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This week, Friday September 22nd, our Rotary meeting will be at RCC at 7:00 AM. Greeter is Ko Kryger, Fine is Justin Peterman and Thought is Claire Weslaski. Our speaker is Laura Sumner Coon, Racine Literacy Council.






1966 Cadillac waiting to make a pickup at the railroad station. 
Today about 8 billion people live on earth. How many people in total have ever lived on earth?

On 1st April 1945

The 11,000-ton Japanese liner Awa Maru, given safe passage by the Americans because she had revealed that she was carrying Red Cross parcels and other aid to Allied POWs, was torpedoed and sunk by American submarine USS Queenfish in the Taiwan Strait after a breakdown in communications.

For the only time in the war, the US Government acknowledged responsibility for wrongfully sinking an enemy ship and promised compensation after the war.

In April 1945, the Awa Maru was a Japanese ocean liner requisitioned by the Imperial Japanese navy, sailing under the protection of the Red Cross with 2004 passengers and crew. After delivering Red Cross supplies to Singapore, the Awa Maru took on stranded merchant marine officers, military personnel, diplomats and civilians and departed for Japan.

In accordance with an agreement with the Allies, the Japanese disclosed the route the ship would take back to Japan from Singapore. Under the 1929 Geneva Convention (which Japan signed but did not ratify) the ship was to be given safe passage through the war zone.

Late on the foggy night of April 1, 1945, the Awa Maru was torpedoed in the Taiwan Strait by the American submarine USS Queenfish (SS-393), which reportedly misidentified the liner as an Imperial Japanese destroyer.

All 2,004 passengers and crew, save one, went down with the ship.

Commander Charles Elliott Loughlin of the USS Queenfish was subsequently convicted of negligence in obeying orders and given a Letter of Admonition from the Secretary of the Navy, but was later exonerated based on the fact that Awa Maru was later discovered to be smuggling rubber and other war materials.

Rotary 9/15

Greeter - Mark Patzke
Heather Lowjeski
Fine of the Duty - Mark Patzke
  • $1 If you do not have a Road named after you
  • $2 If you do have a Road named after you
Thought of the Day - Ed Werner
Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it. - Andy Rooney
  • District level of Rotary granted Racine Rotary $3,000 and we granted that money to the Racine Literacy Council.
    • The Racine Literacy Council is using it for their adult Literacy Program.
      • Bringing in a trainer to train local trainers on how to make comic books for/with kids
Todays Guest - Heather Lowjeski - Duffels for Kids
  • Faith Hope and Love run Program
  • This program runs in all 72 counties of Racine
  • Duffel for kids provide bags and supplies to Officers and Case Workers that remove kids from unsafe situations. The bags help kids bring precious items from their home and the supplies help comfort the kids transitioning to foster care.
  • About 2,000 bags are distributed each year
  • Faith Hope and Love fundraiser “Denim and Diamonds” is coming up November 17th

-Daniel Oakes