Business Directory
We understand our Rotarians have small businesses or are stakeholders of one and during this challenging Pandemic where businesses are closed or crippled we are looking for ways of supporting each other.
We are building a list to let each other know how we are managing during this time, whether it's waiting for the restrictions to lift, or whether you can support a particular business.

Closed - completing existing projects and working from home.
Contact: Wil: 9492727 or
About: Architecture and Commercial Interiors
P.P. Pat for more information


Open - Online studies
About: Always looking for guest lecturers, mentors, guest evaluators, and companies that need employee-training. Summer registration is happening now!
Rot. JD Mosley for more information.


Closed - Emergency Services
Tel: 769-1111 or
About: Specializes in servicing luxury, European, and Hybrid and Electric vehicles, all cars welcome.
Rot. David R for more information.


Open - Curbside Pick up or Delivery
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am - 7pm Sat 8am - 3pm
Contact: 946-7684 or order online
About: Donations daily to Cayman Food Bank
Rot. Matt S for more information


Open - Working by Phone or Emails
Contact: 945-3450 | |
About: Insurance brokerage for Home, Condo, Cars, and Construction
Rot. Eddie B or Rot. Andrea W

Open: Working by Phone or Emails
Contact: 926-7368
About: Full Service Real Estate Company serving
Residential & Commercial: Sales, Rentals, Leasing, Consulting and Property Management
Contact Rot. Tony Catalanotto 


Let's connect and support our fellow Rotarians