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The Rotary Club of Citrus Heights upcoming International Project is quickly approaching.  We are hosting a STOP HUNGER NOW MEAL PACKAGING EVENT.
Stop Hunger Now distributes meals through feeding programs in developing countries that promote education, encourage children to attend school, and improve students' health and nutrition along with providing meals in response to crises.
Our goal for this project is to raise $5,000 that will provide over 17,000 meals to children. You can help in two different ways, by providing support or through volunteering at the event.
Please https://shn.secure.force.com/events/SA_EVENTS__Home?id=701j0000001ZRUj to support this great cause and help us reach our goal.
Thank you so much and I hope to see you at the event.
If you would like additional information, you can go to www.stophungernow.org or contact President Gail Moxley at gmoxley4@comcast.net or (916) 622-7928.
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Posted on Oct 24, 2015

Mystery Tour/Dinner

October 24, 2015
5:00 PM
We had a great Mystery dinner.  Take a look at all the pictures in the photo album. 
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THANK YOU to everyone who participated and volunteered at today's Golf Tournament. The tournament turned out great. Proceeds will be going to Citrus Heights Reads Program and other programs within Citrus Heights. 
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Posted by JEM on Mar 30, 2015
Little Free Libraries
The purpose of this project is to promote awareness of the History & Arts Commission and the City’s Historical Buildings while at the same time encouraging literacy and a love of reading by building 20 free book exchanges throughout the community.
There will be 10 City locations and 10 Park locations, each being situated near a sitting area for more comfortable reading.  Each library is a replica of the Sylvan Schoolhouse an historic building depicted on the city seal. The History & Arts Commission has partnered the Citrus Heights Rotary and with the following people to bring the libraries to the community. 
·        The Rotary Club of Citrus Heights – Installing the libraries on Rotary at Work Day April 11th
·        San Juan High School Construction Management Students – Designed & Building all the libraries
·        Sylvan Library – Donating books
·        Sunrise Recreation and Parks Dept. – offered locations in 10 parks
·        The City of Citrus Heights -  offered locations in 10 city areas
·        San Juan High School Football Team – helping to dig post holes for installation
·        Home Depot - Donated half the material
·        Lowes - Donated half the material
The Libraries will all be installed in 20 locations on April 11th 2015 by the Citrus Heights Rotary Club as part of International Rotary at Work Day.
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The Rotary Club of Citrus Heights is partnering with The City of Citrus Heights and the Citrus Heights Police Department for the
6th Annual Holiday Referral Program
This program is designed to help families who reside in the City of Citrus Heights and have had a recent hardship over the last year.
With the Help of Members Like YOU,
the Citrus Heights Rotary Club WOULD LIKE TO DONATE THE following Items
50 Laundry Baskets
50 Boxes Laundry Detergent
50 Bottles Glass Cleaner
50 Bottles All Purpose Cleaner
50 Bottles Tub/Shower Cleaner
50 Bottles Floor Cleaner (Pine Sol)
50 Dish Soap
50 Dish Scrubbers
50 Boxes Trash Bags
50 Hand/Body Soap
50 Shampoo
50 Deodorant
50 Boxes Tissues
50 Pkgs Toilet Paper
50 Pkgs Paper Towels
50 Pkgs Razors
50 Pkgs Shaving Cream
50 Bottles Lotion
50 Boxes Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets
50 Bottles Disinfectant Cleaner (Comet)
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Posted by Gail Moxley on Oct 03, 2014
The Rotary Club of Citrus Heights provides Dictionaries to ALL 3rd graders within Citrus Heights.  Thanks to Bill & Janie VanDuker for coordinating the dictionary project at Kingswood Elementary school and President Jessica Mang for helping out.  The kids were so grateful and happy! They could not put them down and they asked more than once if the dictionaries were theirs to keep. So sweet!
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Posted by Gail Moxley on Oct 03, 2014
The Citrus Heights Rotary Golf Tournament was a HUGE Success.  Thank you to all the volunteers and players who came out and made the day successful.  Everyone had a great time and some people even won some money!  Proceeds of the golf tournament go to help fund grants within our local community.
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Posted by Gail Moxley on Sep 09, 2014


The President and Vice President of the CSUS Rotaract Club (Brian Tolentino and Angeline Berkeley, respectively) made a presentation.  The club started 8 years ago, and Brian really wants to “connect” and be that bridge between high school Interact Clubs and the Rotary Club once one is in the workplace.  He stated that the club signed up 60 people during Rush Week.  Last year, the club did a teeter-totter-a-thon which raised about $2300.  This year, he wants club members to participate in a dance-a-thon at CSUS on October 17th.


The President of the Interact  Club, Taylor Landess reported that 75 students signed up for the club recently, and she is really excited to work with our club to make Interact a great success. She shared her dreams for the club and some ideas for the coming year.



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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 26, 2014

Ray Riehle inducted Carlos Verrett, who was sponsored by Doyle Phelan.  Carlos said he is originally from Louisiana, is 50 years old, and has two children.  He spent 23 years in the US Air Force, and he is currently a musician/music producer.  He was searching for a way to make a difference when he met Doyle while swimming.  Welcome Aboard Carlos!


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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 26, 2014
John Blonskij presented Hayley Stordahl with a $500 check for the first part of the $1000 scholarship. Hayley recently graduated from Mesa Verde High School and will be attending a local community college.  Great job Haley.
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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 26, 2014
President Jessica Mang presented Laura Powell with the Rotarian of the Month award for her work on the newsletter (with assistance from Gail Moxley!).  Thank you for taking the time to type up what goes on during our meetings.
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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 19, 2014

Our Mystery Dinner is scheduled for October 22, 2014.  There will NOT be a meeting during the lunch hour.  Everyone should meet at the Community Center at 4:45p.m.  If you have any questions, speak with Tina Shaw.  (That is if she will give you any answers, remember, this is a Mystery)



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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 19, 2014

Congratulations to Joe Gillis for receiving a Paul Harris Award and Alex Turcotte for receiving the Rising Star Award for his work as the Public Relations Chair.


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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 12, 2014

President Jessica Mang called up the people who participated in the Lunar Lunacy fundraiser for Point West Rotary.  The Citrus Heights Rotary Club had the largest group supporting this fundraiser.  Thank you to Point West Rotary for putting on this great fundraiser.


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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 12, 2014

Fred Teichert and Bob Churchill presented Doyle Phelan with a Paul Harris Award.  This is Doyle’s 7th Paul Harris—Congratulations, Doyle!  To become a Paul Harris Fellow, you give $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant. You are recognized as a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow with each additional gift of $1,000.


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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 12, 2014

John Blonskij introduced three of the six scholarship winners and handed them their first $500 check.  These ladies will be attending a local community college.  The Rotary Club of Citrus Heights is excited to see these ladies move forward in reaching their goals.



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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 12, 2014

Please welcome our newest Citrus Heights Rotarian, Darlene Spurgeon.  Darlene works at the Placer Food Bank and is a Veteran.  She attended our Veteran's lunch on July 2.  She is married to Michael, and she has a 19 year old son, currently in Texas, and a 23 year old daughter, who is local.  She thanks Michael, her mom, her friends, and her co-workers for coming to support her today.


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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 05, 2014

Ray spoke about Membership being the life blood of every organization...

A Video Presentation featuring our new RI President focused on increasing membership to 1.3 million Rotarians...Ray spoke about Monthly Goals and the need to target our invitations... Ray distributed a number of forms we should use to increase our membership... Membership Satisfaction Questionnaire, Membership Visit form and a Membership Invitation Guide outlining specific Categories and Targets for each month... Fireside Chats occurring quarterly to immerse our new members in what Rotary is all about...The membership invitation Guide each month will cover  Education, Medical Professional, Finance, Foreign Born, Other Service Organizations, Marketing, Home Care, Retail, Restaurants, Churches, Public Service and Retirees... This was an excellent presentation about  how to go about increasing our membership in a focused, concise manner... We were challenged to work as two person teams to go seek new members with the goal of each team recruiting 3 new members this year.

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Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 05, 2014

President Jessica presented Christi Woodards with the August Rotarian of the Month Award... Madam President specifically praised Christi’s performance as our new Treasurer


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Posted by Christi Woodards on Jul 29, 2014

Citrus Heights Rotary Club
37th Annual Golf Tournament
September 19, 2014 – 8 AM Shotgun
Morgan Creek Golf Club, Roseville, CA

Tournament Details
Four-Player Scramble
Shotgun Start at 8a.m.
Lunch/Raffle/Awards at 1:30p.m.
Foursome: $600; Single: $125

Sponsorship Opportunities
Eagle Sponsor: $900
Birdie Sponsor: $750
Bogie Sponsor: $350
Tee Box Sponsor: $200

CLICK HERE for Additional Information & Registration

Contact Christi Woodards, Golf Chair, for more details:
916-728-1916 or Christi.woodards@steadfastmgmt.com



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Posted by John David on Jun 10, 2014

Rotary International Convention

Jessica Mang, Incoming President

Incoming President, Jessica Mang, to tell us about her time at Rotary International Convention in Sidney, Australia...Jessica described landing in Sidney and everywhere you looked was a perfect picture opportunity...She noted that the Aussie money exchange was 1 for 1...She described the beauty of the Sidney Skyline and Harbor Bridge...She also talked about Shark Nets and Box Jellyfish... Jessica described a vivid light show each night that literally lights up buildings with animated visual displays...An Amazing Place... She visited the Wild Animal Zoo and Aviary and described little creatures like Kuala, Tasmanian Devil, and Casauari... The Convention provided each Rotarian with a yellow bag full of brochures, programs, maps, etc...The Exhibition Center was Amazing...Jessica explained meeting a Rotarian from Nigeria and how much he was interested in her idea of a book program...She described the beauty of the Sidney Harbor and how everyone had tea at 4 PM each afternoon...Jessica visited the City Library and described the beauty of this sandstone building and the fact that the library also housed a local bar... She explained the City focus on keeping Sidney visually Wonderful...Many of the Rotarians attend the Convention in their native dress... A special treat for the convention was the lighting of the Olympic Flame during the Opening Ceremony... Jessica described the plenary session being attended by 18,000 Rotarians and she described the speech by RI President Ron Burton as GREAT...Jessica spoke about the International Flags on display and the focus on Ending Polio Now...Jessica attended a Dinner Cruise and visited the Royal Botanical Gardens that she described as being the most beautiful part of the trip... She even tried to get us to visualize how beautiful the Blue Mountains are...The next RI Convention will be in Rio De Janerio, June 7 – 10, 2015... Thanks Jessica for attending the RI Convention in Sidney Australia

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Posted by John David on Jun 03, 2014

Sayonara Community Center

Miss Gladys Standard, Coordinator of the Sayonara Community Center came forward to thank the club for providing the Sayonara Bus that will provide much needed transportation for field trips this summer...The Center is operated by volunteers with funding from the City of Citrus Heights and private donations... the Sayonara Community Center after-school program serves mostly low-income kids who live on and around Sayonara Drive. Students receive help with homework, afternoon snacks and a free backpack filled with school supplies at the start of the school year. Gladys explained that this summer will be filled with Field Trips each week, Sports Camps in the Morning, Summer Festival and the new Sayonara Bus will really make the difference... Gladys spoke about the 100 plus children that frequent the Center that provides a safe place for them... The Center even keeps track of student report cards...Gladys has over 50 volunteers and can always use more, Especially Bus Drivers... She explained that most of the children now come from a 1 mile radius of Sayonara and some families have moved back because of the Community Center Services... She spoke about giving gifts to single moms this past Mother’s Day... Very Touching experience... David Luie, Sayonara Community Center Board Member, spoke about the positive impact being made on lives in our community and thanked the club for their generosity. Thank You Gladys and David...

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May 21, 2014 Program - Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy John David 2014-05-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Mar 05, 2013


Proceeds of the Event to Benefit the Citrus Heights Rotary Club


Event Sponsored By: Lucky Derby Casino

Saturday, April 6, 2013
Citrus Heights Community Center
6300 Fountain Square Drive, Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Appetizes at 5:00pm and Poker Starts at 6:00pm

Table Sponsorhip Available: $250 (Includes 2 Tournament Buy-ins, Table Signage on Every Table, and Mention on Event Signage)

Buy-In: $50.00

If you would like to purchase tickets online, please go to: http://www.eventbrite.com/tickets-external?eid=5499011692&ref=etckt&v=2

For more information, please contact Rich Hale at (916) 599-5457

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Posted by Gail Moxley on Sep 12, 2012

Poker Tournament
This is a charity fundraising tournament.  Tournament proceeds benefit several Roseville-based community service projects per the efforts of Rotary Club of Roseville-Sundrise, the Roseville Host Lions Club, and the Kiwanis Club of Roseville.

Saturday, September 22, 2012
107 Sutter Avenue, Roseville, CA 95678 (Lions Club House)
Check in / Registration at 5:00pm
Tournament Starts at 6:00pm
Players must be 21 or older to participate
Buy-in ticket $40: 1-re-buy $40

Please see flyer to the left under documents.
Rich Hale has 2 tickets left if you would like to attend.

Poker Tournament - Roseville Gail Moxley 2012-09-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Sep 12, 2012

Best of Broadway Show
Here is a chance to support our local arts, they would really appreciate it.
See attached flyer on the left side under documents.

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Posted by Gail Moxley on Sep 12, 2012


Please save the date of Sunday, October 14, 2012, for Lunch at Apple Hill with our Exchange Student Amber...

Anne Osborne will provide us with the details... Just wanted to get the date on you calendar

Apple Hill Lunch with Exchange Student Gail Moxley 2012-09-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Sep 11, 2012
Please welcome the following new members!

Corporate Membership
  • Advanced Integrated Pest Management: Brock Peck and Debbie Scott
  • Lucky Derby Casino: Kevin Schayltz and Kermit Schayltz
New Members Gail Moxley 2012-09-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Sep 11, 2012
Time to purchase your Helicopter Golf Ball Drop tickets.  Morgan Creek Golf Club, Friday, September 28, 2012.  See attached flyer.
Helicopter Golf Ball Drop Gail Moxley 2012-09-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Sep 11, 2012
The Citrus Heights Rotary Club Foundation 35th Annual Golf Tournament is on September 28, 2012 at Morgan Creek Golf Club.  Please see the attached flyer and registration form. 
Citrus Heights Rotary Club Foundation GOLF TOURNAMENT Gail Moxley 2012-09-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Aug 07, 2012
Please let President Rich Hale know if you would like to attend.  Document is available on the left side under Documents.
District 5180 Foundation Seminar Gail Moxley 2012-08-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Jul 31, 2012

Diane Ebbitt is a member of Team in Training and will be participating as a half marathoner.  You can support Diane by eating at Smashburgers’ on August 14 between 5PM-10PM... LLS will receive $1 for every entrée purchased.  Flyer is available on the left side.

Diane Ebbitt is running to SAVE LIVES! Gail Moxley 2012-08-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Jul 31, 2012

Sunrise at Night Concert Series:

Reminder to Show Your Support for the Concert Series at Sunrise Marketplace Outdoor Pavilion at Sunrise Mall with Lonestar/Charlie Daniels Band on August 10, Spyro Gyra/Lee Ritenour on August 18, Three Dog Night/America on August 25, The Doodlebops/Caillou on September 1 & 2… Tickets may be purchased at www.shopsmp.com... Special Discounts for Rotary are available… Use the Code: ROTARY to receive these special discounts…

Sunrise at Night Concert Series Gail Moxley 2012-08-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Jul 31, 2012
Here is a picture of the last night at the Sacramento Capitals.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered throughout the two weeks during the Sacramento Capitals.  We could not have done this without you.
Sacramento Capitals Gail Moxley 2012-08-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Jul 17, 2012
President Rich Hale reviewed the following FY13 Goals for the Rotary Club of Citrus Heights.
  • Achieve every Rotarian every year as a club
  • $12,000 donation to Rotary International for Polio Plus and annual giving
  • Sponsor neighbor bus on Sayonara drive in Citrus Heights
  • Start an Interact Club at San Juan High School and Mesa Verde High School
  • Net 12 new members
  • Get a literacy program started and get senior citizens from the community center involved
  • Work on an International project.  Ideas are welcome. 
  • Become a singing club (yes - singing is involved)
  • Start a new fundraiser - Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament in April 2013
Goals for FY13 Gail Moxley 2012-07-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Jul 17, 2012

Rotary International Program themes

August Membership and Extension Month

September New Generations Month

October Vocational Service Month

November Rotary Foundation Month, World Interact Week (week including 5 November)

December Family Month

January Rotary Awareness Month

February World Understanding Month & February 23: World Understanding and Peace Day/Rotary’s anniversary

March Literacy Month & World Rotaract Week (week including 13 March)

April Magazine Month

May No Rotary designation

June Rotary Fellowships Month

FY13 Rotary International Program Themes Gail Moxley 2012-07-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Jul 12, 2012

(in partnership with the Granite Bay Rotary Foundation, the Rotary Club of Roseville Sunrise , and the Kiwanis Club of Granite Bay)



FRIDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 26, 2012, 6:00 p.m.

Included in your ticket price is:
• An Authentic German Dinner Featuring Pot Roast, Bratwurst and all the fixins’
• A Glass Mug and a free Drink
• World Class Entertainment with Music and Dancing with the Grubers
• Fun, Frivolity and Good Times with Friends and Strangers

If you would like to purchase tickets, please contact Steve Bruce at steve@atlasdisposal.com or 916-288-2793.

Thank you,
The Rotary Club of Citrus Heights
Steve Bruce

OKTOBERFEST 2012 Gail Moxley 2012-07-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Jul 10, 2012

Tom Chaplin provided an overview of the Object of Rotary and touched on the basics of Service Above Self. Tom described Rotary as the World’s #1 Service Club, Founded in 1905 by Paul Harris and now having a World Wide Membership of 1.2 Million members. Tom spoke about the Four Way Test, Our Weekly Meetings, Membership Goals and the Humanitarian efforts by Rotarians throughout the world… RI Foundation provides $60 Million to Polio Plus in the ongoing effort to eradicate Polio in the entire world. He spoke about Paul Harris Fellow Awards and announced that our club has 24 PH Award Fellows… Tom and President Rich presented Paul Harris Awards to: Doyle Phelan… Paul Harris Award +5 and Mark Cimino… Paul Harris Award +1

Tom and President Rich gave special recognition to PH Multiple Recipients by having them all come forward: John Anderson, Steven Bruce, Jeannie Bruins, Bob Churchill, Jack Duncan, Diane Ebbitt, Rich Hale, Dean Henricks, Anne Osborne, Bill Van Duker and Jim Van Maren… Barda and Derwin Davis were not with us today, but received special recognition (they will read it in this newsletter)…

Tom and President Rich also presented Honorary Paul Harris Fellow Awards from our Board of Directors in recognition your life reflects the Rotary Motto of Service Above Self…The Honorary Paul Harris Fellow Award is presented to: Henry Tingle….Chief Chris Boyd….Thomas Thygesen….Michael Sides….Angie Hernandez….Karla Branen….

Tom and President Rich concluded the program with EREY… Every Rotarian Every Year… Thanks Tom…

Paul Harris Presentation Gail Moxley 2012-07-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Jul 10, 2012

Dean Henricks, Membership Chair, performed the Induction Ceremony for Jack and Susan Frost. Mel Turner, their sponsor, performed the pinning…After the Ceremony, Susan spoke about her business as a Mortgage Lender and her goal of helping people acquire home ownership. She explained how thrilled she is to become a Rotarian and hopes to have a positive influence in the community. Jack Frost expressed his gratitude at becoming a member of the Rotary Club of Citrus Heights. President Rich spoke briefly about the importance of sponsorship and the support if provides to new members as they settle in… Welcome Jack and Susan Frost as our newest members…

Rotary Induction Ceremony Gail Moxley 2012-07-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Jun 30, 2012

What is Rotary?

Rotary is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs. Rotarians volunteer locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health, provide education, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self.

What is Rotary Gail Moxley 2012-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
President Ray's Demotion Dinner Gail Moxley 2012-06-28 00:00:00Z 0
Quote of the Week - Who Said It? Gail Moxley 2012-06-20 00:00:00Z 0
Thought for the Week - Who Said It? Gail Moxley 2012-06-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gail Moxley on Jun 19, 2012
Here you can post little tidbits of information, reminders, or anything else!
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Posted by Gail Moxley on May 18, 2012

Rotary Club of Citrus Height Wins BIG at District Conference in Reno.


·         2 Gold Medals for Club Service & Club Membership

·         7 Silver Medals for Vocational Service - Public Relations - New Generation – International Service - Citrus Heights Foundation - Community Service -Administration.


In addition, our Club won 1st Place with the Best Bowling Team at the District Conference. Thanks to Steve, Lori, Rich and President Ray.

District Conference Gail Moxley 2012-05-19 00:00:00Z 0