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22 January 2014
Vol. 7 No. 28
2013-14 Sunrise Board
President Elect
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Immediate Past President
Membership & Training
Club Administration
Youth Service
Community Service
International Service
Well-Being Officer
Grants Chair
TRF Chair
Disaster Recovery
Rotary 2013 - 14
Rotary International President
Ron D. Burton
District Governor 7020
Jeremy Hurst
Assistant Governor Cayman
Eric Bush
District Secretary
Rosalie Twohey
Past District Governor 7020
Vance Lewis
Upcoming Events
Literacy Committee Meeting
Foster's Food Fair Boardroom, Airport Location
Apr 24, 2014 at 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
RLI Training
UCCI Professional Development Centre
Apr 26, 2014 – Apr 27, 2014
Earth Day Road Side Clean-up
Chamber of Commerce
Apr 26, 2014 at 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM
District 7020 Conference
The Westin Casuarina
Apr 29, 2014 – May 04, 2014
Special Rotary Sunrise Club Meeting
Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa
Apr 30, 2014 at 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Literacy Committee Meeting
Foster's Food Fair Boardroom, Airport Location
May 22, 2014 at 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Rotary International Convention
Sydney, Australia
Jun 01, 2014 – Jun 04, 2014
Apr 16, 2014
Apr 23, 2014
Apr 30, 2014
May 14, 2014
Jun 11, 2014
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The Rotary Grace
O God and giver
of all good,
We thank thee for
our daily food.
May Rotary friends
and Rotary ways,
Help us to serve thee
all our days.
The 4-Way Test
Of the things we
think, say, or do:
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill
and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial
to all concerned?
Special Thank You to Rotarian David Reid and Rotarian Mark Macfee for providing printed copies of the weekly newsletter for members and guests to read at the tables.
Please feel free to take a copy with you after the meeting.
More than one million Rotarians worldwide have contributed to the success of the polio eradication effort.
to become part of the legacy.
With over 200 readers weekly (Rotarians and Friends of Rotary) why not consider posting your logo and web link within our newsletter. Your sponsorship will not only help Rotary Sunrise but your business will get exposure to grow your clientelle. Contact to learn more about advertising with Rotary Sunrise.

Free Mulch Provided by DEH
As part of the Recycled Natural Christmas Tree program all collected natural Christmas Trees will be mulched and provided FREE to the public.
Bring a bucket and shovel Saturday, January 25 for 8am at the GT Cricket Field. Come early as the free mulch doesn't stay for very long
January is
Rotary Awareness Month
Donation in Support of School Meals
Submitted in part by Youth Services Director Donald
As part of Rotary Sunrise's commitment to Youth Services, we recognize young minds can not thrive if their bellies are hungry. Youth Services Committee has donated CI$5,000 to Clifton Hunter High School to support school meals for the students. Accepting the cheque from Director Donald Aitken on behalf of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Sunrise was Deputy Head Girl Ebunae McBean, Principal Pauline Beckford and Deputy Head Boy Delano Callender. The school was very pleased to receive the donation and will put the funds to great use for students who are in need of healthy meals.
What the Prez Sez...
The DG Is Coming! The DG Is Coming!
Submitted by President J.D. Mosley-Matchett
If you aren't American, you may not have noticed the Paul Revere reference in the title of this article. Back in the 1700s, Paul rode through the countryside warning his American neighbors that the British were about to descend upon them. But this article, unlike Mr. Revere's horse-back declaration, is a statement of encouragement and welcome. Because our club has been engaged in a lot of hard work and great projects that we're happy to share with District Governor Jeremy Hurst when he arrives for his official club visit on Wednesday.
Even as the Sunrise President, I must admit that I didn't realize just how much we've accomplished as a club in the previous half-year until I set about assembling the 125-page report that will be presented to DG Jeremy on Wednesday. Here are some of the highlights from that report:
  • Our original membership of 28 in 2002 has expanded to the club's current contingent of 75 active members and 12 honorary members.
  • The December 2013 survey revealed that the three top benefits these members said they derived from membership in Rotary Sunrise were: (1) Knowing I'm being of service [78%]; (2) Having a chance to make a difference [71%]; and (3) Friendship and fun [61%].
  • Although 77% of the survey respondents think that negative publicity about current and past members hurts the Club’s image in the community, 64% felt that the negative publicity strengthened their commitment to the Club and its projects.
  • The successful move from Grand Old House to the George Town Yacht Club has resulted in approximately $150 per week savings for the club, which translates into an annual savings of $7500 and means that the Board avoided the unpleasant task of initiating a membership fee increase in the face of decreasing club size.
If you'd like a copy of the report, it's on the Rotary Sunrise website in the documents section. You have to login to access that section, so if you either can't remember your login or you aren't currently a member of the club, simply ask Secretary Deirdre to send a copy to you.
As Treasurer John stated it best at the end of his section of the DG's report, "The challenges and successes are nothing compared to the good the club strives to do, and the fellowship we enjoy."
I am humbled by the strength of our club, its determination, and its potential to do good in Cayman and throughout the world. Because Rotary Sunrise truly embodies what it means to "Engage Rotary -- Change Lives"!

This Week's Meeting: Official Visit by 7020's District Governor Jeremy Hurst

Jeremy was born and raised in Rochester, England in 1961 and attended University College London where he obtained a BSc Hons. degree in Land Studies. He relocated to the Cayman Islands on an 18-month contract in 1987 and 26 years later still lives there having put down strong roots in the community.
He Joined the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman in 1988 and seven years later in 1995/6 became its youngest-ever President at the age of 34. He went on to become Assistant Governor for the Cayman Islands from 2000 to 2003, during which he assisted in the setting up of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Sunrise, which has become one of the most active clubs in District 7020. Jeremy has served in various District positions, including chairing two District Conferences in 2000 and 2007 and, most recently, as Future Vision Chair for 2010/11 and 2011/12. He also chaired the Rotarians Emergency Disaster Initiative (REDI V) international conference held in the Cayman Islands in 2011.
Jeremy owns and operates a group of companies offering property and investment related services to private investors, corporations and developers in the Cayman Islands and other Caribbean markets. He was President of the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association from 2008 to 2011, is also a founder of the Cayman Islands Investment Council, a member of Cayman Island Government’s E-Business Advisory Board and been closely involved in a number of Anti-Drug and Youth initiatives within the community.
Jeremy collects watches, antique books and maps, enjoys watching rugby and football. He also enjoys a Cuban Cigar and (occasional) Caribbean rum, preferably, whilst watching sunsets with Michelle from their boat on Cayman’s beautiful North Sound.
He and Michelle are newlyweds and spent their honeymoon at the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon – a real “Rotary Moment”! Between them, have four children ranging in age from twelve to twenty two. They enjoy traveling and are looking forward to visiting the ten countries and sixteen islands that comprise District 7020 during their Governor year. They also love spending time with their children as well as making the most of the opportunities to serve, make lifelong friendships and enjoy the unique fun and fellowship that Rotary offers.
Jeremy is a Major Donor, Benefactor and Bequest Society Member of The Rotary Foundation, and a member of District 7020’s Paul Harris Society and is proud to be a member of the “FIRST CLASS” of DGE’s under RI’s 2013/14 President, Ron Burton.

Computer Assisted Literacy Solution
Submitted by Director Andrea, Literacy Committee
Last week Past President and Literacy Director Andrea spoke about the CALS programme and showed a video to members and guests who were present. If you missed the meeting or wanted to view the video again it published on our website's home page, facebook page and within this article. Members are encouraged to learn more about the CALS programme and get involved to help volunteer so more stations can be set up in partnership with other facilities. 
(video image will show blank on printed newsletter verion)
The Literacy Committee currently supports the CALS programme at the GEORGE TOWN PUBLIC LIBRARY and at CARIBBEAN HAVEN RESIDENTIAL DRUG TREATMENT CENTRE IN BREAKERS. If you would like more information or to help, contact Director Andrea, Rotarian Kent or Rotarian Dorothy.

Thank You from John Gray High School
Submitted in part by Rotarian Pauline and Literacy Director Andrea
Last year you may recall Literacy Director 2012-13 Pauline and committee organized a collection drive in March 2013 with funds raised to be applied to the Reading Partner Programs. Enough funds were raised to buy CI$500 worth of books to be donated to the libraries in each of the 4 schools. A selection of books for each school had been ordered in May 2013 and delivered in this Rotary year. 
John Gray High School is one of the schools benefiting from the Reading Partner Program book donation and were thrilled to receive their shipment of books. Ms. Wendy Cumberbatch, Literacy Subject Leader at JGHS wrote Rotary Sunrise a thank you letter dated January 10 and had this to share with the entire club:
Many thanks for your generous gift of those three boxes of such wonderfully interesting books for our students.    We were very delighted and pleasantly surprised when we got such a bounty in December through Miss Raquel Solomon.  This donation has revved up greater interest in students especially the reluctant readers; the books are new and the titles are those that pique their interest, offering them a wider choice of easy selection.
So on behalf of JGHS Principal, students and I, we want to let you know how much we appreciate your partnership in our efforts to improve the literacy standards of our students by getting them hooked on books.  This would certainly help in achieving our goal of creating a school community where teens enjoy reading for pleasure.
Rotary Sunrise is proud of their committment to promoting literacy and every member of the club should be aware of how impactful these programs are in the efforts to change lives. If you are interested in assisting the Literacy committee with any of their programs please contact Literacy Director Andrea or make an effort to sit in at the next Literacy Committee meeting taking place Thursday, January 23 at 5:30pm in the Foster's boardroom at the Fosters Airport location.
Join In Recycling Awareness Continues in 2014
Submitted by Communications Director and Recycling Chair for Rotary Sunrise Gina
Have you started to recycling in your home and office? If not, what are you waiting for?
Since the official launch of the joint recycling awareness initiative by all 3 Rotary Clubs, 2 Lions Clubs and the Kiwanis Club, we have seen tremendous involvement and interest by the community. Our Facebook pages has received over 300 LIKEs and continues to grow daily. In 2014 efforts will shift to education in the schools and getting the children aware of what can be recycled in Cayman. In fact, the Join In team was approached by Clifton Hunter High School to have 3 recycling presentations made to students in year 8. Two of the presentations will be taking place on Tuesday, January 21 by Director Gina and the third will be scheduled for a later date.
Thank you to all the Sunrise members how have included recycling into their household and lifestyle. Many of you have admitted you either have never recycled before, had done so before moving to Cayman but fell out of it as there was no services on island and others who have spouses who are "gung ho" about what services are available and have jump right in on the programme. Awareness doesn't stop here though, we need to continue to get the word out and have more people joining in. Awareness of recycling is a continual effort and we encourage each Rotary Sunrise member and Friends of Rotary to start recycling today if you have not done so yet. Begin with plastics, glass and aluminum cans and then build from there.
If it is not trash then why are your throwing it in the garbage. To find out more about how easy it is to start recycling visit the Join In website at and LIKE our Facebook page /joininky for regular updates, discussions and comments that will help to keep you informed and updated on new recycling efforts in Cayman.
Join In, Recycle and make Cayman a better place!
Calendar of Events - Corrections
Submitted by Communications Director Gina
It had been noted by a few members that some of the events entered into the Club's Calendar of Events were not correct for January. At the start of the Rotary year tentative project events were entered with estimate dates by each of the Directors as they planned out their year. It is the responsibility of each Director and their committee to review the calendar at each of the monthly committee meetings to adjust dates and details accordingly. If you happen to see an event that seems out of place kindly follow up with the Chair listed for that event.
Committee Directors are encouraged to enter events as early on in their planning of a project to reserve the date and to avoid conflicts with other committee's plans. At the same time if plans change and an event is no longer to take place it should be removed from the calendar as soon as possible to avoid confusion. Apologies to any members if the calendar caused any confusion.
Destroyed Exchange Banners
Submitted by Communications Director Gina
It is with sad news that the following be reported to the Sunrise Members. Upon collection of the storage containers from Grand Old House it was discovered that contents of one container were left out in the natural elements. As a result, the exchanged banners from other clubs collected by members over the years would appear to be unsalvageable. VP Frank is enquiring with Puritan Cleaners to see if any can be salvaged. 
We will be cataloging all banners and setting up a pre-meeting show to highlight the clubs that were involved in our Banner Exchange Programme before they are discarded. As a positive note, our own Rotary Sunrise banners were not affected by this mishap and we do have about 50 banners for any members who may be travelling in the upcoming months. You are encouraged to take one of our banners to exchange with another club during your travels.
Some other good news, there were a few banners that were most recently exchanged in this Rotary year that had not yet been stitched onto the felt banner flags so not all club banners will need to be destroyed.
Let's try to rebuild our Banner Exchange Programme with new exchanges.

Reminders from Membership Committee
Submitted in part by VP Christine, Membership Committee
As circulated by email on January 19, Treasurer John Lee has proposed Dr. Rachael Windhaber for membership. The Membership Committee and the Board of Directors have accepted the application and have conducted the necessary background checks. The final step is for our membership to review the application. If there are any objections to the application, these must be stated in writing within seven days of the date of the circulated email (this means by Sunday, January 26). These should be submitted to VP Christine for further discussion with the Board and the Membership Committee. Assuming there are no objections we will induct Rachael at the earliest possible opportunity. Please review the fore-mentioned email with application attachments for your information.
As a secondary note, members are encouraged to invite guests to a meeting at any time. This not only brings awareness to the public about Rotary Sunrise initiatives but it may also peak the interest for a future Sunrise member.
Did you know?
Submitted by Communications Director Gina
At each monthly Board of Directors meeting a report of members with low attendance is reviewed. If you know you have missed a few regular weekly meetings but have attended other Rotary related events and meetings then you can receive credit for your missed Sunrise meeting. So what events and meetings qualify?
  • any committee meeting
  • fellowship event/social
  • local project event for our club or another (this includes Rotaract events)
  • visited another club (locally or abroad - again includes Rotaract meetings)
  • literacy reading programs
  • youth projects supported by Rotary
  • international projects
  • e-Club visits (certificate will need to be obtained)
As you can see there are many options for receiving credit if you miss a regularly scheduled Sunrise meeting. But you will need to provide the details to Secretary Deirdre as to what meeting you missed and need credit for as well as the event date and details you are seeking to have the credit applied.
Why is all this so important? Attendance records are reported to Rotary International as a measurement of each club member's engagement level. It is just one of the statistics required by Rotary Sunrise to be reported to RI.
Now you know why attendance is important and why we want you to receive credit for all your Rotary related activities. Simply log into Clubrunner and check your attendance if you are unsure what meetings you may have missed. At the end of each Rotary year, members with perfect attendance (this includes credits) will be recognized and presented with a certificate.
ClubRunner Training is Coming in February
Submitted by Communications Director Gina
Many of you have been asking for it, and now that we have successfully upgraded we will be planning a training session in early February. Who should attend? Any member who needs a refresher on ClubRunner, new members who need to complete their ClubRunner training, incoming board members for 2014-2015 or any members who wants to see what is new in version 3.0.... so pretty much everyone!
We have also been approached by the Rotaractors for some overdue training for ClubRunner. I will be gauging the interest level from the Grand Cayman club as well as from Central and if there seems to be a high level then we will schedule several training sessions within February. Who knows, we may even make a social out of it.
More details will be provided once potential head counts are tallied and venues can be secured. If you wish to be counted among the participates interested please send me an email. If you would also like to offer up a venue please let me know (WiFi will be needed for the hands on learning experience). Email
Club Forum Results
Submitted by Communications Director Gina from results prepared by VP Christine and Secretary Deirdre
Members will have access to the information shared during the Club Forum discussion and survey results. Please note member login access is required to view these documents. If you have problems accessing the documents please contact Director Gina at
Members are reminded that plans to have a follow up survey and forum discussion will take place before the end of this Rotary year. 

Newsletter Correction
Submitted by Director Gina
The published versions of the January newsletter to date (no 26 & 27) had an omission of a member's birthday within the Celebration section. Rotarian Dorothy Crumbley's birthday did not show in the published versions indicated and was officially celebrated on January 16th.
Rotarian Dorothy, please accept my apology for this omission. Fellow club members please join me in making up for this oversight by making a special effort over the next 2 regular meetings to wish Rotarian Dorothy a Happy Belated Birthday.
Happy Birthday
1st January – Dawn Cummings
5th January – Anthony Cowell
5th January - Hendrik-Jan van Genderen
6th January – Tony Catalanotto
13th January – JD Mosley Matchett
14th January – Christopher Bowring
15th January – Bob Kostich
16th January - Dorothy Crumbley
19th January – Ian Comins
27th January – Krishna Mani

Rotary Anniversary
1st January – Gordon Hewitt 38 years
1st January – Alastair Paterson 31 years
3rd January – Greg Brooks 7 years
4th January – Mark Macfee 8 years
18th January – Winston Connolly 11 years


Here's the list of members performing the respective duties for this week's meeting.

Greeter: Rotarian TBA
Grace: Rotarian TBA
Four Way Test: Rotarian TBA
Raffle: Rotarian TBA
Sergeant: Rotarian TBA

Notices & Reminders
Make-ups: In addition to make-up opportunities at Sunrise you can make up at another Club in Grand Cayman. The meeting time and place of the other Clubs are: 
Rotaract Blue: Wednesdays at 6:00pm at XQ's Pizza Bar and Grill, West Bay Road 
Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman: Thursdays at 7:00am at Barnie's Coffee & Tea, GT Waterfront
Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central: Tuesdays at 7:30pm at Grand Old House
Rotary Club of Grand Cayman: Thursdays at 12:30pm at The Westin 
Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean 7020: Online meetings any time. Visit for more details. Make-up certificates will be provided promptly once you've completed the requirements.
Travelling: If you are going to be travelling for an extended period of time - more than two weeks be sure to let the Secretary know and remember to submit any make-ups you do in a timely manner.