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Welcome to the Salida Sunrise Rotary Club Community Grants Page!  

For over 8 years, our Club has proudly given proceeds from our fundraising efforts to the Salida community as part of the organization's mission of Service Above Self.  Donations requested from this grant program may be requested by non-profit organizations exclusively for financial support of charitable, educational, and humanitarian projects/events that meet Salida Sunrise Rotary's Eligibility criteria in the categories of youth, education and vocational projects; community service; and environmental programs.  Grant proposals may be for up to 50% of the project cost and may not cover operating costs. 
Special Funding Circumstances
This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the health guidelines in place to protect our community, our club had to cancel the Chaffee Home & Garden Show, which is our primary fundraiser for the money that’s allocated to community grants and student scholarships. 
This leaves a gap in our funding for upcoming projects, so we need to spread fewer dollars across a longer span of time. Meanwhile our community nonprofits need even more help, in light of higher unemployment and other impacts of COVID-19. Therefore, with current health and safety guidance, what we fund may look a bit different than in the past.
In addition to our usual guidelines, we’ll be considering these factors:
*  Activities/programs must conform to current social distancing and other county/state health guidelines.
*  Projects/programs that need financial support that they can’t get from other sources, such as the Chaffee County Community Foundation. 
*  Priority given to programs/projects that provide educational, emotional, informational or health support to community members.
We will use the 2020-2021 Donation Application form found on the website.  Applicants should include in the Project Information section how Covid-19 guidelines will be followed in the project or program.
All organizations requesting funds must work with a sponsor from the Salida Sunrise Rotary Club to ensure that the proposal meets the current guidelines.  Sponsor signatures are required on the application. You can review 2020/2021 Sponsor Responsibilities on the website as well.
Please contact Christy Fitzpatrick ( or Cecil Rhodes ( with any questions or for help finding a sponsor. 
Dates for the Winter 2020/2021 Salida Sunrise Rotary Club funding cycle:
October 21, 2020:            beginning of Winter donations application cycle
November 21, 2020:        last day to accept donation requests
January 1, 2021:              selection and board approval complete
Donations are announced by December 1, 2020.
Dates for the Spring 2021 Salida Sunrise Rotary Club funding cycle:
April 15, 2021:       beginning of spring donations application cycle
May 15, 2021:        last day to accept donation requests
May 30, 2021:        selection and board approval complete
Donations are announced by June 1, 2021.