Corporate Membership in a Service Club – a 21st Century Solution

Recognizing the growing importance that corporations place on corporate social responsibility, the Club has created the corporate membership initiative. Corporate memberships invite major corporations to participate in giving back to the community through the organized systems and structures of Rotary. Membership in Rotary offers an excellent vehicle for staff leadership development. The Club provides a medium to learn about community needs in a variety of areas, and learn about and participate in fundraising and volunteering in ways that truly impact the community.
Why Become a Corporate Member?
Participation as an active member of the Rotary Club presents a number of advantages through an effective business partnership that includes:
  • Participation in a long-term serviced organization capable of assessing and responding to a diverse range of needs within the community;
  • Increased awareness of your corporation within the community through association with Rotary and the many programs that are supported by The Rotary Clubs in Edmonton and area;
  • Enhanced community exposure through the involvement of senior corporate executives;
  • Immediate access to the Rotary charitable network;
  • Participation opportunities with Rotary hands-on projects; and
  • Membership in an organization dedicated to assisting and supporting community needs and activities. 
Rotary Corporate Member Benefits
A Rotary Corporate Membership will provide the opportunity to sponsor up to three members for participation in the Club. The corporate members will be provided the same rights, benefits and obligations as individual members.
The primary member will be drawn from the senior executive group.  The two associate members will be appointed by the senior member and together your corporate members will develop their own specialized strategy for participation in Club activities.
The Club executive will work with your corporation to tailor its participation in the Club – working together to align and support the needs of both parties. 
Key Membership Criteria
  • your corporation will have one primary and two associate members
  • the primary member, and the Club, will participate in a screening process to ensure an appropriate β€˜fit” between the two organizations; associate members will be selected by the primary member
  • your corporation will be able to replace a member as required
  • should a primary or associate member leave your corporation, the member may request to join the Club as an individual member
  • the annual corporate membership cost is twice the individual member cost

We Are People of Action

Watch the video below to see what happens when community leaders within Rotary join together, share their vision, exchange ideas about solutions and then take action to make it a reality.

Corporate Membership Preliminary Application