Community Grants - Application Prep

Thank you for your interest in the community grant donation program. Please visit the Community Grants Homepage to see guidelines and application timelines.

To help you prepare below are the typical questions asked. Please note: all answers will be submitted via an online form when the application period is open. 
  1. Organization contact information
  2. Rotarian Sponsor Name
  3. How was your Rotarian Sponsor involved in developing this request?
  4. Have you received a donation from our Rotary Club in the past?
  5. Please describe how our donation was utilized for that Project/ Event
  6. Are you a not for profit entity?
  7. Name of Project or Event
  8. Is the request for a special event, project or program, new initiative, organizational start up, or one-time enhancement to an existing program? From here, “project” will refer to any of these options. In just a few words explain the Project or Event planned.
  9. Who is your target audience and how will you insure that all members of this group know about this opportunity?
  10. How many will be impacted by this project? What are the expected results and benefits you expect from this Project/ Event?
  11. How will you measure the success of your project? How can our donation be evaluated or measured?
  12. Amount Requested
  13. Total Project Budget
  14. Please breakdown the major expenses
  15. Will your organization raise money directly, receive other grants and/or garner community-based donations such as ours to cover your projected expenses? Please show how your expenses are to be met.
  16. How do you see our donation being utilized?
  17. Is there an opportunity for Salida Sunrise Rotary members to be involved with the project?
  18. We appreciate the opportunity to give to your organization. How will Rotary be recognized in this project?
Have any questions? Please refer to the Community Grants Homepage and send any questions our way.