Helpful Tips From Zero Waste Specilist

Rhea Grover, a Zero Waste Specalist, gave us a primer on how to “Be Better at the Bin” by properly sorting items for the compost (green), recycle (blue), and garbage (black) bins provided to customers of Recology in San Francisco. 

Grover showed videos of Recology’s waste sorting systems. She said the 700 tons of materials collected daily from green bins becomes high nutrient compost for farm fields, vineyards and gardens.

Items from blue bins are sorted mechanically and by hand and sold for recycle and reuse in other forms. Trash and garbage from black bins goes to landfills.

Grover said San Francisco’s goal is to become a zero waste community, which takes cooperation from all the city’s residents, businesses and public entities.

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DG Laine Hendricks' Official Visit

On October 5, District Governo Laine Hendricks joined us on Zoom for her official visit with the club and the board of directors. Laine invited us to think about the Rotary International theme, Create Hope in the World and its focus on mental health. "Make space in your club to talk about mental health," she said.
Quoting Yoko Ono – Healing yourself is connected with healing others –  Laine displayed District 5150's new logo, CONNECT, whose graphics elements suggest working together to create hope by building bridges, celebrating diversity and taking action now. 
At the conclusion, DG Hendricks said she was impressed by our members’ active participation in the discussion, the club’s 100% EREY support of the Rotary Foundation, and our engagement with District 5150 and its goals.
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Captain Kim Gives Update on Central Station

Captain Eric Kim provided valuable information and answered questions as our guest speaker last week. A 28-year veteran of SFPD, he recently was named Captain of Central Station, which covers the Wharf, North Beach, Financial District and more, including many of the city's major tourist attractions.
Captain Kim warned that auto burglaries are increasingly being done by gang members carrying guns who also commit armed robbery against individuals.  If you witness a burglary, call police and don't get involved. He said police are using "bait cars" in an attempt to catch these criminals. Organized crime has also been involved in retail theft operations.
Responding to concerns of vendors on the Wharf, Captain Kim said police have no authority over vendors selling food and merchandise – those come under the Department of Public Health. Police can make arrests only for illegal sale of alcohol. He added that Central Station officers will be trained in the encampment laws to learn how to deal with the homeless. The Department of Public Works is the lead agency. 
Captain Kim said his personal goals include improved communication with local organizations and the business community. Staffing is an ongoing problem because more officers are retiring than the number being hired. In closing he urged anyone with concerns to contact him by email or phone.
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Pier 39 CEO Brings Us Good News


Last week’s guest speaker, Scott Gentner, CEO of Pier 39, brought uplifting news about one of our favorite places on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Scott explained that the Wharf’s typical revenue streams, at one-third each, are local residents, domestic tourists and international tourists. The latter two all but disappeared during the pandemic but have since rebounded.

“Pier 39 sales to date in 2023 are only 3% off what they were in 2019,” Scott said. One reason is that the Pier employs its own security force.

Acknowledging problems of street crime and other issues the city is currently facing, Scott said, “Pier 39 is benefitting in the short term, but San Francisco needs a vibrant, safe and functioning Fisherman’s Wharf.”

New businesses and attractions that are coming to Pier 39 include Quack (selling all things rubber duck), a CBD store, Fire & Ice restaurant, and a Sea Lion Experience.

Stay tuned for more good news, Scott said.


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We Mourn the Passing of Beloved Member

Our club has lost a charter and beloved member, Larry Hoogasian, who died on July 12, 2023, just two days before his 70th birthday. He had been hospitalized for more than four months for treatment of complications after suffering a fall.

Larry was a San Francisco native, Richmond District resident, talented florist, active Rotarian and a lovingf friend to many. A past president of our club, he was serving on the board of directors at the time of his death. 

Larry attended St. Monica's, St. Ignatius and obtained a degree in architecture from UC Berkeley, but Larry ultimately chose a long and successful career in the family business, Hoogasian Flowers.
At ease with politicians, rock stars and everyday people, Larry expressed his creativity and art with flowers, event décor and window displays. While working at the family flower stand at 250 Post, he watched and  learned the art of window display design from the team at Gump’s. 

In 1987, Hoogasian Flowers, under Larry's direction, was responsible for decorating St. Mary's Cathedral for the visit of Pope John Paul II. Larry could regale about the Grateful Dead, Bill Graham and other notables. Larry’s floral arrangements brought smiles to untold numbers of musicians, celebrities and Bay Area residents. Although he never married, his family was large and loving.

Preceded in death by his parents, Harold and Theresa and his sister, Camille, Larry is survived by his brother, Harold, many nieces, nephews and godchildren. Larry was a loving, caring person with a great sense of humor and big heart. He will be deeply missed by family, friends and Rotarians.
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We Exchange Banners with Pune, India Club

Rotarians Prakash and Vidula Bhatt of Pune, India, attended a recent virtual meeting of our club. The next day, the couple met up with Bob and Riki, Aline, Suzanne and Roger at Swiss Louis on Pier 39 to exchange banners of the Rotary Club of Pune Gandhibhavan and Rotary Club of Fisherman's Wharf.

After returning home, they presented our banner during the April 25 meeting of Rotary Club of Pune Gandhibhavan. In the photo from left: Vidula and Prakash, Secretary Shashank Tilak,  President Padmaja Joshi  and IPDG DMC Pankaj Shaha.

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Virtual Conversation with Project Amigo Student

It was a real treat to meet and talk through interpreters with Miriam Cerillo Perez, the Project Amigo college student our club is sponsoring. We learned more about her major, metallurgical chemical engineering, her family and her part-time jobs. Miriam was joined on the Zoom screen by Executive Director Kirk Dretzka, Donor Guidance Director Dora Zuniga and Abel Vargas Manzo, Director of Queseria Education Program.

Supported by donations from Rotary Clubs, individuals and one corporate sponsor, Project Amigo makes it possible for children of poverty to attend elementary school, junior high, high school and college by covering all costs of their education, including tuition, uniforms, backpacks with school supplies, and laptops for college students. To date more than 900 students have graduated from 12th grade, and many have achieved college and advanced degrees. Kirk related some amazing success stories. 

The organization's formula is simple. "It takes more than money," Kirk said. "Project Amigo takes a kid by the hand and makes sure she or he succeeds. In addition to attending classes and doing their homework, our students are required to give back ten hours to the community and to write letters to donors. They learn responsibility. We also have a psychologist on staff who works with students who need help and their families. Kirk noted that five members of the Project Amigo staff are graduates of the program.

Kirk and Dora thanked the club for its generous support of Miriam and urged members to consider visit Project Amigo for an upcoming Service Week. To learn more about Service Weeks:



















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Author Speaks on Post-Traumatic Growth

Michaela Haas, PhD, author and award winning journalist, presented her findings on trauma and post-traumatic growth for our regular virtual meeting on Jan. 26. Her most recent book is titled Bouncing Forward, Transforming Bad Breaks into Breakthroughs.

“Trauma doesn’t have to be a life threatening experience,” Haas said. Examples included divorce, or when vets returning from fighting in Iraq were not appreciated. Although recovery and healing from trauma can take years, it can happen by accepting reality and charting a new path.

Haas described five outcomes of post-traumatic growth: growth in personal strength, deeper relationships, discovery of new perspectives, greater appreciation for life, and more intense spirituality. 

Haas said that those who heal from trauma often “experience a sense of gratitude and take time to savor happiness.”

For more information, visit

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We're Impressed by 2013 Scholarship Recipient 

During our Oct. 27 meeting, Anna Mai, a 2013 graduate of Galileo High School and recipient of a college scholarship from our club, charmed members with her humility and effervescent enthusiasm. 

The daughter of immigrants, Anna grew up in Chinatown and because her family was poor, she got her first job while in middle school. She described herself as insecure and shy while attending Galileo. After working hard and graduating from UC Berkeley, she first worked as a consultant but didn’t find the job personally rewarding. She then got a job in San Diego with Tokuyama, a Japanese manufacturer of high quality dental equipment. 

Anna convinced her supervisors that it’s good for a company to give back, and through her determined persistence, Tokuyama instituted a social responsibility program that has donated more than $500,000 in supplies to free dental clinics serving impoverished patients.

Anna says that she has learned, “You cannot change the world alone.” With the help of Tresa Eyres, a former member of our club who Anna describes as her mentor, Anna started Books for Prosperity, a nonprofit that empowers and educates underserved children in Mexico. The program has expanded to teach English to children in orphanages.

With a passionate interest to protect the environment, Anna’s goal is to become an entrepreneur and start a company that produces biodegradable every-day consumer products, such as bamboo toilet paper.  Having learned of Anna’s accomplishments and witnessing her infectious drive, several club members offered help, and we invited Anna to stay in touch.

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Club Earns Banners for Foundation Giving

Banners recognizing our club for its continued support of The Rotary Foundation were presented virtually by Carrie China, District EREY Coordinator.

For the 2020-2021 year, the Rotary Club of Fisherman’s Wharf was one of only 4,000 clubs worldwide to attain the status as an Every Rotarian Every Year Club, and one of 4,600 clubs worldwide to become a 100% Foundation Giving Club.

Carrie said that last year, 2021-2022, our club was among19 of the district’s 45 clubs to receive the Average TRF Giving Banner because every club member donated at least $25 or more to the Annual Fund Share. The District 5150 goal this year is to be the first district in the world to be EREY.

“Thank you to the Rotary Club of Fisherman’s Wharf for always being 100% EREY and earning both banners,” said Carrie. “Foundation Chair Riki makes sure it happens.”

High Fives!

Applause goes to four club members for their individual honors:

Yvonne Curley - District 5150 Rotarian of the Month

Bettie Grinnell - honored by students and faculty for her 50 years of dedicated service to the Galileo High School community

Randall Scott - honored by Central Station as the Outstanding Community Member of the Month

Erik Scheller - received another Paul Harris Plus pin for reaching the next level of giving to the Foundation.

As said by Membership Chair Aline, “24% of our club was recognized for doing what Rotarians do best—Service Above Self!” 





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Club Honors First Responders at Central Station


“I have the hardest working cops in the city. They take pride in being the protectors of iconic spots in San Francisco.”

Central Station Captain Douglas Farmer exuded confidence in his officers and enthusiasm for his job as the guest speaker for our annual First Responders Recognition meeting on Sept. 15. 

Earlier that day, the entire Central Station staff was treated to a lunch of sandwiches, chips and ice cream provided by our club, Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District and Roger Kaufman’s Ben & Jerry’s.

Farmer moved to San Francisco in 1987, and graduated from SF State and the Police Academy. He began his 30-year career as an officer in the Mission District and rose through the ranks as a tactical team instructor, sergeant in the Bayview area and Central Station lieutenant. 

“On June 30 this year, I was ready to retire when I was asked to become Central Station’s acting captain” he said. “I love my job and will stay as long as needed.”

Capt. Farmer noted that in addition to hundreds of businesses and residences, Central Station is responsible for 35 hotels, 34 consulates and eight top tourist attractions. He said car break-ins and burglaries have become the most prevalent crime on Fisherman’s Wharf, and they are happening in broad daylight by perpetrators who are often armed and violent. Illegal vendors and illegal alcohol sales are ongoing problems.

Capt. Farmer said that police visibility aids crime prevention and arrests. He urges business people and residents to immediately call police when they witness a crime.

The First Responders Recognition was arranged by Aline, who received the following email from Capt. Farmer:  "Thank you for having me as a guest at the Rotary meeting. It was a pleasure meeting you all. I am extremely grateful for the gift of having a book dedicated to Galileo High School in my name. That is truly awesome!   Looking forward to future meetings."

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Update on Project Amigo, a Club Favorite

On July 28th, Dora E. Zuñiga, Donor Guidance Director, gave us an update and good news from Project Amigo, which for decades has helped disadvantages children in the area of Colima, Mexico, pursue their middle, high school and college  education. She said that 94% of Project Amigo students graduate from college. 

Several club members remember Mireya, a Project Amigo high school student who was sponsored by our club, and went on to graduate from college and become the first Project Amigo graduate to become mayor of Colima. 

Dora urged the club to participate in a Service Week and/or sponsor another young person. For more information, visit

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42nd Street Moon Theatre Company

On June 9th, club members learned about 42nd Street Moon Theatre and its Moon School training program for young people from Executive Artistic Director Daniel Thomas.
The theater company was founded in San Francisco in 1993 to celebrate lesser known and forgotten Broadway musicals written by well known composers like Jerome Kern and Rodgers and Hart. More reccently the company has produced and performed world premieres of new musicals, including "Scrooge in Love" in 2015 and "Murder for Two" in 2021.
Daniel said the company successfully performed virtually during the shuttered months of the pandemic. We were treated to two inspiring online videos from 2020 and 2021.
The company's current musical, live on stage, is "The Pajama Game." It runs through June 19 at the Gateway Theatre, 215 Jackson Street.  For show information and tickets, visit
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Tel Hi Neighborhood Center: A Success Story

We thank last week's speaker, Chief Executive Officer Nestor "Nes" Fernandez, for updating us on all the good and exciting news from Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center. Tel Hi now operates out of five locations and serves more than 1,200/day, from pre-school children to senior citizens. Since 2008-2009, Tel Hi's operating budget has grown from $1.8 million to $8 million.

Among a staff of 100, mostly full-time, only six hold administrative positions, including our very own Yvonne Curley, Tel Hi Development Director.  

Nes expressed appreciation to our club and to individual members for generously supporting Tel Hi with donations and volunteers. 

Club members filled a table at the recent Taste of Tel Hi, and each one donated to help the event reach its fundraising goal. Seated Aline Estournes and Yvonne Curley. Standing, l-r: Herman Jones, Randall Scott, Erik Scheller, Steve Ike and Roger Kaufman.

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Engineer Working on Rocket Engines for Space Program

Club members were treated to an insider’s view of NASA’s space program from our March 10 speaker, Cristy Kumasaka, the principal quality assurance engineer for Aerojet Rocketdyne of Redmond, WA, and is part of the A-Team working on both the Orion and Artemis projects for NASA. 

Joining Cristy for our Zoom meeting were her parents Steve and Maria Mathews, longtime members of the Rotary Club of Peoria North and Mill Creek Rotary Club.

Cristy has worked for Aerojet for 22 years, starting with an internship while working toward her degree in engineering. As a side note, Cristy credits her career to the day that she attended a meeting of her mother’s Rotary Club and learned about Aerojet from the meeting’s speaker.

NASA’s Artemis program will land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon to explore the lunar surface like never before. This bold endeavor will begin with the Artemis I launch - an uncrewed flight test.

Artemis I is the first integrated test of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion spacecraft. SLS and Orion will blast off from Launch Complex 39B at Kennedy Space Center in Florida to send Orion into a lunar distant retrograde orbit – a wide orbit around the Moon that is farther from Earth than any human-rated spacecraft has ever traveled. The uncrewed mission will validate the design and safety of SLS and Orion for human exploration missions to follow.

SLS is the nation’s next-generation heavy-lift rocket that will carry humans farther and faster into deep space than ever before. Aerojet Rocketdyne provides the four powerful RS-25 main engines used to help propel SLS with over 2 million pounds of thrust, as well as the RL10 engine that propels the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS), or the second stage, of the SLS. This engine provides the power to accelerate the Orion spacecraft to speeds more than 20,000 mile per hour and set it on a course for the Moon.



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Dictionaries Delivered to Three SF Schools

Once again, our club provided high quality Macmillan for Children dictionaries to the 3rd grade classes at three San Francisco schools: Jean Parker Elementary, Spring Valley Elementary and Garfield Elementary.
Club members met for an after-hours social on Thursday, Feb. 17, at Hoogasian Flowers, where they personalized the hardback books with labels with the names of 100 students.
Covid-19 restrictions prevented us from presenting the dictionaries to students in person -- a favorite activity in pre-pandemic years -- but a grateful teacher at Jean Parker Elementary sent the above photo to Bettie Grinnell, who organized this year's dictionary distribution.
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Volunteering with H2Open Doors is Life Changing

SF Chinatown members Liz Mark and Rhonda Pierce described the joy and rewards of volunteering with H2Open Doors during our virtual meeting on Feb. 10. Each has participated in multiple projects with the humanitarian organization, the most recent at a hospital in Guatemala.

They joined a group from the Santa Cruz Rotary Club, which funded a water filtration system for the hospital. Those volunteers along with H2Open Doors founder Jon Kaufman and local workers to install the system which daily provides 40,000 liters of purified water for the emergency and operating rooms, ICU, pediatric, neo-natal and other hospital facilities. The availability of clean water is expected to drastically reduce infections, sickness and deaths.

In a sister project, Rotary volunteers assisted local physicians to conduct a free eye clinic.”We tested 280 people and handed out 230 pairs of free reading glasses, plus 100 pairs of non-prescription sunglasses,” Liz said.

The two agree that participating in a H2Open Doors project is a life-changing experience. For more information, visit

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Great Fun to Gather in Person!

Nine of our members enjoyed the club's  November  social on Thursday, Nov. 11, at the outdoor venue of San Francisco Brewing Company in Ghirardelli Square. The club currently meets virtually on Thursdays, 4:00-5:00 pm, and gathers in person once a month from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at a restaurant in the Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood.
Front row, from left, Roger Kaufman, Bob Intner, Kay Auciello, Nancy Slepicka, Riki Intner and Steve Ike. Back row: Herman Jones, Erik Scheller and Randall Scott.
Great Fun to Gather in Person! 2021-11-12 08:00:00Z 0

Wikipedia: Who Writes and Fact Checks It

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that strives to represent the knowledge of all people, was explained by our October 21 speaker, Frank Schulenberg, Executive Director of Wiki Education and a member of the Chico Rotary Club. He said thousands of volunteer contributors worldwide help to ensure the quality and accuracy of Wikipedia’s content.

“Fundamentally, there are more good people than bad,” Frank said. Contributors monitor their individual watch lists and are immediately notified of any change made to an article on their list. “Five to ten minutes is the average time before false information that was added by vandals is removed.”

Wiki Education conducts training programs and solicits articlest on a huge range of subjects. Frank said that in 2018, contributions exceeded the content in all volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica.  

As stated on its website,, “Wiki Education envisions a world in which students, scholars, scientists, archivists, librarians, and other members of academic and cultural institutions are actively engaged in sharing their knowledge with the general public.”

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Informative Program on Global Grants

Our speaker for the October 14 meeting, Keith Axtell, provided a comprehensive program on Rotary Foundation Global Grants. He explained the strictly defined process of applying for a Global Grant and the short and long term responsibilities of both the host club and its international sponsor club. Keith said that based on what he's learned to date about the malaria eradication project in Nigeria that our International Chair Steve Ike is researching, it has good potential to qualify for a Global Grant.
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We Honor Captain Ng and All First Responders

Central Police Station Captain Julian Ng and Officer Chris Sabella were our special guests for the club’s 7th annual First Responder Recognition. This year’s event, which took place virtually via Zoom, focused on the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001,terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City and crashed an airliner near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The attacks resulted in 2,977 fatalities and over 25,000 injuries.

Captain Ng recalled that on 9/11 he was an officer in the Bayview district and had just gotten off the night shift when he saw TV coverage of the towers falling. “I couldn’t help but think, what if that happened in San Francisco?” he said. “But I know what would happen. Firefighters and police here would do the same — we wouldn’t run away, we’d rush towards the disaster. That’s our job.”

“We have to be prepared, and we are,” Ng said. 

Officer Sabella said he was a high school freshman and vividly remembers the morning of the attacks. “It’s one of the things that spurred me to become a police officer,” he said, adding that his older brother is a firefighter and another brother is an EMT.

Foundation Chair Riki Intner surprised Captain Ng with a special gift from the club, a $1,000 donation naming him a Paul Harris Fellow. He received a lapel pin and certificate from the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International what states, “In appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the world.”

Noticeably moved, Captain Ng thanked the club for this “tremendous honor.” 

Co-President Aline Estournes reported that pastries, goodies and ice cream were being delivered to Central Police Station for all the officers and staff to enjoy. Our hope is that next year, our First Responder Recognition will be an in-person celebration.

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Ghirardelli Square -- Much More than Chocolate

Kathleen Sasso, the commercial property manager for Ghirardelli Square, was our featured speaker for our July 15 meeting.  She shared with us the long and interesting history of Ghirardelli Square, from its origins in the late 1890s when it was a chocolate manufacturing plant, to its transition in the 1960s to a mixed-use retail complex when the chocolate plant moved to San Leandro.  

Kathleen described new tenants recently added to the exciting tenant mix and highlighted some of the more unusual of the existing retail and dining establishments. Her talk wrapped up with a peek at what the future plans might hold for this world renowned historical landmark.

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Club Celebrates Successful Year at Change Over Dinner

Club members enjoyed an evening of conversation, awards, laughter and praise for successfully completing a Rotary year of virtual meetings during the Change Over Dinner on Friday, June 25.

The club returned in person to Fisherman’s Wharf ––  at Swiss Louis Italian Seafood Restaurant on Pier 39 –– where Co-Presidents Suzanne Varacalli and Roger Kaufman passed the gavel to  Aline Estournes and Erk Scheller, now serving as Co-Presidents for the 2021-2022 year. Pictured l-r: Roger, Erik, Suzanne and Aline.

Suzanne and Roger reported that despite the Covid pandemic, our club gained three new members, Yvonne Curley, Bettie Grinnell and Randall Scott, and created a successful online fundraiser.

Club Celebrates Successful Year at Change Over Dinner 2021-07-06 07:00:00Z 0

Coming Soon to Club Fugazi in North Beach!

Club Fugazi, for 45 years the home of the iconic Beach Blanket Babylon, will be reanimated this fall by acrobatic performers of The 7 Fingers, a Montreal based circus company that started in 2002 in San Francisco.

David Dower, co-producer, described this exciting news — for San Francisco and the North Beach neighborhood — to club members at our June 10 meeting. 

Dower said the show is a love letter to San Francisco that  will include scenes about the Gold Rush, the 1906 earthquake and the Summer of Love.

Club Fugazi is being renovated to provide an immersive experience to  theatergoers in all 350 seats. Finger foods of the North Beach and Chinatown neighborhoods, wine and beer  will be available.

"This project is a labor of love. To have the opportunity to reanimate a venue with such a rich history, at the very moment we are coming out from under this long, dense cloud, is a powerful and energizing privilege for us,” Dower said.

The show opens in September, and tickets go on sale later this month. For more information visit


Coming Soon to Club Fugazi in North Beach! 2021-06-11 07:00:00Z 0

Speaker Gives Tips on Emergency Preparedness

Janelle Estournes, the Americorps Disaster Services Coordinator for Sonoma and Napa Counties, presented a Red Cross program on “How to Prepare for an Emergency or Disaster” for our April 15 online meeting. She is a niece of club member and Co-President Elect Aline Estournes.

Noting that every county in California last year was struck by wildfires and other disastrous fires, Janelle focused on what should be included in an emergency kit and how individuals and families should plan and practice escape from a building or residence.

Speaker Gives Tips on Emergency Preparedness 2021-04-18 07:00:00Z 0

SF Chamber President: City Businesses Will Bounce Back

The pandemic’s effect on the local business community and projections for the future were the discussion topics with our April 8 guest speakers, Rodney Fong, President and CEO, and Emily Abraham, Interim Director of Public Policy, from the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

As of February, 50% of the city’s small businesses were shuttered, Rodney said. He displayed and explained a variety of data/statistics charts that are available under Resources on

Rodney noted that San Francisco has recovered from previous setbacks — the earthquake, .com boom and financial crisis — and tourists, especially from the East Bay, are already returning to places like Fisherman’s Wharf.  “We need to extend their stays,” he said.

To attract tourists the city’s streets must be clean and neighborhoods safe. Club members agreed with Rodney on the need to elect district supervisors who understand that the city is a network of public services and businesses that must work together in order for all to thrive.

SF Chamber President: City Businesses Will Bounce Back 2021-04-10 07:00:00Z 0

The Botanical Garden's Magnolia Collection

Members attending our March 18 via Zoom got a primer on the Magnolia Collection at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, a 55-acre living museum within Golden Gate Park that showcases more than 8,000 different kinds of plants from around the world. Our knowledgeable speakers were  Steve Gensler, the Garden’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Manager, and Victoria Stewart, Plant Records Manager.

We learned that there are 7,300 species of magnolias, one-third of which are located in China, and more than 300 species are considered threatened. Eric Walther, SF Botanical Garden director from 1937 to 1957, introduced magnolias, and trees located throughout the Garden are now the premier collection in the world outside of China. The blooming season is January-March.

The Garden’s oldest magnolia tree, at 99 years, is this Magnolia Campbelli.

The Botanical Garden's Magnolia Collection 2021-03-22 07:00:00Z 0

Speaker Finds Housing for Displaced Fire Victims

Our guest speaker on March 11 was Ben Amyes, Disaster Response Coordinator for the San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA). He explained how he’s able to help families and individuals who’ve been displaced by fires and other natural disasters. 

Tenants of non rent-controlled units can apply to receive a one-time payment to cover the move-in cost to a new unit. The program makes the payment directly to the landlord of the new unit.

Tenants of rent-controlled units can receive a monthly rent subsidy that pays the difference between the rent at the tenant’s permanent residence and a comparable unit leased at the current market rate. The subsidy can last for up to two years, or until the permanent address is ready to reoccupy. Rent-controlled tenants have the right to return after repairs are completed.

To find suitable housing, Ben said he works with a network of landlords, including the Northpoint Apartments complex which club member Aline Estournes manages. He currently has 35 clients, about 150 individuals. Ben said no other city in the U.S. provides this type of housing subsidy to victims of disasters.

Speaker Finds Housing for Displaced Fire Victims 2021-03-13 08:00:00Z 0

Our speaker: MBH Architects Founder John McNulty 

Our February 11 speaker was John McNulty, a founding principal and architect of MBH Architects.  He and two other self-described “ambitious” architects founded the firm in 1989, and it continues to be headquartered today in Alameda with offices in NYC, Denver, Mumbai and Bengaluru. 

John is a member of the advisory council for SPUR and serves on the board for the Good Tidings Foundation.  As a former board member of the SF Chapter of AIA, he is a frequent guest lecturer at UC Berkeley, where he received his degree in Environmental Design.

Club member Aline Estournes said John is a dear friend of 32 years. They first met soon after she began her property management career with the Northpoint complex and he was involved with work there following the 1989 earthquake.

John said that “Reimagine” is a core mission of MBH Architects. He showed slides and described the evolution of various projects around San Francisco, including the recently completed building at Grant and Sutter, Harbor Lofts, North Beach Malt House, Northpoint Apartments, Wax Museum, Epic and Waterbar. 

More information and project photos can be found on the firm’s website,

Our speaker: MBH Architects Founder John McNulty  2021-02-14 08:00:00Z 0

Fire Department Facts and Helpful Advice 

Guest speaker for our Nov. 12th meeting was Lt Jonathan Baxter, Homeland Security Operations and Public Image Officer for the San Francisco Fire Department. He passed on fascinating facts about the department as well as helpful advice on how we should prepare our homes and work places for disasters like earthquakes and fires.

Thanks to Lt. Baxter, we now know that the SF Fire Department has 47 fire engines, 22 ladder trucks, 55 ambulances, 3 fireboats, 1,780 firefighters and 47 fire stations, including 3 at the San Francisco Airport.

He urged members to become involved with their local NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Team), which will be essential in saving lives during a major disaster. Included in his virtual presentation were these “be prepared” and “make a plan” tips.

Fire Department Facts and Helpful Advice  2020-11-16 08:00:00Z 0

New Club Project: Supporting the Environment

Thank you, Steve for introducing us to the new Rotary International area of focus, Supporting The Environment and for challenging each of us to take on a project to join this Rotary International initiative.

Several of our members are already busy, including Nancy, who's involved with planting native Illinois prairie flowers and grasses, and Bettie, Aline and Herman with their gardens. They may have a jump on the rest of us, but even though it is autumn, let’s all start thinking about and developing individual projects for the year to celebrate Rotary’s new direction.

At our next Club Assembly on November 5th, we will share our plans.

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Informative Program on Rotary Projects in Ecuador 

Speaker for our Aug. 13 meeting was Keith Axtell, Past President of the Rotary Club of Marin Evening who has been a leader in organizing international humanitarian projects through Rotary. He described the COVID-19 Project in Guayaquil, Ecuador, which our club supports. The project will provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to doctors and nurses in 15-17 hospitals, including 20,000 face masks and 800 uniforms, all produced in Ecuador.

Keith also updated us on other Rotary projects in Ecuador, including a water well for the Henry Davis Orphanage in Quito, and a micro-credit lending program for new businesses and training center in the Esmeralda Province.


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Club a Longtime Friend of Project Amigo 

We welcomed Heather Edwards, Director of Development, to our July 16th Zoom meeting to update us on Project Amigo, which the club supported in past years and was recently designated for a portion of our District Designated Funds. 

Project Amigo was the official international service project of the Rotary Club of Novato, CA between 1996 and 2002. Today it is an independent public 501(c)(3) charity.

Project Amigo provides educational scholarships, material support, enrichment activities and preventive and remedial health care to disadvantaged children and youth. Since its founding in 1984, more than 1,000 students from the village of Cofradia, population 2,000, have graduated from high school with the education and skills necessary for jobs that pay better than working in the surrounding sugar cane fields.

Heather said she was introduced by a friend to Project Amigo and fell in love with the program when she participated in an English Tutoring Work Week, one of six one-week experiences offered to volunteers from developed countries. Other themed Work Weeks on the 2021 calendar are Literacy & Culture, Spanish Language & Culture, Swim Week & Back to School, Environmental Week, and Christmas Fiesta. 

For ore information, visit or email Heather:

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Morocco High Atlas Aqueduct serves 30 remote villages

On June 18, Steve Carlson of the Rotary Club of San Carlos updated club members on the Morocco High Atlas Irrigation Aqueduct project, which he initiated and our club has supported with DDF funds since its beginning. Steve showed slides and photos via Zoom to inform and inspire us.

When complete later this year, the 2200-meter cement structure will carry water from a mountain river, fed by snow melt, to 30 villages in the Berber community. Gates along the aqueduct will divert water to irrigate farm fields. Washing stations, for clothes and dishes, will built along the route to the delight of village women.

Carlson said the project has been funded by $131,000 from the Rotary Club of San Carlos and a $175,000 Global Grant. The final section will be completed by the Rotary Club of Redwood City.

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Sustainable Investing: Doing Good While Doing Well

Betsy Bliss of J.P. Morgan Securities, whose first career was as a writer for the Chicago Daily News and Cincinnati Enquirer, presented the “who, what, when, where and why” of sustainable investing for the club’s June 11 Zoom meeting.

“Socially responsible” or “sustainable” investing encourages and allows investors to “do good while doing well,” Betsy says. More and more successful companies are working to preserve our environment, fight global warming and treat their employees well. Investment in these responsible and sustainable companies has multiplied four times since 2018 and now totals $30 trillion. During the current roller coaster market, sustainable companies are performing 50% better, she said. 

Betsy, the sister of club member Nancy Slepicka, is in partnership with her son, Christian Ach, at J.P. Morgan Securities in San Francisco. She can be reached at

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Author Describes Two Local Legends

Dale Fehringer, author and resident of the Noe Valley neighborhood in San Francisco, was our speaker for the May 28 meeting held via Zoom. He entertained us with the life stories of two of the local characters featured in his book, San Francisco Legends, Heroes and Heartthrobs.

"Sunny Jim" Ralph, a natty dresser and womanizer, was a popular mayor of San Francisco but not-so-popular governor of California. Alice Marble, tennis star who won 18 Grand Slam championships, later became a spy for U.S. Intelligence.  

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Club Board Directs DDF to Victims of Wharf Fire

On Saturday morning, May 23rd, a fire erupted at Pier 45, destroying an estimated 7,000 crab traps, 2,000 shrimp traps and 500 black cod traps, seriously impacting local fishermen and the industry overall. It is estimated that the monetary loss to replace the needed gear could exceed $5 million.

 In the past this club has directed our District Designated Funds (DDF) worldwide to support other club projects to assist those in need. Now, we have an opportunity to use the club’s DDF to support our immediate community by providing local fishermen with the help they desperately need.

The Rotary Club of Fisherman’s Wharf Board of Directors voted unanimously to designate $28,000 of its $30,000 of the 2020-2021 DDF allotment to fund a District Grant toward replacement of some of the fishing gear destroyed in the fire.

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Club meets by Zoom on Thursday afternoons 2020-05-13 07:00:00Z 0

Club Supports Mission Science Project

Rotary Club of Fisherman's Wharf supported the "Mission Science Project" with a joint District 5150 Community Service Project Grant. The Mission Science Project participants constructed the depicted Solar Vehicle, and developed a program that is to be shared with youth in the Unified School District and area community centers on how to construct their very own.
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Past President Tresa is an active volunteer

Sheltering -in-place club members met via ZOOM at 4:00 pm Thursday, April 16. Following regular business and reports of district activities related to the Covid-19 pandemic, we welcomed our speaker, Tresa Eyres, a Past President of our club. Rotary Club of Fisherman’s Wharf. Her topic, ”Volunteering 2020: What’s trending now.” Tresa took us on a journey into her lifelong tireless passion of volunteerism, identifying the many efforts she has helped to facilitate the needs of others worldwide and across the generational spectrum. 

Some of the nonprofit programs she is working with currently are Reimagining End of Life, Generation Citizen, a volunteer program which provides civics education to middle school students, The Grand, and Upwardly Global, which serves to assist professionals new to this country find employment. Tresa’s volunteer activities are truly inspirational and reaffirming of the idea of service above self.

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Meetings Cancelled by Coronavirus Threat

In response to the current spread of Coronavirus, Club President Herman Jones cancelled our weekly meetings for the remainder of March, as well as the annual fundraiser, Fiesta Italiana, planned for April 16. 
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'Caregiving from the Heart' by Riki Intner

Rebeca Kaplan, Director Institutional Advancement Aquarium of the Bay, and Neha Prakash, Manager Tourism Services and Hazim Elbgal, Citi Bank, attended the meeting as guests at our last meeting. During Happy Dollars, Neha shared that her parents are lifelong Rotarians and she was happy to be attending her very first Rotary meeting at our club. 

Our very own Riki Intner was our speaker this week. Riki spoke of her lifelong friendship with co-author Roberta Cole and their respective journeys in providing care for their mothers, Sara and Ruth, and the lessons learned. Riki read excerpts from their book,  Caregiving from the Heart, tales of inspiration. Riki captured the essence in her quote of Rosalyn Carter, who said:

There are only four kinds of people in this world:

Those who have been care givers

Those who are currently care givers 

Those who will be care givers, and    

 Those who will need care giver.

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Erik's Career Path in Peace Corps & Engineering

The speaker this week was our very own the illustrious Erik Scheller, Civil Engineer, who shared his meticulous decision-making process that he employed in selecting engineering as his occupational interest early in his life. His pursuits have guided him to make a difference in  world through the Peace Corps. While in Africa, Eric designed and tested sewage systems in Africa which ultimately led him to become a trainer. Upon his return to San Francisco in 1994, At a time when jobs weren't plentiful, Erik found his experience with the Peace Corps aided his job search.
Erik plied his trade with KCA Engineers, Inc. addressing civil engineering design and survey needs within the San Francisco and San Jose Bay Area.  He is currently employed with AGS, Inc. Engineering Consultants, San Francisco. 
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Investigative Reporter: Stuff Happens

Speaking at our Jan. 9th meeting on the topic, “Stuff Happens” was NBC Bay Area investigative reporter, Jaxon Van Derbeken. His talk addressed several recent and significant events ranging from the construction of the Millennium Tower, the Transbay Terminal, and the Bay Bridge. He shared insights gained from his intensive investigations which spoke to decisions made for the various projects and unintended effects of those decisions. Jaxon’s talk was well received and enjoyed.

We welcomed visiting Rotarian Silvina Munilla, Rotary Club of Catedral al Sur in Buenos Aires. Silivna is an attorney and a driving force behind a project that brought 34 clubs across six countries together to help children with cancer. 

Rotary District 5150 Foundation Chair, Gary Chou attended our meeting and recognize Kay Aucielo, Past President 2018-2019, and current Program Chair, for her charitable donations to Rotary.  Kay received her 7th Paul Harris pin.

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At our last meeting, we were treated to a tasty program by Christine Keating from the San Francisco chocolate factory, “Dandelion Chocolate.”  They brought samples of the actual fruit, beans, and their final product while educating us about the overall chocolate making process, from the bean to bar. Dandelion Chocolate factories are located at 16th and Alabama and on 18th Street; tours are offered. The company participates in a variety of community projects in San Francisco. It was truly an informative and tasty presentation. 

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Our Club is 100% EREY!

Posted on Dec 11, 2019

Jayne Hulbert, Past District Governor, and Current Foundation Chair attended our last meeting. She acknowledged our club’s 2018-2019 “Every Rotarian Every Year” (EREY) participation, and presented both Kay Auciello, 2018-2019 Past President, and Riki Intner, Past and Current Foundation Chair with three banners along with a certificated of recognition for our clubs 100% participation during the 2018-2019 year.

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We Again Help Serve Thanksgiving Dinner

The Rotary Club of Fisherman’s Wharf partnered with the Tel Hi Neighborhood Center on November 21st to support its Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner, serving meals to hundreds of residents of the North Beach/Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood. Our club was joined by other community partners, Captain Yip, SFPD, Sandra Fletcher, Wipeout Bar and Grill, Jana Kaufman, Ben and Jerry’s in this worthwhile effort.

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Getting Ready for 2020

Posted on Nov 17, 2019
Members learned about the importance of obtaining an accurate count in the upcoming U.S. Census from Katerina Hardegen of Project 2020, our guest speaker on Nov. 14.  She's pictured with President Herman Jones and, at right, Program Chair Kay Auciello.
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Update on Bangladesh Water Project

Posted on Nov 07, 2019
Bill Gilmore and Patrice Perillo (Rotary Club SF West) were our Nov. 7th guest speakers, updating us on the Bangladesh Water Project which our club supports with DDF Funds. Pictured from left: visiting Rotarian from Georgia Southern University, Patrice Perillo, Bill Gilmore and club secretary, Suzanne Varacalli.
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Congratulations Roger!

At last week's meeting, Louis Cuneo (right) of the Police and Fire: Fallen Heroes Program honored Rotary Club of Fisherman’s Wharf President Elect Roger Kaufman by presenting him with a plaque acknowledging his support for their recent golf tournament fundraiser. Roger attended the Potential Rotary Leadership Seminar (PRLS) all day Saturday, and the next day led the Rotary contingent in the Italian Heritage Parade. Is he committed? Yes he is!

Alison Healy, Executive Director, Alliance for Smiles was our guest speaker and presented an excellent overview of the very vital and life altering work being done by the organization in Guatemala. She's pictured at left with program chair Kay Auciello and secretary Suzanne Varacalli.

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Galileo Students Describe RYLA Experiences

Posted on Oct 09, 2019
At last week's meeting we had the pleasure of hearing from High School students from Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, who our club sponsored for (RYLA) Rotary Youth Leadership Academy. Each shared some of their individual experiences and impressions gained through attending RYLA. Among the experiences one student shared how they became a part of a family comprised of other students they had not known previously and the family bonding exercises they participated in. The students shared they created new lasting friendships though their participation. One student spoke about the new personal insights they gained about themselves and others. One student stated "Life is more that going through the system its about interacting with others". Another student shared their RYLA experience allowed them to realize they can have a good relationship with their parents and not shut them out. Overall they enjoyed the experience (and the food) a want to apply to return next year.  Special note. Bettie many thanks for all the work you put into coordinating this program, it and the students were excellent!  
Aline Estournes, Past President and our current Community Service Chair, was awarded a Paul Harris Certificate and Pin. Aline has been a constant leader in our club and in the overall Fisherman's Wharf relative to community and community action in the Fisherman's Wharf area.  Aline has and does serve on a variety of boards and committee in this community and is always at the forefront its betterment. . Aline, Congratulations on the Paul Harris and thanks so much for your dedication and tireless work for Rotary and our club.
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We welcome new member and SFJAZZ

Posted on Sep 27, 2019
Program Chair Kay Auciello introduced this week's speaker, Marshall Lamm, publicist at SFJAZZ Center, who talked about SFJAZZ's history, mission, education outreach and upcoming events.   SFJAZZ has supported our club's annual fundraiser for the last few years. 

(From left) District Governor Sue Rokaw and Club President Herman Jones congratulate our new member, Steve Ike.  Welcome, Steve!
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Big Crowd Honors Our First Responders

Posted on Sep 17, 2019
At the Sept. 12 meeting, we hosted Captain Robert Yick, and several patrol officers from Central Police Station for our 8th Annual First Responders Appreciation Breakfast. Members from Rotary Clubs representing Chinatown, San Francisco #2, Greater Mission and San Rafael were in attendance as well as representatives from local businesses, community services and area residents.

Captain Yick and his officers each spoke of how they value and enjoy their assignment in the area and their gratitude for the community’s for support.

Special guest was San Francisco Mayor London Breed, center, pictured here with President Herman Jones and Bettie Grinnell of Galileo High School. Mayor Breed recalled her experiences as a student at Galileo High School. A scholarship from our Rotary Club launched her to do work in the community, and being inspired by Rotary's theme of Service above Self ultimately paved the path for her to become mayor of San Francisco. 

Club member and District Governor Sue Rokaw presented the Mayor Breed with an Honorary Paul Harris Certificate along with a pin on behalf of our club.

We thank Community Chair Aline Estournes, and those who assisted her for the tremendous amount of work toward making this a very special event, which promotes Rotary in its best light.
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Siloe Wellness Program in Baja, Mexico

Greg Tull, and John Marshall, Rotary Club of Ignacio, attended the Sept. 5th meeting, and presented the "Siloé Wellness Program", which is supported by our clubs mutually. The Siloé Wellness Center, is located in the rural community of La Mission in Northern Baja Mexico and is an exercise and recreation program which serves as part of a strategy to improve health and wellbeing. 
Greg spoke about the very good work being accomplished there and his club's three-year commitment to support the program. Suzanne Varacalli, International Chair, will be providing us additional information about the program as a follow-up.
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New Banner: Home Club of District Governor

Posted on Sep 05, 2019

Rich Swart, Rotary Club of Chinatown, presented the "Home Club of the District Governor Banner" to our club during the Aug. 29 meeting.

Rotary is a leadership organization, and it is notable that we now have three District Governors who are members of our club: Bob and Riki Intner and current DG Sue Rokaw, pictured here with President Herman Jones.

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Club Supports Programs in Peru

Posted on Sep 05, 2019

At our Aug. 29 meeting, Program Chair Kay Auciello introduced Rotarian Bob Roberts of the Mill Valley Rotary Club and Joaquin de la Piedra, President of Kusimayo NGO Peru. Our club supports this project with our DDF Funds (Agrarian Enterprise and Nutrition in Peru)  

Kusimayo addresses a variety of needs specifically through its "Thousands of Dreams" program, which provides daily breakfasts, school, and hygiene supplies to combat anemia and malnutrition. "Warmth for Puno" provides warm clean houses to tackle low temperatures, thereby reducing respiratory illness caused by the inhalation of fumes. "Productive Puno" provides innovative agricultural techniques to transform subsistence economies into ones of entrepreneurship. ”Happy Grandpas" addresses basic necessities (food, hygiene,cleaning materials) of the elderly living at Virgen del Rosario of Chucuito hospice. 

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Thursday Guest: Rotoplast Co-Founder 

Posted on Aug 12, 2019
Club members learned all about Rotoplast International from Dr. Anthony Capozzi, co-founder and medical director, our guest speaker Thursday morning, Aug. 22. Dr. Capozzi is pictured at center, between Program Chair Kay Auciello and Vice President Roger Kaufman.
Thursday Guest: Rotoplast Co-Founder  2019-08-12 07:00:00Z 0

Club helps with National Night Out

The Rotary Clubs of Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown participated jointly this Tuesday, at the 2019 "National Night Out" Community Event.  Our club was well represented by Cindy, Tony, Roger, and Erik. All were active introducing Rotary by engaging community and business persons present there,  I want to single out Cindy in particular who's energy networking, speaking with many potential members and speakers for our club was truly remarkable.  Extending special thanks to Roger and daughter Jana for their tireless work in the community. Roger is the champion ice cream scooper!!


Mayor London Breed attended the event also and met briefly with members of both Rotary clubs. As many of you may know, the Mayor has consented to attend our First Responder's event scheduled this September 12, 2019, Sooo, it was great she saw our club's activity in the community. 

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We welcome visiting Rotarian from Canada

Posted on Aug 09, 2019

Amy Songcuan-Collado was visiting family  in San Francisco and elected to attended our meeting this week. She is an educator and has extensive background in Rotary, serving in Japan as President of the Rotoract there and in her club in Saskatchewan, Canada which currently has 16 active members

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Past President Earns Foundation Honors

Posted on Aug 02, 2019
Club Past President Kay Auciello, pictured here with President Herman Jones, was received her Paul Harris+4 pin for her continued, generous support of our Rotary Foundation. District and Club Foundation Chair Riki Intner made the presentation during the Aug. 1 Club Assembly at the club's new meeting place, Wipeout Bar and Grill on Fisherman's Wharf.
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Morocco Water Project Update

Posted on Jun 23, 2019
The June 13 meeting was well-attended and busy.  The speaker, Steve Carlson, President of the San Carlos Rotary Club, updated us on the Morocco Water Project, which our club supports using our DDF funds.
Pictured from left:  Bob and Riki Intner, Steve Carlson's son, who was part of the team on the last Morocco site visit, Steve Carlson, and Suzanne Varacalli.

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Club Banner for International President

Posted on Jun 19, 2019

President Elect Herman Jones presents out club banner to Mark Maloney, incoming 2019-2920 President for Rotary International, and his wife, Gay. The couple is featured in this month’s Rotarian magazine. 

The photo was taken when Herman and Maria, at right, attended the International Rotary Conference held June 1-4 in Hamburg, Germany.

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Fun and Success at Festa Italiana

Posted on Apr 03, 2019
Our annual Festa Italiana dinner on March 28 at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club attracted a fun, friendly crowd who enjoyed Rotary hospitality, a delicious meal and an appealing array of silent auction items. Kudos to President Elect Herman Jones and his cadre of helpers who created and accomplished another first rate fundraiser. Pictured is auction guru Aline Estournes, left, and friend, Gerry Crowley.
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Bravo for Roger and Company!

Posted on Feb 13, 2019
During our Club Assembly on Feb. 7, member Roger Kaufman shared his recent experiences in the aftermath of the Paradise Fire, bringing smiles and cheer to first responders, fire victims and neighbors, along with his family, employees and, of course, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Roger is an example of what Rotary “service above self” really means.  


Suzanne Varacalli, our club’s International Chair,  reviewed the amazing efforts our club supports locally and across the globe for 2018/2019, using our District Designated Funds (DDF) and Global Grant funds.  Annual Fund projects:  Global Scholar, Dictionaries, RYLA.  Global Grant projects in Morocco, Guatemala, Peru, Bangladesh and India.  Thank you Suzanne, for leading this very important effort for our club.

Bravo for Roger and Company! 2019-02-13 08:00:00Z 0

Date Changed to March 10

Posted on Feb 06, 2019
Due to a forecast for rain this weekend, the date for the Galileo Interactors' car wash has been changed to Sunday, March 10. The event will  raise funds for emergency kit backpacks for the seniors of Next Village.
Interact Club members will scrub cars fro 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on March 10 at Galileo High School, 1150 Francisco St. Suggested donation is $10.
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Gaining Understanding of Chinese Culture

Posted on Feb 03, 2019
Nan Su, news commentator and activist for China’s human rights, was our guest speaker on Jan. 31, with the topic,  "Wisdom and Humanity from Ancient Chinese Culture."  Mr. Su has spoken to hundreds of Rotary Clubs across the world.  He was also one of the coordinators of the Human Rights Torch Relay in 2008 prior to the Beijing Olympics Game
Gaining Understanding of Chinese Culture 2019-02-03 08:00:00Z 0

Members Learn about Alliance for Smiles

Our Jan. 17 speaker, Alison Healy, Executive Director of Alliance for Smiles, described how the organization helps integrate the "Forgotten Children of the World" into society. Club President Kay Auciello, left, presented Alison with a book to autograph for donation to a San Francisco school library.
Members Learn about Alliance for Smiles 2019-01-20 08:00:00Z 0
Reserve Now for Italian Dinner & Fundraiser 2019-01-16 08:00:00Z 0

Visiting District Governor-Elect

Posted on Jan 11, 2019
District 9910Governor-Elect Jan Kiernan of the Rotary Club of Norfolk Island and his wife, Jasmine, were special guests at the Club Assembly meeting on Jan. 10. They were enroute to San Diego for the International Assembly. Our own Sue Rokaw, DGE for District 5150, will also attend the Assembly. President Kay Auciello, center, exchanged club banners with the Kiernans.
February birthday pins were presented to members Tami Benau, left, and Riki Intner.
Visiting District Governor-Elect Nancy Slepicka 2019-01-11 08:00:00Z 0