The Palgrave Rotary club has been approached by a very generous Palgrave family wanting to donate a significant amount of money to go towards a project that would embellish or improve our Palgrave community in some ways. Things like lighting for the pond on Hwy 50, some kind roofed stage in one of our parks for events, bicycle repair station (tools and air pump), summer musical concert by the pond, and more. We are looking for suggestions. Put your imaginative thinking cap on and write to us here or on our Palgrave Rotary Facebook site. The following suggestions have already been submitted by Denis.  We need more.
Thank you from all of us to all of you. Bernie
Zebra-crossing at the convenience store (it would be safer to cross the street to the cars on the other side)

- Public BBQs and picknick tables for get-togethers

- A dock in the pond. For a little walk over the water, swimming (is that actually possible in the pond?) and/or lunching paddelboats/rawing boats

- Public toilet next to the pond

- More waste bins

- Book/DVD/Games sharing station

- Palgrave Community Potluck event, Big Band evening, Swing in Palgrave, Local musicians sing for the area (some day in the future)

- Torch-lit/lantern walk at one of the trails

- Archery/Crossbow Range

- Barefoot path

- Little Community Centre/Hall

- Drinking water fountain (no chlorine taste, please ;-))

- Blackboard with information and offers from local producers and businesses. Or a "who is who" about different personalities from here.

- A community garden with shared places and family sponsorships.

- A herb garden. Don't buy them in the supermarket - get them fresh in Palgrave

- An information board about the different animals in and around the pond.