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Sycamore Rotary News
“Being the Voice of the Child” is how CASA Executive Director Jill Olson described the work of their court volunteers during this week’s Rotary meeting.  Created in 1993 at the urging of Circuit Court Judge John Countryman, CASA DeKalb (Court Appointed Special Advocates) volunteers are the link between professionals and children to see that the child’s wishes are fully represented as the judicial system seeks their safe treatment.
Olson says their organizations has about 60 volunteers and 25 lawyers providing services without charge.  They serve approximately 200 children a year.  Olson said a number of cases apparently never get reported since a study suggests there is a case of child abuse every 13 hours in DeKalb County.  Olson asked Rotarians to consider becoming CASA volunteers.  A volunteer typically commits to 10 to 12 hours a week.  Details may be found at their website:
Olson added that the CASA program is a donor-funded organization.  Their largest fundraiser is the “50 Men Who Cook” event scheduled for August 12 at the NIU Barsema Visitor’s Center.    
The Rotary Club of Sycamore is committed to supporting many great causes. Following are the causes we have support since July 2022:
  • $372.50 to Sycamore District 427 for School Supplies (50/50 raffle cause for August)
  • $300.00 to Habitat for Humanity of DeKalb County (50/50 raffle cause for September)
  • $465.50 to Safe Passage (50/50 raffle cause for October)
  • $1,350.00 for Polio Plus (funds raised through Chicken Salad Tasting with Suter Company)
  • $2,761.00 for Habitat for Humanity of DeKalb County’s 2022 Home Build (w/ Dist. 6420 Matching Grant)
  • $400.00 to Usborne Books (during District conference) to provide reading materials to Ukrainian refugees attending two schools in Chicago's Ukrainian Village
  • $896.00 for Adopt-a-Family
  • $1,000.00 to Coats for Kids
  • $1,000.00 to Feed My Starving Children/Make a Difference DKC
  • $352.50 to Spartan Food Pantry (50/50 raffle cause for November)
  • $1,000.00 to Sycamore Public Library to fulfill District 6420 Governor's "Nothing Reads Like a Book" initiative
  • $292.50 to Sycamore Food Pantry (50/50 raffle cause for December)
  • $500.00 to Pay-It-Forward House (50/50 raffle cause for January)

New Members

  • Cliff Bottigliero (9/7/22)
  • Jeremy Gipe (11/28/22)

Departed Members

  • Kathleen Smith (8/5/22, moved out of area)
  • Marcy Buick (8/16/22, moved to Sunrise Club)
  • Richard Cochrane (10/18/22, deceased)
  • Jim Bowers (12/31/22, following medical leave of absence)
  • Eric Jones (12/31/22, business)
  • Mike Villalta (12/31/22, no reason given)
Resulting Totals
  • 48 members of Rotary Club of Sycamore
  • 22 members of Oak Crest Satellite
  • 1 honorary member
  • 71 TOTAL
Below please find my Double Good Popcorn email that others can use as a template or starting point. As Jonelle (Bailey) noted members should use their own assigned "store number" to allow them to capture orders under their name...and not under my name.
Finally, if members use this technique in the next couple of weeks, then I recommend that they email out a reminder to their friends/family around Feb 1st...a couple of days before our sale goes live on Feb 3rd. I plan to do just that to "goose" the response.
Hello Family and Friends: 
The above photos show some of my Rotary friends and I in action last year...can you help us with our 2023 kick off event? Please...
My Sycamore Rotary Club introduced this delicious popcorn fundraiser last year and sold gross nearly $3,000…which netted our Club $1,500 to be used for Literacy initiatives. My son in law Justin said that this was the most delicious, yummiest popcorn that he ever ate…and, in fact, he kept on ordering Double Good popcorn after our fundraiser!
These flavors ain’t your bland, regular “so what” pedestrian popcorn tastes…some of the 12 unique examples to make your mouth drool are: “Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy”, “In Queso Fire”, “Sweetie, You Salty”, and “Holla-Peno”…great with all kinds of beverages!
If you’d be interested in supporting this Double Good fundraiser, go to: Thanks for taking a look!
IMPORTANT: This fundraiser only runs for 4 days from 5:00 PM on February 3, ending at 5:00 on February 7! Popcorn is delivered directly to your address.
Thanks so much for supporting our Rotary efforts! Enjoy these mouthwatering treats!
PS: feel free to share this with your circle of friends/family...just ask them to use the link above.
Warmest Regards, Bob
Rotary Reader Program
South Prairie Elementary School, 820 Borden Avenue, Sycamore
Thursdays, 2:00 - 2:20 PM (please arrive at 1:50 PM to pick out your books)
February 9 - Brendan Wilson, Retired Army Officer/NATO Diplomat
February 16 - Brandon Diviak, Investments
February 23 - Riley Oncken, Attorney
March 2 - Julie Sgarlata, Substitute Teacher
March 9 - Dave Hamilton, Insurance Agent
March 16 - Michele Jurkovic, OD
March 23 - Stephen Hansen, NIU/Business Manager
April 6 - Don Clayberg, Education
April 13 - Jeff Jacobson, Appraiser
April 20 - Michael DeVito, Insurance Agent
April 27 - Bob Brown, Retired Wireless CEO
As with Happy Dollars and fines, 50/50 raffle proceeds have long been earmarked for the scholarship fund for Sycamore High School seniors. In an effort to "spread the wealth" and support more causes, the members of your Rotary Board have determined that 50/50 raffle proceeds collected each month will benefit a different cause.
For the month of February, 50/50 raffle proceeds will help support the Navajo Water Project to bring clean, hot and cold running water to families across New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. The Board has committed that the total amount given to this cause will be no less than $250.
Thank you for your support of this important cause...and best of luck with the raffle! The pot is over $7,500 and just THREE cards remain, but you can't win if you don't play!