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The Rotary Club of Savanna had an unexpected surprise at their Wednesday meeting.

George McCaskey, Manager of the Chicago Bears.  George stopped in on the Rotary members while in Savanna giving an interview to Brian Reusch from WCCI Radio.  Brian Reusch was featured on the Fans of Section 250 and became good friends of George last year.  George stated, “Brian comes to my business every game, least I can do is visit his”.   Club members take part in a weekly 50/50 drawing that George bought a chance.  George won the chance to draw a card for the big pot.  He lost the draw, but members wished him and the Bears the best for the upcoming season.  Pictured with George McCaskey drawing the losing card is Rotary Club of Savanna President Bryan McCaskey of JoCarroll Energy.

ROTARY CLUB OF SAVANNA, IL    Service Above Self



The Rotary Club of Savanna recently named Ed Bochniak as their 2017 Service Above Self recipient.  The award recognizes an individual from the Savanna area for their volunteer work to make a positive change for others and our community.  Ed started as the Executive Director at the Carroll County Housing Authority in 2010.  Ed quickly became acquainted with Savanna and made Carroll County his priority.  Ed joined the Rotary Club of Savanna in 2010 and became treasurer.  Ed is involved in various groups in Carroll County which focus on the welfare of the Senior Citizens in our area.  Ed is an active member of the Carroll County Triad, is a board member for GRO (Great River Outreach) and BEST Inc. (Business Employment Skills Team).  Ed also represents Carroll County and Savanna, Illinois as a Board Member of the Illinois Association of Housing Authorities.    Ed recently developed an additional food pantry for Savanna at Mest Manor.  Current Rotary  President Bryan McCaskey stated “Ed is the kind of man you want to be your team.  Not only does he join a club, he gets involved, networks and gives back to the community.  He takes charge and helps with the details.  He will show up for the event, and is not afraid to help behind the scenes.”


Not only does Ed Bochniak volunteer his time and talents in the community of Savanna but also in Galena where he and his wife Annie reside.  Ed is a member of the Galena Zoning Board and has been involved over the years in the Galena Lions Club, St. Michael’s Parish and coaching several youth activities. 



Pictured with Service Above Self Recipient Ed Bochniak are Left to Right:  Daughter Emily, Daughter Christine, his wife Annie and Administrative Assistant at the Carroll County Housing Authority Patty Acree.


Rock Island Rotary Club staining Little Free Libraries financed by a district community grant

Joined by Ben Milner, Volunteer from Boy Scout Troop 258 and an Early Act club member at Jordan Catholic School earns service hours by helping with our project.

"The devastation in Port Aransas and Port Lavaca is horrible.  Two high schools were destroyed.  Flooding is massive" per an email from District 6420 PDG Kent Mallquist, now living in South Texas. (8-27-17)
While Kent's community was 200 miles south of Harvey's storm eye, without much rain or wind, he and others in District 5930 have already begun to think about the help needed long after Harvey leaves the area.

If you want to help the areas affected by Harvey, while ensuring your donation is used locally for much needed community projects, Rotary District 5930 has organized the McAllen North Rotary Fund,  a 501(c)(3) relief fund.  
Donations can be sent to:
McAllen North Rotary Fund
c/o Rotary District 5930
501 W. Nolana
McAllen, TX  78504
Here is an update on the status of the RI Polio Plus program and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) as of mid-July 2017.
First let me recap briefly the history of Polio Plus and Rotary International for some newer members who are perhaps not yet that well informed about this great international endeavor.
In 1979 Rotarians initiated a polio eradication program in the Philippines and it was successful.
In 1985 RI started the Polio Plus campaign and by 1988 it became a global endeavor with international partners.  We were off on one of the most momentous public health campaigns in humankind history since the eradication of smallpox in the world.

Pictured Left to Right: seated-Mike Meyer, Rotary Club of Savanna President; Ruth Lee, District 6420 Foundation Chair; Helen Kilgore, District 6420 Assistant Governor; Standing-Pat Murphy; Honorary Rotarian and Paul Harris+3 Ann Murphy; Beaver Miller, WCCI.

The Rotary Club of Savanna recently named Ann Murphy as an Honorary Rotarian.  This designation is for a person who has distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals.  Ann is only the 3rd club member to receive this designation of honor. 

Picture a birthday party with nearly 40,000 close friends from 200 countries, speaking some 40 languages, all there to celebrate Rotary, and the Rotary Foundation's 100th year of "doing good in the world!" And add to that picture, invited guest speakers such as Polio Fund Philanthropist Bill Gates, Golf Pro and Polio Survivor Jack Nicklaus, Retired Mayor, Senator, MLK compatriot and US Ambassador Andrew Young, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, WWE superstar John Cena, and new WHO Diretor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia!


Kudos to SAVANNA ROTARY CLUB as the ONLY Club in our District to accomplish all seven criteria to receive Rotary International President John Germ's PRESIDENTIAL CITATION for 2016-2017!  This accomplishment is HUGE in the Rotary world, indicating the Club's strength in membership retention and growth, Foundation Support, Public Image, Humanitarian Service, connectivity with Rotary resources, New Generation opportunities, and more!


Join fellow Rotarians from all parts of the globe in celebration of service above self,  when the RI Convention convenes in Toronto June 23-27, 2018!


And it's just 600 miles away -- less than a ten hour drive if there's a good wind behind us!  Experience the excitement of this international event... bringing Rotarians, cultures and ideas together to truly make a difference in our world!  .... And along the way to or from, enjoy the sights of Canada, Niagra Falls, and more!  Enticed?

Polio was an epidemic and now, thanks to Rotary, it’s nearly been erased from the world. Today there is another epidemic of far reaching proportions – human trafficking and slavery.
Slavery is still very much alive and well in our modern-day world. If you agree that this should be abolished and if you, like me, think that what Rotary did to eradicate polio it can do to eradicate human trafficking and slavery, please join me in seeking ways to make that happen.
Fresh back from an amazing Rotary International Convention experience in Atlanta, many are considering the possibility of attending next year's event, in TORONTO June 23-27, 2018! .... And it's even CLOSER THAN ATLANTA!  Just 600 miles away, we have the opportunity to connect with over 30,000 Rotarians from 200 countries and cultures, celebrating Rotary's successes and learning about new challenges and new approaches that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our communities and our world!  NOW IS THE TIME to register for earlybird savings!  CLICK HERE to save $150 on early registration --and for more info about the Toronto Convention!  For further info contact  Convention Promotion Chair PDG Scott Shore!
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