We met with families the 9th of July to do the Hand Over from the Presidency of 2021/22 to 2022/23 at Kukšu muiža.
During the meeting Thomas reported about our help to Ukraine and Anna reported about our food drive project in the winter.
We also introduced two new members into the Club: Abu and Martins.
We were visited by the new District Governor of district 2410: Guntars Kniksts:
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Non profit Rotary in Europe united in Ukraine help

The 11th of May we were visited by representatives from Ukraine Dnipro and München-Blutenburg Rotary Clubs.
We found out that there is a lot of activities in the München-Blutenburg RC to send medical equipment and other support to Ukraine and also to support refugees from Ukraine.
Another indication that the whole Rotary organization is helping Ukraine.
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We are helping Ukraine

A few days after the Russian attack on Ukraine we started a project to send medical aid to them.
We got lists of needed medical equipment from hospitals in Lviv via the Rotary Club in Lviv. We donated money to the project and contacted other Rotary clubs in Latvia and Sweden as well as different companies and asked them to donate money, so far (27th of April) we have collected
EUR 200 000 !
We went through the lists to find out what was realistic to deliver from Latvia, negotiated with vendors and shipped the equipment as the money came in. 
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Food Drive

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Anna made an excellent presentation of the Food Drive project with images showing were the food went and what it contained. It is nice to see that our money collection (EUR 1900) had been used for food and distributed professionally to 300 people.

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