Conference in Sheboygan, that the event was well worth attending.  Highlights included a  speaker from a south side Chicago Rotary club who has doubled membership in two years.  Key is inviting business leaders you know to attend a Rotary meeting, especially one at which we have an especially interesting speaker.  Another interesting presenter was the son of U-2 captured pilot Gary Powers; the movie Bridge of Spies was about his father’s return.  A third topic was polio eradication – a traveling “iron lung” display is available to Rotary clubs to remind the public of what polio meant years ago.  There was also an exemplary young woman who raise $90,000 as part of a polio fund-raising bike ride.  Next year’s district conference will be close to  home in Schaumburg.
Ernest R. Blomquist III, well-known, well-regarded long-time attorney provided a “Conversation with a Criminal Lawyer”.  He reminded and educated us about the constitutional provisions which form the basis of our court and legal proceedings.  These provisions  affect us as citizens…and help explain  some of the legal proceedings and maneuvers we read about in the press, see in movies, TV shows, and including some especially significant events happening Thursday and this week in Washington, D.C.  To read more, click “more”. 
Ernie has represented the Village for many years as village prosecutor, has lectured, taught, and written about the law.  He represented the village before the Supreme Court in a precedent setting case in the 1970s, one which affects President Trump’s travel ban (see Daily Herald article by clicking here).  For more from the presentation, and to find out more about Ernie, click "more". 
  • The Elk Grove Rotary Fest will take place June 13th- June 18th.
  • Board Updates
    • The Club and our Foundation are in good shape financially.  The Club is essentially at budget for the year.   The Foundation, in spite of starting the year with a budgeted deficit is now projected to increase its reserves by a significant amount.
    • Each year the Club is eligible to apply for District Designated Funds (“DDF”)to support a club based project.  For the past few years we have applied and used our DDF to fund the George and Marion Harris Book Scholarships.  Next year, we will be taking a different direction and will apply our DDF funds to support the Wheeling Township and Harper College food pantries.
    • In keeping with Rotary’s focus as a non-denominational service organization that is welcoming to people of all faiths, the Board has decided to replace the weekly invocation with 10 seconds of silence for individual prayer and reflection.
  • Volunteers are needed for the Memorial Day Parade to help pass out water at the beginning of the parade and afterward at the ceremony at Memorial Park.   Anyone who is interested should contact Jon Ridler.
  • Jon Ridler, our incoming President, discussed some new things that will be coming up next year as he starts his term:
    • The Installation Dinner will be June 16th at Big Shots.  Invitations will be going out soon.
    • The Club will be piloting a new membership level, where members will only pay for the meals at the meetings they attend at the time of the meeting.  Members wishing to continue to pay dues under the current method will still be able to.
    • In order to encourage more club fellowship, the first Thursday of each month will be an afterhours social event instead of the regular Thursday meeting.
From left:  President Jim Thomson, Mike Clements (sponsor), John Corbett
Jennifer Mallo, Jon Ridler (sponsor)
Our special guests this week were Olivia Hepke, Allie Ontenda, and Amy Albert, Interact participants from Rolling Meadows High School along with their advisors Linda Thorson and Eileen Herbster.  Olivia, Allie, and Amy  presented a brief overview of everything that they have done this year to provide service, and raise funds for their “signature project” scholarships for girls at Ak’Tenamit.  They started the year with a purple pinkie fundraiser for polio and they never stopped.  They packed Thanksgiving food boxes with our club, and then assisted at the Santa Run.
Mary Jablonsky, vice president and foundation chair presented Ron Crawford with a Paul Harris + 8  pin in recognition of his generous support of the Rotary Foundation.  In making the presentation, Mary  noted the many contributions that Ron has made to Rotary in addition to his financial support.  He has served as Club President, been a key volunteer organizer of the Santa Run since its inception, and restored and donated over 1000 bicycles.  Along with his wife Diane, Ron has also led and participated in over 10 service trips to Ak’Tenamit, Guatemala. 
wrote, Those who attended Mayor Tom Hayes' Arlington Heights' annual State of the Village address Thursday got a real-world example of what officials describe as a healthy local business climate, wrote Chris Placek of the Daily Herald  Our meeting was held as part of a combined gathering with the Chamber of Commerce in the Metropolis ballroom, downtown Arlington.  To read the rest of the story, click here.
There’s a neighborhood garden in Arlington Heights, Illinois that is growing more than just fresh produce. It’s bringing together residents of different socioeconomic backgrounds and cultivating a sense of community.
It was great to see how the garden was able to transcend the financial divide that was there,” says Jake Chung, who helped spearhead the project. Chung is the assistant superintendent for personnel and planning in Arlington Heights and a University of Iowa College of Education alumnus (BA ‘96).
The community garden – which sits on a once-empty school district-owned lot – is between two distinct neighborhoods. One is filled with shiny row houses while the other is an older run-down apartment complex where a man’s torso and legs were once found in a dumpster.
  • In recognition of the Kentucky Derby, our Fine “Handicapper”, Joe Musolino, quizzed us for Charity…and Rotary won!  Thanks, Joe, and to our fellow Rotarians who contributed.
  • Remember – sign up via the website for the State of the Village address at our joint meeting with the Chamber of Commerce at Metropolis.   And there’s a challenge for Rotarian Runners – if you can beat Mayor Hayes’ time in the Salute 5-10 K Run, he’ll match your entry fee/contribution, as will Picket Fence Realty. 
  • And now that we Rotarians will be informed and in shape, we’ll be able to relax, learn, socialize and enjoy at the Rotary District Conference, Blue Harbor Resort, Sheboygan, 5/17-20 (click here for more details and sign up) !
…helps Ak’Tenamit, Guatemala and Rotarians!  Dr. Chris Wood and Dave Zuehlke described Rotary efforts at the boarding school, and the worthwhile outcomes there. Sstudents are mostly indigenous boys and girls who not only receive an education, but also practical, and vocational experience to help them and their communities be self-sufficient.  Interestingly, the efforts these days are often based on Mayan concept of group effort.  The projects and efforts there are setting an example for other areas in Guatemala and for other parts of South America. 
Rotarian activities have included help and training in construction, education, and medical treatment.  Paired with this effort is some touring and a deeper understanding of the area culture.  The Buffalo Grove Rotary Club has been doing projects there for approximately 10 years.  Other clubs as well as ours have participated in District service trips too.  Q & A after the trip’s slide presentation informed us that the Rotary efforts and projects have been refined over the years and have gotten more productive.  Ask Dave how this unexpectedly expanded his “bucket list”, Chris about the medical treatments and supplies given there, Ron Crawford about the river trip to the cite and how the programs have developed over the years, and ask any of them about vampire bats!
Congratulations and Thanks go to the several club Rotarians who have participated in the Guatemala work!  To see Thursday's wonderful PowerPoint presentation, look on this website.  To find out more about Ak' Tenamit, click here.

Rotary Iron Lung Education Equipment: RILEE

Rotary’s commitment to ending polio is nearly 40 years old. Since its first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979, Rotary (along with partners) has reduced polio cases by 99.9% worldwide. But the fight isn’t over, and Rotary is constantly seeking new ways to communicate its End Polio Now message to youth and engage their passionate participation in eradication.
  • May 10,  Mayor Tom Hayes will be addressing our club with his annual "State of the Village" address.  This special meeting will be held at the Metropolis.
  • Thank you to Kris Niemann who volunteered to be the birthday chair for June and Joe Musolino who volunteered to line up our June programs.
  • Calling all volunteers.   The first organizing meeting for this year's Duffer Outing will be held on May 10 at 11 am at the Metropolis.  Brian Meyer will be cochairing the committee with Nanette Sowa from SLSF again this year, and is looking for members to help with planning this great event
 Perhaps like me, you have wondered from time to time, why there is no Interact Club at Hersey High School.  Today’s presentation answered that question.  It is not because students at Hersey do not care about serving others, but rather because they have been actively engaging in service for 50 years through their S.O.S. (Service Over Self) Club.   What they are doing is very impressive!
The Club is “directed” by  students in the senior class who are hand selected to be in a special SOS leadership class.  Our speakers, Emma Karmen and P.J. Quinn, were two students from this year’s class. They provided examples of some of the 50 different service projects that will be  organized and sponsored by SOS this year. 
    Club Executives & Directors
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    Immediate Past President
    Assistant Sec/Treasurer
    Vice President
    Membership Director
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    Vocational Services Chair
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    Jul 19, 2018
    Dangers of Distracted Driving, Bike Insurance, School Resources
    Aug 02, 2018
    District Governor
    Sep 06, 2018
    No Meeting-Golf Outing
    Sep 20, 2018
    Laura Bush addresses Rotarians

    Former first lady of the United States speaks at

    International Inspiration

    A princess, 3 prime ministers, and a former first lady join 25,000 in Toronto to celebrate Rotary’s good work and plan more of

    Canada a champion in polio eradication

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accepts polio eradication award

    Rotary world gathers in Atlanta to celebrate 100 years

    2017 Rotary Convention offers five days of inspiring speakers, exciting events, and opportunities to connect with club members from around the world

    Incoming Rotary president challenges clubs to make a difference 

    2017-18 RI President Ian H.S. Riseley announces his presidential theme, Rotary: Making a