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Welcome to our Club!

Welcome to our Club!


"Improving Lives, Locally and Globally"

1st Tuesday at 6:30 PM, All other Tuesdays at 7:15 AM
Sharp Park GC Restaurant
2600 Francisco Boulevard
Pacifica, CA  94044
United States
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What is Rotary?
Our Club is group of Pacifica Professionals and Connected Commuters who enjoy working together to make a difference in our community, or sometimes band together with 35,000 clubs around the world to do something even bigger, like eradicate polio.
Why join Pacifica Rotary?
  1.  AMPLIFY YOUR PASSION-   Have an idea to make Pacifica great?  You’ll be surrounded by like minded locals with experience making things happen.
  2. LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES-  Want to run a project or event? You’ll get the chance, and have lots of enthusiastic help.
  3. KNOW YOUR COMMUNITY- New to Pacifica or just haven’t had time to engage? You’ll get to know community leaders and the backstories of Pacifica’s colorful history.
  4. INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES- Want to meet or work with Rotarians from other countries?   It can happen. “The Pin gets you in” at 35,000 clubs around the world.
  5. CAMARADERIE- You’ll have 4 to 6 opportunities every month to make new friends in a variety of social and project settings.
  6. SATSIFACTION- from knowing you helped improve lives, both in Pacifica and across the globe.
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