Santa's Fun Run 2023

This years Santa's Fun Run will happen Sunday the 3rd of December (the same day as the Christmas Market opens) at the Dome Square in Riga's Old Town.
The official  time is 14:00 until 17:00 but we will start handing out and also sell Santa Suits (tickets) from 13.00.
At 14:00 our DJ will play music and we will have warm up exercise.
At 15:00 the Run starts.
At 17:00 the event ends.
Welcome to join! Use the link
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RMHC Supporting Ukraine

From the money collected during the Santa's Fun Run in December 2022 we donated half of it to RMHC's medical trucks helping children in rural Latvian areas and the other half into the trucks helping people in need of medical help from and within Ukraine.
Here is a screenshot from RMHC's Facebook Page with a thank you to us among other contributors:
Here is a link to their Facebook site:
And to their web site:
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Visit from Mendip RC England

Mendip is a district in England situated west of London on the way to Cornwall close to Bristol, on the map below it is marked with a red circumference.
Eight members of the Rotary Club visited us March 31 and we had a very nice meeting.
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Food Drive

Food Drive, December 2022 – January 2023.

We collected money (2 000 EUR) for food parcels to be distributed to multi children’s families and families in hard circumstances in different locations around Latvia through Salvation Army.

The food was paid for by the Club, delivered to the SA location in Riga, sorted in Riga by Salvation Army employees, picked up and delivered to 9 locations around Latvia and handed out.


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Clothes Distribution

Distribution of Clothes sent by Bad Homburg Kurpark Rotary Club – December 2022 – January 2023.

Each December we receive a truckload of collected secondhand clothes from the Rotary Club in Bad Homburg (Germany). We transport it to Riga and distribute to needy people in Latvia.

This year as well as previous; Salvation Army was asked to distribute the items. The Salvation Army got 64 boxes. The boxes were delivered to Bruninieku 10a, SA main office in Latvia.

The majority of boxes were left in Riga, since there are many needy Ukrainian families coming to SA at Bruninieku 10a, some boxes went to SA social center at Varaklanu iela 1, some went to Drusti, an area with many foster families.

The center at Bruninieku 10a gives away clothes also to other organizations/people who need them. For example, there are people from the Mental Hospital coming on a regular basis.

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SFR Marshalls party

The young Marshalls and our member Norberts that helped us to show the track during the Santa's Fun Run in December 2022 had a celebration on Restaurant Stargorod.
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RMHC helping Latvia and Ukraine

We gave money to RMHC Latvija Mobile Care for helping children in Latvia and refugees from Ukraine in Latvia with medical care with their mobile care trucs. Here comes some pictures:
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Rail Baltica

We had a prominent guest speaker on our meeting Friday the 27th of January: Mr. Burhan Erkan, the lead engineer for the mammoth project "Rail Baltica" and responsible mainly for the Latvia section. He is employed by Deutsche Bahn Engineering & Consulting (DBEC). DBEC is one of the largest engineering companies in the world for new big railway projects. 
Rail Baltica is currently the largest infrastructure project in the European Union.
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The Santa's Fun Run was a success!

At the Dome Square the 11th of December there was more than 400 participants from Latvia, Sweden and Canada, after the run it became folk festival with DJ music and dance.
Forming up before the start
Count down
And here we go!
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The Santa's Fun Run 2022

We have been arranging the Santa’s Fun Run yearly in the middle of December since 2008.
During 2020 until 2021 we have not been able to arrange it in the traditional way, but this year we are back to normal!
It will happen on Sunday December 11th 2022 at the Dome Square in central Riga and the run starts 11.00.
Participants pay EUR 15 for the ticket and the Santa Claus suit, all runners will get a medal.

The money we have collected has been given to different charity organizations in Latvia.
This year we have chosen Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvija (RMHC Latvija) children’s
“Care Mobile” program.
The mission of the children’s “Care Mobile” program is to secure availability of services that
directly impact health and well-being of children in Latvia.
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ICC Ukraine Latvia

Friday the 9th of September we got a visit by Daiga Mejere - Rasmusena from RC Lviv Ratusha to also sign the protocol from the Inter-Country Committee Ukraine - Latvia Charter Agreement.
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Visit from Ukraine

On our Friday meeting the 26th of August we got a visit from Ukraine by Руслан Аликперов (Ruslan Alikperov).
The message from Ruslan was that Ukraine needs help to survive the winter.
Both housing and money is needed, Ruslan presented projects in both areas that are done within the Rotary organisation.
There was some technical obstacles so he could not show he's Powerpoint slides, some of them can be seen below.
We are investigating how our Club and District can support the projects.
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Visit by MeYou.One

Friday 12th of August we had a guest speaker from MeYou.One: Henric Johansson
He told us about the company MeYou.One that is situated in Daugavpils.
The company is consulting in mental training, leader development and coaching with customers in all ages, especially in the Latgale region.
They have also received and helped refugees from Ukraine that arrived via Belarus. 
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We met with families the 9th of July to do the Hand Over from the Presidency of 2021/22 to 2022/23 at Kukšu muiža.
During the meeting Thomas reported about our help to Ukraine and Anna reported about our food drive project in the winter.
We also introduced two new members into the Club: Abu and Martins.
We were visited by the new District Governor of district 2410: Guntars Kniksts:
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Non profit Rotary in Europe united in Ukraine help

The 11th of May we were visited by representatives from Ukraine Dnipro and München-Blutenburg Rotary Clubs.
We found out that there is a lot of activities in the München-Blutenburg RC to send medical equipment and other support to Ukraine and also to support refugees from Ukraine.
Another indication that the whole Rotary organization is helping Ukraine.
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We are helping Ukraine

A few days after the Russian attack on Ukraine we started a project to send medical aid to them.
We got lists of needed medical equipment from hospitals in Lviv via the Rotary Club in Lviv. We donated money to the project and contacted other Rotary clubs in Latvia and Sweden as well as different companies and asked them to donate money, so far (27th of April) we have collected
EUR 200 000 !
We went through the lists to find out what was realistic to deliver from Latvia, negotiated with vendors and shipped the equipment as the money came in. 
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Food Drive

story thumbnail

Anna made an excellent presentation of the Food Drive project with images showing were the food went and what it contained. It is nice to see that our money collection (EUR 1900) had been used for food and distributed professionally to 300 people.

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