Posted by Karen Peddy on Apr 23, 2019
This article was transcribed by Vi Hughes from notes taken by Karen Peddy.
On Tuesday April 23 we heard from one of our newer members, Sam Lilly’s classification is Charitable Gaming, Compliance. Sam came to Alberta from B.C. He was raised in a single parent family. He has served in the Canadian military and has worked as a civilian in the security field. He spent some time at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. He then was convinced to go to work in the casino industry.
He came to Edmonton to work at the River Cree Casino where he became a compliance officer. He was promoted to lead a team of people and worked with management and government regulators. His work there entailed knowing every game and how it can be gamed, or cheated, leading investigations and interrogations and filing reports for every violation. He was also involved with auditing and licensing duties. He said that there are many ways in which cheating can occur, including dealer/staff collusion, card switching and card marking. He said that card counting is not considered cheating. He told us that the casino is always watching us when we are on their premises, and that they can even see what we text on our phones.
In early 2018, Sam decided to leave the casino industry to pursue his passions of working on political campaigns and doing community volunteer work. His commitment is to build a better world.  Sam is currently seeking the nomination to become the federal conservative candidate for Edmonton Strathcona.