Add a "Join Us Online" link to your Club Info in ClubRunner
The key goal of the Program Hub is to share and exchange information between the Clubs about...
  • Speakers clubs have had.
  • Perhaps your club has recorded presentation(s) that could be shared.
  • Speakers clubs have scheduled.
  • Potential/Interested Speakers that you have heard about.
Please submit your info:
Speaker's name and email; and subject matter to - We will post the info here and on the 2020/2021 Rotary Presidents of D7010 Facebook page.
You can also check out programs clubs have scheduled via their website links on our "Club Directory & Contacts" page on the District website. On that note, clubs are strongly encouraged to post their upcoming speakers/programs.
And then there are District speakers and Rotary International speakers - on all things Rotary > Membership, Foundation, New Generations, Service Projects, Public Image and more... who are more than willing to present at your meetings. For Service projects consider inviting someone to talk about a community or international project. Need assistance arranging for a speaker? Email - - and tell us what topic(s) you are interested in and we will make the connections for you.

Want to join a meeting somewhere around the world AND also welcome other Rotarians and Rotaractors to join your virtual meeting? Learn how here.
You can also check to see which Clubs in our District have a "Join Us Online" link on our 'Club Directory & Contacts' page. If your club is currently meeting virtually, mention adding your club's link to your Club Administrator.