Welcome to the Salida Sunrise Rotary Club Community Grants Page!  

Salida Sunrise Rotary’s Community Grants support projects and programs in the categories of youth, education and vocational projects; community service; and environmental programs in the area.  

In accord with Salida Sunrise Rotary “Policy #06 Club Donation Policy” (found at Rotary Club of Salida Sunrise/About Our Club/Policies & Procedures), Salida Sunrise Rotary has adopted the following funding priorities and constraints:

  1. The Salida Sunrise Rotary Club was established with a focus on projects supporting both local youth and the local environment.  

  2. Salida Sunrise Rotary generally favors projects over programs.  “Projects” tend to have well defined goals and success criteria, and explicit duration.  Projects may include single discrete events. “Programs” are usually adopted to serve broad goals and to be of indefinite duration.

  3. “Youth” includes all persons less than the age of majority.  Proposals for youth projects that teach or nurture leadership and followership skills are favored.

  4. “Environment” includes all aspects of environmental health, including the sustainability of favored conditions.  

  5. That a proposed project contemplates effects that are not reasonably described as “youth” or “environment” does not foreclose Salida Sunrise Rotary from considering “Community Service” projects. “Community Service” is a general, “catch-all” category of projects. It includes all projects, programs or events addressing unmet charitable or humanitarian needs in the community, and has stated goals and measurable impact. 

  6. Salida Sunrise Rotary grants may not be utilized to fund an applicant’s operating expenses, e.g. salaries, rent, utilities, and supplies. Grants in support of capital expenditures may be considered if the “capital” item will further the project priorities set forth above. 

  7. Salida Sunrise Rotary grants may not exceed 50% of a project’s cost.  

  8. Applications for grants of $1,000 or more will only be considered once per year.  

  9. Salida Sunrise Rotary strongly prefers that an applicant have other additional sources of funding for its proposed project.

  10. Salida Sunrise Rotary will not sponsor fund-raising events or projects for an applicant.

  11. Proposed projects must follow applicable local laws, regulations and public health guidelines.

Dates to remember

Spring/Summer Donation application cycle:
May 1, 2024: Applications for Grants are open
May 31, 2024:  Last day to accept donation requests
June 24, 2024:  Donations are announced
July 1, 2024:  Grant Funds will be distributed


Winter 2024 Donation application cycle:

October 1 through October 31, 2024:  Applications for Grants are open
Mid November, 2024:  Grant Decisions will be made
January 2, 2025:  Grant Funds will be distributed


  1. Review the "Grant Sponsor Guidelines" found at the tab on the left side of this page.
  2. As of 2024: Applications are submitted through an online form. This form will be open during the application cycles only. To see the questions ahead of time, please refer to the "Application Prep - Form Questions" page. 
  3. All organizations requesting funds must work with a sponsor who is an active member of the Salida Sunrise Rotary Club to ensure that the proposal meets the current guidelines.  Sponsor signatures are required on the application. You can review the Sponsor Responsibilities on the website as well. Please contact Randy Herrick-Stare at donationrequest.ssr@gmail.com with any questions or for help finding a sponsor.