The club had the pleasure of Helene James from the City Council as a guest speaker for our meeting telling us all about the way the council works with the community on various activities – actually a large list overall.
(Club President Ryan Lacaze presenting a certificate of thanks to Helena.
The club also made a donation of $100 to  Australian Rotary Health for Mental Health research in appreciation of her talk to us.)
An enthusiastic Helena gave an overview of the team she is part of and then explained a number of their roles and the projects they are working with jointly with various community groups. These included the following, as they have too many to list  separately, 
Activating environmental agency in three simple steps to nurture and support NQs bee population:
  1. Plant bee friendly flowers, herbs and shrubs
  2. Bee soil health and pesticide aware
  3. Install a Native Bee Hotel
  • Inspire environmental agency and connection with their place-based birdlife ecosystem.
  • Inclusive, simple and fun “all ages, all abilities” activity for community to participate in.
  • Open data counted up to community through TSV Dashboards.
  • Increase the digital knowledge in senior cohorts of community.
  • Submit individually but contribute to both an LGA and National barometer of Birth Health in Australia.
  • COVID safe way to alleviating social isolation in the community.
Specially designed garden space for peace, reflection and creativity for families who have lost a child, including adults, miscarriage, and still birth.
Ideas into action between Townsville City Council, Townsville Rotary Saints and Community.

Community-led caretaking in collaboration with Cemetery Staff and Townsville Rotary Saints.
Community will be encouraged to garden and participate in learning experiences which are specifically designed to work through grief facilitators.
Following the presentation, and a number of questions from the floor, Peter Kaye gave a thankyou to Helene for taking the time to come and provide us with lots of information that is actually going one within our community.