Flourishing Women

A special thanks to Prof Ajay Rane OAM (Left) and Dr Kaveshan Pather (Right side)  for providing the Club members with a most entertaining presentation on what is clearly a major health matter for the ladies of our world.
Professor Rane, and very proud Townsvillian (as he calls himself), has dedicated a good part of his medical life to improving the welfare of Women both within Australia and also overseas.
Dr Rane is a medical doctor and Urogynaecology specialist who is committed to eradicating Women’s Health issues in the developing world.
To further this goal he has established a  charitable foundation, FLOURISHING WOMEN. Flourishing Women - Flourishing Women.
Prof Rane and Kav, we sincerely thankyou for giving us part of your day to share the work you are both doing to improve the lifes of many women in the world.
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Welcome to New Members

Mundingburra Rotary Club welcomes Premi, Grant and Jim as new members of our club.
Welcome aboard and hope you enjoy helping our community.
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Mundingburrra Rotary supporting Canteen Bandana program

Our club is proud to be supporting the fundraising efforts of CANTEEN (an organization setup to assist our youth  (12-25) who are experiencing cancer). This wonderful organization assists with the moral and mental health of our especially important younger members of the community.
Members have participated in purchasing CANTEEN Bandana’s  in support of their Bandana Day fundraiser to help this important organisation who do a wonderful job for our youth with cancer.
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Compassionate Friends Meeting


Our Rotary Club was privileged to have Alex Whitney speak to the members about the Compassionate Friends organisation. This wonderful group of people are a gathering of people who have lost a child, irrespective of the child’s age at death and the cause of the death, and is an organisation independent of any religious, philosophical or government body.
In presenting Alex spoke of her personal and tragic loss, and that Compassionate Friends is a mean that assists people facing similar issues, to be able to talk with like minded people in a special way.
Her talk was very moving and appreciated by the Club. It’s a great organisation that originated in the UK, and has provided a vital means for helping people in similar situations.
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Melbourne Cup Night

For the 30 years, the Mundingburra Rotary Club has held a special event to celebrate the Melbourne Cup. It’s a very social night with members, and lots of friends, dressing up, and hoping to maybe share in any Cup Raffles.
The major event of the night is our very special Tony Wode, and very well known local race caller, who has made this a special night for us every year with a fantastic phantom race call. His ability to put  everyone in the mood, and make them feel they are actually at the race, which was not being held for a number of days later, is beyond belief. His excited call is so well done, the cheering and suspense has everyone joining in and enjoying the night. He is brilliant.
Tony is an Honorary Member of our club, and has been for a number of years, and in appreciation of his 30 years of helping our club  with this event, the club had our President, Shane Smith, present him with a Paul Harris award.  The Paul Harris award allows clubs to donate $1,000 US to the Rotary Foundation on a person’s behalf. This money is then used to assist humanity projects around the world.
Paul Harris was a founder of Rotary International and it is a very special award for a club to make to a person. Tony’s commitment to community values was also highlighted with a decision he made 30 years ago, which he still applies today, that our donation to him is forwarded to the City OF Townsville Christmas fundraiser for needy people.
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Rotary helping our Community

The Suprise.
Rotary Clubs around Australia do a wonderful job in assisting people in our communities as well as those in overseas places where our standing of living is much higher than some third world countries.
The story below is one of where three of our Townsville Rotary Clubs have worked together, with others in our City to achieve a new vehicle for a family doing it really tough.
Just take a few minute to read the following outline of what we called Project Devlin, to reach an outcome that highlights the compassion we have for those a little less fortunate than ourselves. 
Project Devlin was born when the Southern Cross Catholic College wrote to Mundingburra Rotary club seeking community assistance for a family whose son attends the school.
Devlin is a resilient young man in year 9 at Southern Cross. At the tender age of 8 he was diagnosed with bone cancer resulting in the loss of the lower half of his right leg. Following his surgery, Devlin and his family had to relocate to Brisbane for him to undertake pediatric oncology for 12 months.
The family  has since returned home to Townsville, where he regularly needs ongoing treatment, and three weeks ago had further surgery to his lower amputation.
Elvira is a single mum raising two children Devlin and Zita, and she is classified as Devlin’s full time carer. 12 months ago her 20 year old car gave up the ghost to the point the vehicle was scrapped. Since then she has been relying upon the gracious help of a neighbour to lend her a car.
Mundingburra Rotary proposed Project Devlin as a community service mission for our club to adopt. The plan included a financial contribution from Elvira herself, financial support of RC of Townsville, and RC of Townsville Sunrise as project partners, and an application for a Rotary Australia Compassionate Grant, and of course the RC of Mundingburra as project managers to purchase a new vehicle.
To satisfy their transport needs we identified the Mitsubishi Outlander as an ideal solution to accommodate Devlin’s wheelchair being the main issue for the family, and subsequently approached Pickerings Mitsubishi who assisted us for the supply of a new Outlander. 
See over for more photos of the handover event which occurred on Saturday 17th October 2020
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ICE - The horror drug

Past District Governor presenting Certificates of thanks to Glen and Andrea
Our thanks to the wonderful ambassadors from AAIC (Australian Anti ICE Campaign) for spending a few hours at night with our club to share the issue of the power of just one trial of ICE can do to hook people of all ages into a life of hell.
AAIC is primarily concerned with addressing the dangers with school children, however the message is very clear that regardless of age, this drug is something that no body should try even once.
Once you learn of (a) what chemicals often go into this evil drug – Main drain cleaner, and house dangerous chemical, (b) the way it links to the brain and takes over your ability to control yourself, you have to ask why would anyone use it.
Peer pressure and often false statements of how it can help you in difficult times, or to loose weight, are all things to avoid.
And to hear from a person who was an addict, and learn what happened to her life, and especially what she ended up having to do to fund her addiction, you really see that this product is one to avoid at all costs.
For people not able to attend the meeting, or maybe are reading this page from elsewhere, have a look at the two videos on the AAIC web page, the information will most likely shock you as it did to us attending the presentation.
The message needs to be spread far and wide to try and put a stop to innocent people making snap decision from false information, that will later create havoc for your body, your mind, your relationships with family and friends, and most likely will end us with you having a criminal record or loss of life.
Thanks to Glen and Andrea for a real understanding of this terrible drug,
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Off Site Meeting 22nd Oct

The Rotary Club of Mundingburra will be meeting at the Townsville Yacht Club on Thursday 22nd October. Our special guest is the our Rotary District Governor. We will be returning to the Townsville RSL the following week(30th Oct)  for our special annual Melbourne Cup night.
Visitors are welcome however due to catering needs prior advice is needed to ensure we can seat any additional attendees,, and arrange a meal.
Please contact the Secretary on the phone numbers on the home page if you want to attend.
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Porsche Australia Tasmania Targa

Last week, the Club had a very interesting presentation by  Mark  Bogiatzis, on the Porsche Australia Tasmania event, which Mark has participated in  a number of times. Mark a proud local businessman, outlined in a very open and fun way the way the event is organised and run, and explained his enjoyment of being part of this event which has allowed him to not only enhance his driving skills, but also meet some wonderful people from around Australia and the world.
A dot point of his comments follow on the next page. 
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Club Visit to SES Townsville

Our Vocational visit to the Townsville SES highlighted the fantastic facility that our community has for assisting with issues relating to Cyclones, Bush Fires, Search & Rescue, floods and support for motor vehicle accidents.
The centre provides a base for not only the SES, but also the Fire Brigade, and Rural Fire Brigades but also various Emergency groups. The centre not only houses a variety of items of equipment needed to cover the various events that might arise, but also contains a well resourced training facility for keeping new and existing staff up to speed.
More photos below.
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Bunnings BBQ Day

Thanks to Bunnings for the opportunity to allow us to participate in a Saturday Bunnings day on the 29th August. It was a great day raising funds for our community as well as providing a great deal of fellowship to our volunteers. 
The Bunnings Supervisor ensured that we complied with all COVID issues as personal and community safety is also paramount within our club.

The afternoon crew after close  of the day and acknowledging  one
members birthday milestone With a balloon and cake.
Bunnings BBQ Day Jim Baker 2020-09-03 14:00:00Z 0

Club Meeting 3rd Sept is Off site

Members and Guests,
The clubs meeting on Thursday 3rd Sept is a vocational visit to the SES in Ingham Road. any guests wanting to attend to advise the Secretary for attendance and catering purposes.
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Townsville Grammar School Interact Club

Visiting Members of the Townsville Grammar School Interact Club
with  Mundingburra Rotary President Shane Smith
and Past District Governor Robert Tardaini
Three students from the Townsville Grammar School’s Interact Club attended our meeting and provided a wonderful overview of the work they are doing as students to build a good community support base for various projects they are undertaking.
They do various projects to fund raise so they can assist with a number of activities to support vulnerable and needy people. They are also working on how to assist young people in Timor Leste (one of our close neighbours to Australia). One upcoming fundraiser will involve a Car Wash event, which many of our Rotary Club members have agreed to also attend and pay for a wash as many mentioned they hadn’t been too busy to wash their own vehicles.
Presentations were given by the Interact Club President, the Interact Treasurer, and one other, outlining the work they are doing.
As possible future leaders of our community, it was gratifying to see that our youth have the community at mind at this incredibly young stage in life.
Out thanks to the teacher who accompanied them to our meeting, and also to the students themselves for sharing personal time with us.
Townsville Grammar School Interact Club Jim Baker 2020-08-25 14:00:00Z 0

Peter Wheeler Presentation

President Shane, presenting certificate of appreciation to Peter.
Peter Wheeler, of Colliers Townsville, provide an excellent update to the club members about the property market in our community. His talk covered the Commercial, Retail, Housing, and  Unit markets in an easy to understand manner.
The overall view he provided was the despite the issues impacting Townsville from the floods, and now the Corona Virus, the market was generally showing very positive signs.
He also provided a good outlook on they way things are likely to go with the increased focus on rebuilding the CBD.
A wonderful talk and one that was encouraging, especially as a lot of people only see the negative side of the problem around us.
Thanks, Peter, for a nice brief on our community from a property perspective.
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Onsite meetings Suspended due to COVID

Due to gathering restrictions with the Corona Virus, the Sun Hotel is unable to host us at this time. Our meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice. Please phone the Club Secretary if you would like to participate in a meeting with us.
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Mundingburra Rotary Club welcomes 3 New Members

The Rotary Club of Mundingburra welcomes Phil Gordon, Ian Corney & Ryan Lacaze, formerly members of the Rotary Club of Townsville South West to our club. The new members were all sponsored by PDG Robert Tardiani and inducted by President Shane Smith at a small function on 2nd July which was also zoomed to all club members.
Phil Gordon, Ian Corney & Ryan Lacaze accepting their inductions to the club.
Mundingburra Rotary Club welcomes 3 New Members Jim Baker 2020-07-06 14:00:00Z 0

Congratulations to Bill Barber

The Mundingburra Rotary Club acknowledges the Australian Government Certificate of Appreciation for Australian Volunteers 2020, that was recently awarded to Rotarian Bill Barber for his work over many years to assist our local community.
Congratulations Bill, a well deserved award for your contributions over many years. 
Congratulations to Bill Barber Jim Baker 2020-07-06 14:00:00Z 0

Venue Change 4th July

As our normal club meeting venue is unavailable this week (Thursday 4th July) we are meeting at the normal times at Seagulls Resort, 74 The Esplanade, Belgian Gardens.  (access is via Primrose Street.
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Club Meeting  5th July 2018

The Club meeting this coming week will be at the Centenary Hotel, French street, Pimlico. ^pm for 6.30pm start
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Trivia Night 30th October

Trivia Night (Fund raiser for Mental Health)
The Club are holding our yearly Trivia Night on Friday 30th October to raise funds for Australian Rotary Health. a major part of the funds actually go towards mental health which is a major issue of concern with our communities.
The night, being held at THE VENUE in Flinders street is open to members of the public and is a family night.
Anyone wishing to attend can call the club secretary, as listed above in the WEB page headings, for further information.
It will a great night some come along and have some fun whilst helping raise funding for a very important topic.
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Congratulations on 47 Years of service to Rotary

The Rotary club of Mundingburra congratulates Fred Gillham on 47 years of service to the community via Rotary.  Fred,  also has 18 years as a member of our club, and has has been a huge contributor to the club during his membership. His wealth of knowledge  from his well travelled life  has provided members with many wonderful stories and events that he has seen around the world.  His personal contributions to Rotary have been huge and this has in part been reflected by him being a multiple Sapphire member of the Paul Harris Fellow  Rotary recognition system (PHF).
Like all good members Fred has been well supported by his wife Janet (also a PHF person) and we thank you both on the achievement of 47 years in Rotary. Service above Self is a good term to describe Fred.
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5th March Club Meeting

Past President John Hall provided members with an excellent overview of the expectation members are looking for, and should be offered, by a person chairing a club meeting. John reminded members of the important steps and asked that we all understand that its about our members and not our personal views. Also keep it short and to the point and you will find the audience listening rather than get sleepy. Try and finish on time, some members have other commitments, and there is always time after the meeting for catching up with a speaker on other items.
New Member Induction
Another very important part of the meeting was having the President Elect - Paul Barker-Hudson induct  Allan Anderson to the club as a new member. Allan has a very long and proud association with Rotary in former clubs and we look forward to participating with him moving forward. Welcome Allan.Sponsor Peter Kaye welcoming Alland his daughter Lisa
Photo: PP Peter Kaye welcoming Allan, with his daughter Lisa,  to the Club
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Meeting of the 19th Feb - Paleo

One of the wonderful things about being a Rotarian is having the opportunity to visit various organisations or places, to better understand our local community. This week the club held their meeting the Paleo Cafe in Townsville to gain an insite in to the background behind this cafe concept.
Meeting of the 19th Feb - Paleo 2015-03-03 00:00:00Z 0

Like to Know more about Kith & Kin

Kith & Kin is a rather interesting organization doing lots of excellent work within our community. Have a read of our Weekly Bulletin 19th Feb, access via links on the left hand side of the Home page.  or Check our their web site via the link in the Bulletin.
Really interesting insight to this previously unknown band of people doing a wonderful job in the local community.
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Forthcoming Speakers Program

Like to know more about what we do as Rotarians? Then come along to a meeting, Visitors and Guests, are always most welcome. A courtesy call to the Secretary is helpful for catering purposes however not essential.

Our program of coming speakers is listed below via the "Read More" link.

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5th Feb Meeting speaker - My Journey to the Election - Scott Stewart 2015-02-15 00:00:00Z 0

LIke to know what Mundingburra Rotary does for our Community?

The Rotary club of Mundingburra have been very active in supporting the local community organisations within Townsville, surrounding areas, and also overseas projects. The club is proud to be an part of assisting some of the special groups that are in need of support that can be achieved within our limited financial and labour means. Some projects are partnering groups with weekly sausage sizzles, to assist them to raise funds without the need to arrange purchase and equipment for the designated days, whereas others might involve donations of funds or assistance with labour.
Details of some of the groups we have supported are listed below.
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15th Jan Meeting - Jonothan Pope 2015-01-26 00:00:00Z 0
18th Dec 2014 Meeting 2015-01-17 00:00:00Z 0
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Security and Integrity of Your Data

Posted by Jim Baker
ClubRunner secures all your private information using the latest security technologies. Hosted in a world class data centre with redundant power, Internet backbones and 24/7 security and monitoring, you can rest assured that your club data is safe and protected. Your members' contact information is secured behind unique logins and passwords. Access to information is also restricted, for example, a member can only view the list of members, but can modify his or her own personal information.

Data on the server is protected by TCP/IP filtering, firewall and anti-virus software that protect against any unauthorized intrusion. Backups of data are made daily and stored off-site.

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