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Greetings, fellow Rotarians, and a very happy new year! Amazingly enough, we are at the halfway mark of our Rotary year. Every year seems to go just a bit faster, but this year really is flying by. We have accomplished so much thus far and we still have a lot to do before the year ends on June 30.
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
December is Disease Prevention and Treatment month for Rotary. How appropriate that the individuals who went to India with District 6450 and participated in a National Immunization Day while they were there just got back. Kudos to Chris VanSpeybroeck of East Moline, Bill Bordwell of Geneseo, and Larry Farley of Dixon! I can’t wait to hear all about it. This is such an important area of focus in our organization. I encourage you to go to the RI website and explore some of the wonderful projects being done around the world.
Speaking of the RI website, they have redesigned the Learning Center. It is easily accessible and you can learn more about each of the club officer positions. Simply go to rotary.org/learn.
This is a great time to be doing on-line shopping instead of being in the craziness of the mall. While you are on-line, you might explore Rotary Global Rewards. This is a great program Rotary offers with deals ranging from discounts to proceeds going back to the Foundation. Amazon is one of the companies offering that option. If you are an Amazon shopper, you can set up your account so that each purchase you make throughout the year benefits The Rotary Foundation.
I have had the opportunity to visit our satellite clubs in Galena, Spring Valley, and Oak Crest in DeKalb. I will be visiting the 815 Club this month. Each of these clubs is doing some fantastic things and offer another way for people to be involved in Rotary. You might consider that option in your area. It is a great way to attract those who are unable to attend your regular meeting.
The District Conference Committee is actively working to ensure a fun and rewarding conference. Rooms are now open at the De Soto House in Galena for registration. You can call them at 815-777-0090 to reserve your room. Be sure to tell them you are part of the Rotary Conference.
I wish each of you a wonderful and peaceful holiday season.
DG Kathy
November District Governor Newsletter
Dear fellow Rotarians,
We are fast approaching the holidays now that Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is such a special time for spending time with family and friends and reflecting on all that we are grateful for in our lives. How appropriate that November is also Rotary Foundation month. It is a perfect time to look at those around the world who are in need of help, whether it is in the form of clean water, better hygiene, better education opportunities, improved health for mothers and children, community development, or peace and conflict resolution. This is a time when we can consider how and what we contribute to The Rotary Foundation to further these efforts. Our giving is so important to these projects. Tuesday, November 27, is Giving Tuesday and we encourage you to use that day to contribute to the Foundation. Let’s make this the year when each Rotarian in our district contributes.
We have revamped our Public Image Committee which is now being chaired by PDG Steve Kuhn. The committee will be exploring ways to work on improving the public image efforts of our district. They will also be looking at ways to support clubs in public image efforts. Look for more to follow. We have a new editor to the newsletter, Kathy Schmidt of the Morrison club. Please forward any articles for the newsletter to her at keschmidt77@gmail.com. Also, please be aware the deadline for articles to be submitted will be the 5th of the month with the newsletter coming out on the 10th. 
There were 28 clubs represented at the membership seminars run by Membership Chair David McCully and his committee. I heard a lot of great feedback from those meetings. The key is in following up on those ideas and
keeping the momentum going. We are definitely on a good upward trend in membership in the district. Congratulations to those clubs who have brought in new members this year. Keep up the good work!
I have completed my official visits to our 48 clubs and am now in the process of visiting satellite clubs and also looking at scheduling with Rotoract and Interact Clubs. Please let me know if you have an active Interact Club and who is the Rotary liaison for that club. Just a reminder that I am more than glad to attend anything you would want me to attend if my schedule allows. Thank you again to the wonderful hospitality I have received from each of you.
Our District Conference is approaching faster than we think. It will be held May 17 and 18 in Galena at the De Soto House. The committee is working hard to plan a fun and fulfilling event. Rooms are now open at the De Soto House. Be sure to tell them you are part of the Rotary conference.
I wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.
In Rotary service,
DG Kathy Kwiat-Hess

You probably remember that our Belvidere Rotary Club does a lot of service projects locally, like what we have done for NASR.  We raise funds and apply for district grants to help us pay for the projects.  Rotary is a premier international service organization doing wonders world-wide to promote peace and goodwill. 

After helping for over three years to secure a Rotary Global Grant, I got on a plane with another Rotarian from our Belvidere Rotary Club on September 26th and headed to Casablanca, Morocco!  For those of you that are not sure where that is, if you look at the map of Africa, you will see it on the northwest corner, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic.  It is less than 50 miles from Spain by water.

Our mission was to visit the Village of Timoulilt (pronounced Teemolilt) and see the result of our club’s global grant efforts at the elementary schools there.  Through the joint efforts of the International Rotary Club of Casablanca, the Association in Timoulilt, and our Belvidere Rotary Club, we acquired the global grant for over $52,000!  The old desks and chairs were in disrepair, and their bathroom “facility” was one Turkish toilet with no door.  We provided new windows, flooring, white boards, and backpacks filled with school supplies.  We provided two toilets with doors and a great hand washing basin.  We had a great dedication ceremony that lasted all day, and I found myself interviewed on their national television and radio!  The Rotarian with me is originally from Timoulilt, and was an amazing tour guide and spoke all of the four languages I encountered that I could not understand!  I had the immense pleasure of meeting the most wonderful people.  I have some fabulous pictures and videos just packed with memories.  I learned a great deal in the 14 days I was gone. 

What I was reminded of the most is that we are so blessed, here in the USA!  We could all remind ourselves more often just how much!

Dr. William Bordwell, left, representing the Geneseo Rotary Club, and Bill Lanphere, Geneseo Fareway store manager are hopeing shoppers will help the Rotary Club's efforts in raising funds for polio eradication.  Shoppers at Fareway will have an opportunity to help the Geneseo Rotary Club by "rounding up" their grocery bill to the nearest dollar amount from Thursday Nov 1 through Saturday Nov 10.  At the conclusion, Fareway will give all the contributions to Rotary International.   (Submitted by Bill Orsi)
Ghosts, goblins, games, food and fun all came together for The Putnam County High School Interact Club’s annual all-county Halloween Parade and Party in October! The event also netted entry-fee food donations for the Putnam County Food Pantry. Judging costumes by age categories and group themes brought out the best of the best in colorful characters, followed by games, crafts and a cake walk enjoyed by all. PC Rotarians were on hand to help, making the day a truly “interactive” event!
These are the requirements:
  • Club President-Elect and Grant Chair are required to attend Grant Management Seminar.  (If Grant Chair stays in that club office he/she need only attend training once every three years).
  • Club President and President-Elect are required to sign The Rotary Foundation Club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Club President and President-Elect are required to sign the District Addendum to the MOU.
  • Club must be current on reporting for any and all of your open and completed grants.
  • Application is to be submitted to the District 6420 Community Grants Chair by May 15.
  • Your club’s yearly goals have been entered into Rotary Club Central at www.Rotary.org. 
The Grant Training is offered 3 times each year to hopefully fit your schedule.  The first session was October 13th.  The final two dates are February 23rd, 9-12 in Rockford and the f then April 6th 1-4:00 at Kishwaukee.  You can register for either one on the district website, www.rotary6420.org.
Muriel Buck with Rotary Exchange Student Eduardo Garcia Dominguiz from
Mexico. Eduardo was home this past weekend for his 45th class reunion from
Savanna High School. He spent his entire senior year with the Buck family.
Muriel says that Eduardo never misses her birthday, Mother's Day or
Christmas. Harold Buck was once active in the Rotary Club of Savanna and a
District 6420 Governor.
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