Friday May 7th

Posted by Tom Leuenberger on May 05, 2021

Our Rotary meeting for this week is on Friday May 7th, It will be at 7:00 AM at Racine Country Club. Duties for this week include; Greeter: Jim Lynott, Fine: John Crimmings, Thought: Patty O'Connell and Speaker: Jim Hall. Our speaker will be from the Racine Symphony Orchestra.


Upcoming duties:

Prom is on Saturday May 15th from 6:00 PM until Midnight at the Racine County Fairgrounds in Union Grove. All Rotarians are asked to volunteer to help at this important event. Please watch for more details and information.


We are getting closer and closer to the Prom Night on May 15th! We currently have close to 700 attendees signed up. Details are coming together and this year promises to be something special and unique! We know the students are getting excited and we hope you are too!!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to those of you that have already signed up to volunteer! With the new venue and setup, the need for volunteers is greater than any previous year. We have many opportunities for you to volunteer. As we say every year (but this year we really mean in) we need ALL HANDS ON DECK!
Please click on the link below to direct you to the sign-up for one (or more) of the many duties. Please know that volunteer needs may change, but we will keep you updated as we get closer.
Also...following Friday's regular Rotary meeting at RCC we will be having a brief run-through of the plans as they are if you are able and interested in joining us.
We'll see you Friday morning!!
Sara & Kelli


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 If you have speaker duty please let me know two weeks in advance who your speaker is or what your program is so I can get the info to the newsletter. If you have any difficulty finding a speaker please attempt to reach out to other club members for assistance and let Chris Terry or Mark Patzke know what the program will be. 


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Ponch's Postings...............

Posted by Tom Leuenberger on May 05, 2021
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
This week we need to address a couple things. First and Foremost is Prom.
Aside from the door opening /welcoming committee, we only have 15 Rotarians signed up to help.
In a club that has about 100 members we can only drum up 25% to help? It’s not like prom is a big surprise or anything.
When we joined Rotary prom has always been the big event. Even when there was 3 clubs, we helped with Prom.
This is our signature event for the community. I know there are more members that can find 6 hours on a Saturday to help.
We did not have our Vegas Night event, so we can’t be burned out from that.
Please look at your calendars as well as your hearts to find a way to help. Sara will have a sign up sheet at the meeting this week.
Next, the next two weeks we will be having a continental breakfast in lieu of our hot breakfast. This is for a couple reasons.
The staff has been stretched rather thin as well as the schedule of events at RCC. This will allow the staff to have a break so they’re not there for 16 hours.
Also this will save Rotary some meal expenses. Technically we have been running at a loss on the meals this past year with the CCP virus.
We did this for a meeting or two when the kitchen was short staffed due to positive virus tests. I didn’t hear any negative comments.
John Schneider and I had discussed this as an option a few months back as a possible way to reduce expenses.
We will be monitoring it’s success for both RCC and Rotary.
Thanks for listening. We are a great club, and as always, we need to strive for continuous improvement!!
Take Care
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Herbie Derby, May 27th

Herbie Derbie & Sterbin Bourbon Slurpin’
A social event benefitting Boy Scouts and Founders Rotary Club Foundation
May 27, 2021
RCC East Patio (weather dependent)
5:30 arrive, socialize, cash bar and heavy appetizers
6:00 Bourbon Tasting, car judging and betting
7:00 Pinewood Racing begins
This event will be a fun one. Come and enjoy an evening filled with fun food and drink.
It is open to Rotarians, friends, and prospective members.
For $30 you can enjoy a flight of three 6oz. premium bourbons. Each will be described in detail by our
own Bourbon expert, Tim Mason.
This will be available for the duration of the evening.
$50.00 will get you entry into the Pinewood Derby. Cash is acceptable. Check made payable to Founders
Rotary Foundation, put Pinewood Derby in memo.
3 race divisions are available to enter:
Newbies: Freshly made cars built for this event.
Classics: Cars from years past that you have in the attic or sock drawer.
Outlaws: Cars that start out from the car kit, but no rules on design, weight or anything. Let your
imagination run.
The car does, however, need to meet wheel width dimensions to run on the track.
Starting at the April 16 Rotary meeting, pinewood derby kits will be available for pick-up when you
Rules will be distributed to entrants. Newbies and Classics must meet race rules. Outlaws do what you
May 21 will be the impound and weigh date at the Rotary meeting. Outlaws can bring cars the night of
the event. All entry fees must be paid to be accepted into entry.
Still on the fence? You can “Rent” a car for $60 that night from a fleet of pinewood cars donated for the
Thanks to our sponsors so far:
Katt Construction, Frank Sterbin CPA, Gould Dentistry, Multi Products Co., Inc., Vans Electric Service,
Jim’s Garage Door Service and Express Personnel
Sponsorship opportunities still available.
See Mark Patzke or Mary Kveton for information or general questions on the event.
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Upcoming Rotary Duty Schedule 

Posted by Tom Leuenberger on Oct 13, 2020

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