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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Hillsborough website! 
On these pages you’ll learn about how our club fulfills our mission of service above self while enjoying the fellowship of a diverse group of men and women who come together to make a positive and lasting impact in our community and the world.   Our Club meets at 6:15 PM at The Landing restaurant (311 Amwell Rd, Hillsborough) on the first and third Wednesdays of the month to share a meal and friendship, plan service projects and hear interesting speakers. For those who cannot attend in-person, we also Zoom our meetings. 
We welcome new members who share our commitment to our community and wish to participate in local service projects, as well as fun social events.  If you are interested in joining us, or simply learning more about our club, please contact us by email at Rotaryclubhboro@gmail.com, and we will respond by phone or email. Additionally, you can learn more about the worldwide reach of Rotary at www.Rotary.org.  Please call ahead of the meeting to confirm your visit with us.
Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to seeing you at the Rotary. 
Ashley Rose
Service Above Self  
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Pictured above, Hillsborough Elementary School third-graders proudly show off their new thesauruses provided by the Rotary Club of Hillsborough as part of an annual Rotary tradition temporarily interrupted by COVID-related restrictions. The children were asked to look up the word, “charitable,” to help them understand the mission behind Rotary’s community service.  Most students only knew the Rotary Club of Hillsborough from the annual Rotary Fair. All third graders in Hillsborough and Manville will receive thesauruses, which include a QR Code link to a video about Rotary.  
Dozens of community volunteers, including Boy Scout Troop 1776 and Hillsborough High School students (pictured above) joined members of the Rotary Club of Hillsborough on Saturday, November 19, to take down the 100 American flags that made up the Field of Honor. The patriotic display of flags, which stood at the corner of Beckmann Lane and South Branch Road from November 5 - 19, was part of a national celebration of our service men and women.  Township residents purchased commemorative plaques honoring their veteran family member.  The plaques were then attached to the flag poles and later returned to the sponsors as a keep sake. 
The funds raised by the sale of Field of Honor commemorative plaques are used by the Rotary Club of Hillsborough to support dozens of community organizations and causes, including veterans programs, scholarships, and the Hillsborough Food Pantry.

Each year the community has helped to make this initiative a success! Perhaps most meaningful are the many thank you cards and words of appreciation we receive in response, from troops who are so thankful to receive packages from home.
There are multiple drop off locations around town, and this year you may also order  from an Amazon Wishlist to have items sent directly to operation shoebox. 
Goods collected are boxed up at our annual packing event and sent to deployed troops. As always, your help and assistance in donating is immensely appreciated!
Community members join Rotarians and other volunteers at past Operation Shoebox packing event being held again this year at the Hillsborough YMCA.  
Donation collection bins for the Operation Shoebox packing event are distributed at seven sites in Hillsborough and Princeton.
The Rotary Club of Hillsborough is proud to announce that their annual Operation Shoebox Packing Event is scheduled for Saturday, December 10, beginning 10:30 AM at the Hillsborough YMCA. As in past years, the community is not only welcome to participate in the packing event, but asked to contribute to the supply of snacks and toiletries that are packaged at the event and sent to our military troops serving abroad.
“The success of our packing event depends upon the volume of donated items we can assemble prior to December 10,” commented Abed Medawar, Rotary Club of Hillsborough member organizing the collection.  Last year, our generous community members filled our collection bins several times over, allowing us to package over 500 care packages that were sent abroad.”
The Rotary Club of Hillsborough Operation Shoebox collection bins, which will remain in place until November 6, are located at the following seven locations in Hillsborough and Princeton: 
  • Peter J. Biondi Municipal Complex
  • Central Jersey Nurseries (18 Hamilton Rd.)
  • Hillsborough YMCA
  • Princeton YMCA
  • Pinnacle Health & Fitness (30 Brower Lane)
  • Weis Supermarket (Hillsborough)
  • ShopRite (Hillsborough)
Acceptable Donations:
  • Travel sized:
    • hygiene items
    • Lip balm
    • Sunscreen 
    • Moist wipes 
    • Shampoo
    • Foot Powder
  • Bars of soap
  • Deodorant – non-aerosol
  • Bug spray – non-aerosol
  • Eyedrops
  • Powdered drinks
  • Cereal/snack/granola bars
  • Small cans of tuna with pop-tops
  • Small cans of fruit with pop-tops
  • Microwave popcorn – individual bags
  • Athletic socks – white
  • Batteries – all sizes
  • Gum
  • Candy
  • Small boxes of cereal
  • Small bags of trail mix, peanuts, pretzels
The December Rotary Club of Hillsborough Operation Shoebox packing event draws hundreds of community volunteers who help assemble the food items and toiletries that fill the many boxes that are then shipped overseas to our troops.  Volunteers from the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, veteran and service organizations, and entire families come out each year to show their support. To help make the event festive and fun, there is a DJ, free drinks and snacks and a raffle.  
Our Rotary Club is happy to announce that we are participating in the Fresh fruit sale from the Pee Jay's Fresh Fruit team.
We are having our annual fruit sale and this year, we’ve taken our sale online!  By purchasing some fresh, delicious fruit, you will aid us in raising money to fund many community service projects which the Rotary Club of Hillsborough support. The needs are much greater this year given the prolonged health pandemic.  Please help us accomplish these goals.  Just click on the image and choose the items you’d like to purchase.

You may also send fruit as a gift.  Shipping charges are included in the price.   All gift orders will be shipped the week of December 12.

 The deadline for ordering fruit with a credit card online is November 20.  The fruit will be tentatively delivered on or about December 17, with pick-up on December 18 between 8:30 am-12 pm at Central Jersey Nurseries at 18 Hamilton Road, Hillsborough.  If you have any questions about any of the fruit items online or your options for pick-up or delivery of your fruit, please contact Jim Beattie at jrbeattie1@comcast.net.


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