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Racine Founders Rotary Club Mission Statement:

To provide service to our local and international communities with a focus on youth, while promoting integrity and generosity through fun and active fellowship of community leaders.




• For over a century, Rotary has united leaders of all ages and experiences, cultures, and professions, to strengthen their communities.

• Every day, in our communities and around the world, our neighbors face tough challenges — conflict, disease, and lack of clean water, health care, education, and economic opportunity.
• Rotarians have a vision of what’s possible for their neighbors. They mobilize other leaders and experts to take action and see it through.

• Through regular club programs, projects, and neighborhood activities, our members learn about the issues that face our communities and exchange ideas about how to take action to respond to them.

• Members also connect through club events, outings, and visits to other clubs around the globe, giving them unique opportunities to forge personal and professional connections.

• Together with our partners, neighbors, and friends, we’re:

– Promoting peace, encouraging dialogue to foster understanding within and across cultures

– Fighting disease, educating and equipping communities to stop the spread of life-threatening or preventable diseases

– Providing clean water, building local solutions to bring clean water and sanitation services to more people every day

– Saving mothers and children, expanding access to quality care, so mothers and children can live and grow stronger

– Supporting education, expanding access to education and empowering educators to inspire more children and adults to learn

– Growing local economies, creating opportunities for individuals and communities to thrive financially and socially

– Eradicating polio, uniting the world to end polio, once and for all

• Rotary is a trusted partner and resource. With members and projects in almost every part of the globe, there’s no limit to the good we can do.

• Rotary provides opportunities to grow personally and professionally — through mentorship, skill building, service projects, travel opportunities, networking, and more.