Distribution of Clothes sent by Bad Homburg Kurpark Rotary Club – December 2022 – January 2023.

Each December we receive a truckload of collected secondhand clothes from the Rotary Club in Bad Homburg (Germany). We transport it to Riga and distribute to needy people in Latvia.

This year as well as previous; Salvation Army was asked to distribute the items. The Salvation Army got 64 boxes. The boxes were delivered to Bruninieku 10a, SA main office in Latvia.

The majority of boxes were left in Riga, since there are many needy Ukrainian families coming to SA at Bruninieku 10a, some boxes went to SA social center at Varaklanu iela 1, some went to Drusti, an area with many foster families.

The center at Bruninieku 10a gives away clothes also to other organizations/people who need them. For example, there are people from the Mental Hospital coming on a regular basis.

How they are distributed: