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Guests are always welcomed! Email to make arrangements. Come join us at the breakfast club!
2017-2018 Board and Directors
Deirdre McFarlane
President Elect
Jerrell Garner
1st Vice President
Pat Steward
2nd Vice President
Stacy Parke
Immediate Past President
Dawn Cummings
Andrea Bryan
Trudy-Ann Scott
Director - Membership
Nanalie Cover
Director - Communication
Faye Lippitt
Director - Club Administration
Chris Anco
Director - Youth Service
Jerrell Garner
Director - Literacy
Matthew Seales
Co-Directors - Community Service
Karelle DaCosta
Jacqueline Golding-McDonald
Director - International Service
Ulrich Ecke
Co-Directors Fundraising
Alison Shirlaw
Andrea Whittaker
Co-Chairs - Fellowship
Ivana Faltysova
Nanalie Cover
Well-being Officer
Wendy Koll
Sergeant At Arms
Jonathan Adam
Rotary Foundation/Grants Chair
Christine Mathews
Disaster Recovery Chair
Barbara Anley
Upcoming Events
Tree Planting
       Sunrise Plants Palms For
           East End Speedway

Sunrise Rotary celebrated June with 15 members, 1 prospective member, and 1 Rotarian from Rotary Central who came out to plant trees at the upcoming motor raceway in East End. A total of 65 palm trees were planted over a large expanse of land.  It was a gruelling few hours but we did it.  In total, we planted 75 trees, which exceeded our goal, and donated money towards more trees being planted at Hospice once it’s up and running.

Thank you to all those that turned up...
Sunrise Rotary Audi Winners
   Last week two lucky winners took Rotary Sunrise’s two grand prizes of a brand new Audi. Sixta Samon Perez, originally from Cuba, got the black one, and Christopher McNamee scooped up the white one.
Third and fourth place winners Juanita St. John and Jose Hernandez took home gift cards for $500 worth of petrol from Barcam ESSO and Browns ESSO. Juanita said that should keep her little Honda Fit happy for half a year.
   Rotary Sunrise will net just over $50,000 C.I. for their budget next year, all of which will be distributed to local charities. They sincerely thank their sponsors Arch Automotive, Barcam and Browns ESSO for their generous donations, as well as A.L. Thompsons, Kirks, Fosters and Cost U Less. 
CIIP Storyboard Competition 2018
The Cayman Islands Information Professionals (CIIP)'s annual Storyboard Competition gives students the opportunity to share their favorite books through a storyboard display. The event is similar to a science fair where the entrant's storyboards are displayed in public and entrants can dress up like characters from their chosen book when presenting their storyboard to the judges.
Rotary Sunrise members were honored to be some of the Judges for this year's Competition. 
The winners had their storyboards displayed at Books & Books in Camana Bay. 
Sunrise Gives in Cambodia
     Sunrise Gives in Cambodia
It is Rotary International’s Water and Sanitation Month, as well as World Water Day. In keeping with this, Rotary Sunrise Has donated $3900 USD toward the instillation of a block of toilets at a remote  corner of Cambodia.  
The toilets at each school would be connected to recently installed rainwater collection systems to provide cistern water. These were provided under a Global Grant.

There are currently no toilet facilities at these schools. Kids and teachers have to use the nearby bushes and undergrowth.

Beneficiaries would be approximately 210 people comprising 12 adults (teachers) and 198 children. Although classed as Primary Schools, the age range is 5 – 17. There are many late starters and some families cannot afford to transport their children to the more distant Secondary School. With female students in their teens and no toilet facilities it means that they do not attend when menstruating. With such frequent gaps in their schooling there is a large percentage of drop outs.

Rotary Sunrise is proud to be a sponsor of this worthy program.
Cayman Sunrise Gives at Christmas
Cayman Sunrise served up Christmas Dinner at three different communities over the holiday season, bringing good cheer and of course, Santa with his gifts to many. It is just one of the annual community events that the club is involved in, and one of their favorites.
Sunrise Gives to Stingray Club
          Cayman Sunrise Gives to
          Stingray Swim Club
Co-Director of Community Service Jacqueline Golding-McDonald presented a cheque to the Stingray Swim Club (SSC) for $550 to aide in the development of a Bucket System. This System will add to the development of the various swim programs at SSC. SSC was established in 1996 and has the most extensive membership of any swim club and supports both the Government Learn to Swim, the High School Development Group and the Special Olympic Team swimmers (Lighthouse School Students) as well as granting discretionary memberships to those that are unable to afford to contribute to the membership fees.  
For more information Visit - .
Sunrise Celebrates with Island Luminary
         Sunrise Celebrates at
      Pines Retirement Home
Fourteen Sunrise Rotarians celebrate with Miss Olive
   When members of Rotary Sunrise and their little colleagues from Georgetown’s Early Actors arrived November 18th to sing carols and celebrate November birthdays at the Pines Retirement Home, they didn’t know that they would be celebrating royalty. For many Caymanians, they understand just who that royalty might be.
   Miss Olive Miller MBE, fondly known as Miss Olive turned 96 and it was more than a birthday to remember  - it was a life of accomplishments. Miss Olive co-founded The Pines Retirement Home, the Cayman Islands High School, the National Council of Volunteer Organizations, and the Pink Ladies volunteer Corps. She is the only living Cayman recipient of Women of History, and has a Golden Apple Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedication to education.
   As with all Rotary, Rotaractor and Earlyactor Clubs on the island, Rotary Sunrise reaches out to many Community organizations. It is part of our mandate. Often the outreach has tremendous rewards. Helping celebrate Miss Olive’s birthday is surely one to remember.

Cayman Sunrise Donates $5000 to Infinite Mindcare
Pictured here with President Deirdre McFarlane (R) is Psychotherapist Sutton Burke (L). at our regular meeting on October 4th, Cayman Sunrise donated $5000 C.I. towards Infinite Mindcare. Sutton Burke is the Clinical Director of the program that provides counseling for children, adolescents, and adults with a multitude of emotional, behavioral and social concerns.  
Cayman Sunrise Visit's Guaruma
       Cayman Sunrise Guaruma
              Medical Mission
          Some of our Doctors and volunteers at Guaruma
This year our doctors and nurses provided 302 patient examinations within the communities of Las Mangas and El Pital.  Twenty four suitcases of clothing donations were distributed to the members of these two communities.  We had the opportunity to meet doctors Melvin and Ana who have recently returned from pursuing medical degrees in Tegucigalpa.  The doctors, a husband and wife team originally from Las Mangas, participated in this year’s mission with a view to familiarize themselves with the patients and will now be able to provide basic followup care rather than having the Guaruma staff following up with doctors based in La Ceiba.  With the help of Drs. Melvin and Ana and assistance from the specialist doctors provided by Rotary Sunrise, the communities within the Congrejal Watershed can now count on continued and consistent medical care.
As has been our usual schedule, we arrived on Friday (much later than anticipated thanks to flight delays due to Hurricane Irma), and held all day clinics on Saturday in Las Mangas and Sunday in El Pital.  Jimmy Andino, Guaruma Treasurer, joined us for the weekend from Tegucigalpa in order that we could review educational and medical funding requirements for next year and to discuss the roles Drs. Melvin & Ana could play in providing assistance to the members of the Guaruma families.   For the first time our group organized a sightseeing trip of La Ceiba on Monday morning before our journey to the airport for our return flight home.   We did our best to support the local economy by snapping up a number of locally made souvenirs.
All in all, another successful medical/donations/meetings trip to Honduras made possible by Rotary Sunrise.
Girls Night Out
Sunrise Celebrates Girls Night Out
Rotary's first Girls’ Night in with the beautiful
young ladies at the Frances Bodden Girls home was hittttt. The girls were very
receptive and engaging about our Topic of “Attire and Speech”. Rotarians and
Rotaractors in attendance was dressed for various occasions such as, interview,
work, church, cocktail, brunch, causal and beach wear. The ladies were
encouraged, to know what fits their bodies and the type of occasion they will
be attending. We also touched briefly on both the verbal and non-verbal aspects
of communication. Of course, we touched on social media  since it is a crucial part of what we communicate about ourselves and the fact that if you don’t want your mom or Grandma to see that picture it really should not be out
there on the internet.
Both the staff and girls were thankful and we wrapped up the evening with some desserts and laughs.
Sunrise Donates $5000 to Literacy
          Sunrise Donates $5000 
                    To Literacy
Literacy Director Matthew Seales presents a cheque for $5000 to Executive Director Marilyn Connoly of LIFE (Literacy Is For Everyone) 
In continuation of their support to LIFE (Literacy is for Everyone) the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, Sunrise donated 5,000 KYD to continue supporting their reading programs in schools, early intervention programs and the admin fees.
Life was created by the Rotary Club Of grand cayman, Sunrise when it took its own "life" of its own and is now separately managed, it has its own board of directors and executive Programs director, Marilyn Connolly. Marilyn was present at the meeting to receive the check and she had a few words to encourage our members to attend the reading programs in the schools and thanked the members for their continued support.
The Literacy committee has scrabble scrum upcoming and the butterfly story book competition which had to be postponed due to the hurricane Irma affecting many of the clubs in our district.
Safe Driving Program Launched
      Rotary Sunrise Helps Launch 
          Road Safety Campaign
Sunrise Rotarian Dr. John Lee was on hand with Khalesiah Barboram (Rotary Central) and Inspector Ian Yearwood of RCIP to help launch Cayman's new Share The Road safety campaign. Cayman Sunrise is a major contributor to the campaign.
Rotary Sunrise New President Elect
Cayman Sunrise New President Elect
              Jerrell Garner
At their regular meeting July 26, The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Sunrise chose Jerrell Garner for their President Elect. He has these words to share:
I would like to say I am humbled and honored  as the newly elected President elect . My heart is in serving others above self, this has been my motto long before I ever joined Rotary. Anyone who knows me will say that about me. In my year I want  to do more serving our brothers and sisters on our island as well continue to serve abroad in our other projects. My heart is with our youth they are our future. 
7020 District Governor Dr. Robert Leger visits Caymans
Pictured here from left Assistant Governor A.L. Thompson, Community Service Director Karelle DaCosta, D.G. Dr. Robert Leger, Rosa Leger, President Deirdre McFarlane and Communications Director Faye Lippitt at their Spotts Newlands Community Park, Grand Cayman project.
In a whirlwind tour from July 19 to 22nd, 7020 District Governor Dr. Leger and his wife Rosa, who hail from Haiti, visited the Cayman Islands on a tour of projects that our four Rotary groups have done over the years. Starting in Cayman Brac, the governor visited more than a dozen Rotary projects, and attended various breakfast, lunch, cocktail parties and dinners in his honour.
Raffle winners
Su Tummala was all smiles when she picked up her new 2017 Audi Tuesday June 27th at Arch Automotive's Audi store in Camana Bay. Pictured here are (L to R)  Ranfor Welcome, 2nd place winner of Delta's flight anywhere they fly in continental U.S., Past President Tony Catalanotto, winner Su Tummala, Rotary Sunrise President Deidre McFarlane, Rotary Past President Dawn Cummings, Kara Phillips who is 3rd place winner of $1000 in Rubis gas from sponsors Walker's Road, Eastern Avenue and Savannah Rubis. 
Rotary Sunrise Gives $30,000 to SNAP
    President Dawn Cummings presents $30,000 cheque
         to SNAP representative, Michael Myles

After four years of planning, SNAP (Stop Now And Plan) was finally launched June 20th. Hope Academy provided the space for the nine day training. Trainers Matt Bury and Desiree Phillips from Canada came to train the trainers here in Cayman. Teacher Judith Seymour thanked Cayman Sunrise, who gave them a $30,000 U.S. grant for the project, and said that without Rotary Sunrise the training would never had happened. 

SNAP is an early intervention study that is an evidence based method for crime prevention among youth under twelve years and their families. The successful program has been in Canada for twenty-five years.

The Cayman Islands Information Professionals (CIIP)'s annual Storyboard Competition gives students the opportunity to share their favorite books through a storyboard display. The event is similar to a science fair where the entrant's storyboards are displayed in public and entrants can dress up like characters from their chosen book when presenting their storyboard to the judges.
Rotary Sunrise members were honored to be some of the Judges for this year's Competition. 
The winners had their storyboards displayed at Books & Books in Camana Bay. 
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