November 2023
Welcome to the Home of the Rotary Club of Palgrave!

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Caledon Equestrian Park
200 Pine Ave
Palgrave, ON ON L7E 0M1
(416) 737-9416
Every two weeks on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.
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Home Page Stories
Bernie Rochon and Pat Dwyer won a nice bottle of Red Wine for their amazing Salsa Dance Steps at the Palgrave Rotary End Year Dinner
Palgrave Rotary President St Iyke Ndubuisi welcomes new Palgrave Rotarian Ken Howlett to Palgrave Rotary Club.
Ken, we welcome you to Service Above Self!
President Dennis is happy to welcome 2 new members to our club. Nichole Piluso and Janice Bezanson. Both ladies have already been involved in our Tree Lighting event and our sale event of Xmas trees and Poinsettias. Welcome ladies to our club and wish you both a successful and enjoyable membership.  
Our Christmas Tree Lighting event that took place on Dec 4tth was a real success with over 250 people attending. Christmas songs performing contest for young people was mastered by Nichole Piluso as the MC.  The Chuck Wagon served free food for all.  The Girl Guides and the Ontario Rural Skills Network entertained the children with crafts. The home decorating contest was won by The Dawson/ Moody Family 1 Herriot St.followed by The Bankuti/Raso Family 11 Munroe St in second place. Of course, Santa arrived with his 2 Elves riding a beautifully decorated sleigh on wheels and pulled by a lite up decorated tractor.  The total event was a success thanks to all the volunteers of the Palgrave Rotary Club. 
Palgrave Rotary is very proud to have been part of the setting up of the Bridge House which is a part of the whole project known as Victory House Women's Shelter in Caledon East. We supported the project by donating over $11000 that was partly our funds and funds from Palgrave Families that wanted to also help out by participating in this fund. These funds were used to mainly construct and furnish with appliances the kitchen area including the dining table and chairs that were also donated by a local family. Should you wish to get involved with this project in some ways just get in touch with Pat Valliere at:  
In our little Village of Palgrave the local Rotary club bought a rusty old used container to securely hold all the necessary equipment to create and maintain the skating surfaces on the local pond which is maintained by dedicated people from our community such as Ken Hunt. Palgrave Rotary members painted the container in a deep blue and we asked two local artists to paint up a design on the side of the container at no cost. (See the Pics).
Palgrave Rotary Club is pleased to honor Donna Bolt for having dedicated herself for 8 years, taking care of the Rotary Clock Garden on Hiway 50 in Palgrave. As a member of this community, she dedicated herself to purchasing, planting and maintaining plants and grass surrounding the clock. Palgrave community thanks you and we are happy to present to you a gift certificate from Glen Echo. We should also thank Gord Barr (an honorary member of our club) who was there to assist you. 
Here is the real status of Palgrave Rotary. Try it on you might like it. 
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A new project for our club this year was the sale of Christmas Trees and Poinsettias via the internet. One of our members, Angie McDowell, took on the job of pulling this event together. It was a total success with a sold-out situation. The chuckwagon was also part of the 2 days of the sale and our member, Brenda Alderdice, made sure it would work out smoothly with free food for all the customers that were picking up their Christmas trees and Poinsettias that were preordered. All in all, it was a success all around. 
With the help of master painter Dan Petre and of our 3 members ( Angie McDowell, Paul Galer and Dennis Foss) we redefined our 20 ft sea container sitting in our Rotary Park area on hwy 50 from a rusty piece of metal to a beautiful dark blue container. We will now plan to decorate the side of the container with painted designs and our logo. Thanks also to Aldrey Ricardo, Ian Kittle, Gord Barr and Imtiaz Ahmad whom participated in sanding down and polishing this rusted container. Also the neighbor, Brad Vanlenthe connected and supply the hose and water to clean our container. The job is done and a good one it is. See on attached. Thanks gang. Bernie  
On June 24th, 2020 Palgrave Rotary celebrated our year-end Change Over event. We had 24 members that participated on a Zoom meeting celebrating the past year's achievement and welcoming a new president, Jeff Ercul and his new board of directors. The celebration also recognized and thank special members and our past president Ian Kittle for managing a very difficult year. The following special awards were presented to :
  • Brenda Alderdice for "The John Davidson" award.
  • Dr Imtiaz Ahmad for "The Rotarian of the Year" award. 
Ross Farrelly presented a celebration on the life of Pat Clifford who passed away this year. Pat joined our club 33 years ago. 
Angie McDowell was inducted as our first new member for the 2020-2021 year. 
An inscribed plaque with gavel was presented to our Past President, Ian Kittle thanking him for his dedication and hard work as our President for the year 2019-2020. 
Doug Nicholson did his Minute of the Week presentation for 3 or 4 minutes which was appreciated.... 
Our past president Ian reviewed the whole year by going over most of our events and meetings. It made the past year a very real and full of the achievements we all participated in. 
We all had a great evening on Zoom and I apologize for the photos attached considering the poor quality of some of them but Zoom will be Zoom. 
The Palgrave Rotary club has been approached by a very generous Palgrave family wanting to donate a significant amount of money to go towards a project that would embellish or improve our Palgrave community in some ways. Things like lighting for the pond on Hwy 50, some kind roofed stage in one of our parks for events, bicycle repair station (tools and air pump), summer musical concert by the pond, and more. We are looking for suggestions. Put your imaginative thinking cap on and write to us here or on our Palgrave Rotary Facebook site. The following suggestions have already been submitted by Denis.  We need more.
Thank you from all of us to all of you. Bernie
Zebra-crossing at the convenience store (it would be safer to cross the street to the cars on the other side)

- Public BBQs and picknick tables for get-togethers

- A dock in the pond. For a little walk over the water, swimming (is that actually possible in the pond?) and/or lunching paddelboats/rawing boats

- Public toilet next to the pond

- More waste bins

- Book/DVD/Games sharing station

- Palgrave Community Potluck event, Big Band evening, Swing in Palgrave, Local musicians sing for the area (some day in the future)

- Torch-lit/lantern walk at one of the trails

- Archery/Crossbow Range

- Barefoot path

- Little Community Centre/Hall

- Drinking water fountain (no chlorine taste, please ;-))

- Blackboard with information and offers from local producers and businesses. Or a "who is who" about different personalities from here.

- A community garden with shared places and family sponsorships.

- A herb garden. Don't buy them in the supermarket - get them fresh in Palgrave

- An information board about the different animals in and around the pond.

Indigenous Peoples Partnership of Rotary Clubs

(A Bird’s Eye View of Services and Projects)
Rotary Club of Palgrave joined the Indigenous Peoples Partnership Committee (IPPC) in 2019 which included Rotary clubs of Belleville, Trenton, and Wellington. Several other clubs have shown interest in joining this cluster of clubs. Even the Rotary Club of Rayleigh Mills in UK has made a donation for service to indigenous people. IPPC has been working with several communities of indigenous people located in Tyendinaga, Kingston, and the remote northern Ontario community of Nibinamik located in Summer Beaver. Rotary Club of Palgrave as well as others in the cluster have made donations to the funds being raised by the Nibinamik Education Centre for a tour by their students to institutions of higher learning and educations sites in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) while staying at the University of Toronto. IPPC also received a wish list from the Nibinamik Education Centre consisting of requests such as LEGO toys for student creative activities, and learning materials such as books in Oji-Cree language. Toys have been shipped. List of books to be purchased is being developed in collaboration with GoodMinds publisher and supplier of Indigenous books in Brantford, Ontario. Some other items were sent to other indigenous communities based on the requests IPPC received from them. Examples are aids for art, Christmas gift packs, and mylar blankets.


IPPC has also been offering bursaries open to students in all Indigenous Peoples communities in Canada. Rotary Club of Palgrave has completed the processing applications it received this year. One student has been selected for award to study at a university and one at a community college. Other clubs in the IPPC cluster are also engaged in making similar awards.
Imtiaz Ahmad
Palgrave Rotary Active Member.

      Welcome to our club as a new member Denis Foss. We are pleased to induct you and look forward to your friendship and help. 
      Thanks Brenda and Imtiaz for shopping for the Lego sets. The club did agree for the $500 purchase of these sets that are destined to the Nibinamik Education Centre which is located 500 km north of Thunderbay. Imtiaz generously agreed to pay for the shipping. Thanks Imtiaz for your support.
      Our road signs administrators have again set up a new messages inviting the community to attend our Wines of The World event which will take place on June 5th. Thanks for keeping us all informed Bill Clarke and Doug Nicholson.  
r The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow recognition is The Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its humanitarian and educational programs. It is named for Rotary’s founder, a Chicago lawyer, who started our organization with three business associates in 1905. 
One of our member John Cox  was awarded this recognition because of his generous participation and donations towards many of our projects. President Ian Kittle presented the award to John. Congratulations to you and many thanks for your many years of service John. 
Our director of Social Events, Brenda Alderdice and our President Ian Kittle were proud to present a $2000 donation to the Caledon Library to help them out with their new programs. Mary Maw and Colleen Lipp accepted the donation in the name of the Caledon Library at our last meeting.
Brenda Alderdice and her Chuckwagon crew were part of and serviced the Halloween Haunted Firehall which was organised by The Albion Collision and of course a large crew of our Palgrave Firefighters. The entire event was a great success with more than 500 people attending.
 We were very proud to host  "100 Women Care for Caledon " at our meeting last night. The Bolton Rotary Club also joined us for that event which is always fun to do. Thank you for helping Caledon "100 Women Care for Caledon " . Your donations to local charities (more than $80,000) over the past 3 years have certainly help our community.
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