Virtual Rotary with Claire!

Posted by Tom Leuenberger on May 19, 2020
Since we cannot hold meetings due to the Coronavirus quarantine, our Rotary Club President Claire Weslaski has been posting live video meetings every Friday morning on Facebook!  
Thank you to the following Rotarians who have already participated in these videos with Claire: Mark Patzke, Chris Terry, Alicia Schmitz, Steen Sanderhoff, Chad Arents, Bill Sustacheck, Kelli Stein, and Sara Luther.
To watch these entertaining and informative videos you must have a Facebook account and you simply search for the "Racine Founder's Rotary Club" Facebook Page. All 8 videos are still available for viewing and everyone is welcome to participate!
President Claire Weslaski doing a video conferencing interview with the Mayor of Racine, Cory Mason during the 5/15/2020 virtual Racine Founder's Rotary Club meeting.
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Rotary meetings temporarily cancelled......

Posted by Tom Leuenberger on May 19, 2020

We have temporarily suspended our weekly Rotary meetings for the duration of Wisconsin's "Safer at Home" directive. Meetings are cancelled until further notice.


EXCITING NEWS! We recently discovered a reel to reel silent movie in a storage area which contains footage from the 1953 and 1954 Rotary Post-Proms. We had the movies remastered digitally and it is now available to watch on You Tube! Enjoy!










Rotarians, please post things to these sites, and when doing so to "hash tag" #RACINEROTARY.  This will connect all of our posts to each other.





 If you have speaker duty please let me know two weeks in advance who your speaker is or what your program is so I can get the info to the newsletter. If you have any difficulty finding a speaker please attempt to reach out to other club members for assistance and let Claire Weslaski or Mark Patzke know what the program will be. 


Tom Leuenberger






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Tough business climate........

Posted by Tom Leuenberger on May 19, 2020

Everything in the business world is difficult today, 

Advertising is down, Spending is down, Many stores remain closed, the economy is down, overall it is just plain difficult all over.............

When Things start to open up the Rotary Newsletter would like to run a series of promotions for our members who own local businesses and would like to have them highlighted in the Newsletter (how prestigious is that!!!). If you have a local business you would like to promote please send me what you would like to have published and we will create our own Rotary member promotions. 

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And the answer is.............

Posted by Tom Leuenberger
                                                                                                Plato was the first to use an alarm clock. 
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RAMAC to help Reopen..........


Racine County & RAMAC Release ‘Rebound Racine County’ Report on Reopening Local Businesses
Today, RAMAC, along with Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, are releasing the final report of the Rebound Racine County Task Force, which studied how to reopen local businesses in the wake of COVID-19.
In anticipation of the eventual lifting of state restrictions and orders, the Rebound Racine County Task Force final report takes a sector-by-sector look at recovery needs. The report recommends cross-sector action steps to safely and efficiently re-open Racine County; proactive and clear communication; and greater awareness of and access to critical personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitation supplies, and financial support.
The task force included a diverse mix of representatives from businesses, nonprofits, government, faith community, education, and health care. Leaders across organizations participated in sector subcommittees to address the impact of COVID-19.
A copy of the full report can be found on the RAMAC website at
Stay Safe,
Matt J. Montemurro
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Upcoming Rotary Duty Schedule 

Posted by Tom Leuenberger on Apr 28, 2020

As you know Rotary meetings have been suspended during the Wisconsin "Safer at Home" directive. Our duty plans (subject to change) for when the order is lifted include:

Date            Greeter             Fine Master            Thought                  Speaker
May 29- Chad Arents   Frank Sterbin Jr.  Darryl Sturino  Justin Moilanen
June 5-  Jennifer Sus    Bill Sustachek      Ronald Tatum  Dan Theilen
June 12- Larry Vail      Don Van Winkle   Jim Venturini   Strive Scholars
June 19- John Warren  Justin Moilanen    Dan Widmar    Gary Wood
June 26- Peter Wyant  Jon Antoneau        Eric Bernal      Claire & Mark (COG)




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