Michaela Haas, PhD, author and award winning journalist, presented her findings on trauma and post-traumatic growth for our regular virtual meeting on Jan. 26. Her most recent book is titled Bouncing Forward, Transforming Bad Breaks into Breakthroughs.

“Trauma doesn’t have to be a life threatening experience,” Haas said. Examples included divorce, or when vets returning from fighting in Iraq were not appreciated. Although recovery and healing from trauma can take years, it can happen by accepting reality and charting a new path.

Haas described five outcomes of post-traumatic growth: growth in personal strength, deeper relationships, discovery of new perspectives, greater appreciation for life, and more intense spirituality. 

Haas said that those who heal from trauma often “experience a sense of gratitude and take time to savor happiness.”

For more information, visit www.michaelahaas.com